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Review: AL KO Snowline 55 E snowblower


The AL-KO Snowline 55 E

How surely know there are a total of 4 seasons with different Bediungen and consequences when it comes to the weather, the climate, and generally to the weather. And this text will rotate about the winter. Well, strictly speaking, not strictly to the winter, because although the winter is cold and not the season for each one, but falls in the winter snow and this for many a company anything but pleasant. Firstly, because one of course cleaning snow of company assets to pay money and secondly, this is because even households must ensure that the apartment or even the way must be kept fast-front of the house. For such cases, there are appropriate machines which ensure that you can get hold of the way or the premises free of snow quickly and easily. These machines are called snowblowers and the AL-KO Snowline we now have 55 e such a device under test and is much in advance once betrayed these mills can in many ways more than convincing. Because here encounter each quality and a pleasant price, so price and performance and to so after the end then remove the snow without any problems.  

The power of the AL-KO Snowline 55 E

Of course, with such a device, the performance is important, because after all, the device should not go out when you're so busy to clean the snow on the premises or outside the property. And at this point I must suggest to you that the power of this unit is anything but small. Even with a large number of snow on a given area, it manages to provide this equipment for keeping the place or the sidewalk free of snow. Either you supplied via cable to AL-KO Snowline 55 E with energy or it does so by an electric start, 230V. Thus, one can then provide this device ideal with energy and then makes the end even when the power noticeable, because unlike other devices in the snow cutter, the AL-KO Snowline can 55 E with flying colors all surfaces that are covered with current , ideally free of selbgien.  

The comfort

Of course, with such a device, after which, ultimately, most of the time the question of how it behaves with the comfort and here one can speak 55 E only for the AL-KO Snowline, because by the well-padded Sits and characterized, that the legs have enough free space, this device is ideally designed so that you can then sit on it for several hours. Also is here to mention positive that this device does not have oversized mass, so you can park this snowblower without problems after use in the garage and thus perhaps save time when the task is to stowing without problems behind bring to.  

The volume

When operating such a device, of course, the volume is not unintressant here. Although results from the use of an ordinary background noise, but this is still in a human context and does not fall on excessively, thus you realize though, that you have such just used a machine, but by far the hearing is protected by the volume so that you not overly afterwards complains of ear pain or the like. Thus, one can say at this point one thing, namely, that both you are not themselves excessive noise and himself the environment rather less complained that the AL-KO Snowline 55 E maintains the whole street with the volume. Again, the AL-KO Snowline can convince 55 E completely and the aspect of the volume is not too bad also with such a device.  

The speed

Another aspect that such a device or ideal test winner proves quality product, is the rapidity. Especially in winter, you often suffer from temperatures which are often anything but pleasant. Since it is of course not surprising that as soon as possible ideal, the task can cope outside in the cold. And here the AL-KO Snowline can convince 55 E, because it is quickly able to remove sämtichen snow on the desired surfaces. Whether curb in front of our own doorstep, the own cards with tech or the premises with a huge car park, where you can also in this category with this device does not do much wrong, but everything right.


conclusion guyNow that we have seen that the AL-KO Snowline can convince 55 E in many ways and you do not usually still needs a snowblower to remove reliably in winter the snow can, one can only say at this point in the conclusion, that a quality and a pleasant price expected here on this unit because of his money here you get a decent amount of value for their money and this would in the end certainly everyone.

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