Among the most modern and efficient vacuum cleaner robots the company iRobot is among the Roomba 585 , which we present in the following test report. The smart household robot is based on over 10 years of experience of iRobot in the development of vacuum cleaner robots and represents an ideal help in household cleaning. Navigation, 3-stage cleaning system and a perfect coverage in connection with crash sensors make vacuuming with the Robot Roomba 585 in larger households a breeze. The iRobot Roomba 585 operates as most of his colleagues from the Roomba series with two counter-rotating brushes on its underside, which carry dirt and dust in two separate container. The smaller dust container thereby comprises about 100 cc, which is for the dirt around 400 cc. Both containers can be removed from the robot, so that the purchase of vacuum cleaner bags is eliminated. Additionally, there is a horizontally rotating side brush , which specializes in the cleaning of edges and corners. All brushes adapt their rotational speed by the way the respective substrate to thereby for example in tiles or parquet a Thrown dust particles is avoided. The figure shows the iRobot Roomba 585 during the transition from parquet to carpet. The rotational speed of the brush is automatically adjusted. An entanglement in Teppechfransen is the anti-tangle technology inhibited. Roomba 585 during the transition from hardwood to carpet   The iRobot Roomba 585 comes with 2 "lighthouses" (virtual walls). These small Navigation helper can use two different ways to navigate control of the robot vacuum cleaner:
    • Virtual Wall mode (invisible wall) This adjustable by a slide switch mode, you can shut off sensitive parts of the house or even entire rooms. The Roomba 585 is an infrared beam of the lighthouse prevented (the "invisible wall") on entering the areas. The lighthouse itself is incidentally also protected by a second infrared ray before a collision with the robot.
  • Lighthouse mode (Lighthouse) In this mode, the lighthouses as guideposts to force the robot when cleaning a multi-bedroom apartment to a certain order during his visit to the apartment behave. Only when all the relevant Zimmereingang positioned Lighthouses have given their "OK", the iRobot Roomba 585 may return to the charging station. Thus, the supplied 2 Lighthouses rich for automated cleaning of a three-room apartment, provided the battery is sufficient. Also, note that the cleaning time of the Roomba is set to 25 minutes per room in Directory mode. Normally this should be enough for rooms up to 20 square meters, for larger areas you should work to avoid bad cleaning results without lighthouses.
Note: The lighthouses must be provided with the iRobot logo facing forward into the door frame, otherwise it will not recognize the passage of the robot.
  With 4 special, attached to the underside of infrared sensors, the Roomba robotic vacuum protects 585 against falling down stairs or other abysses. To avoid crashes, you should make sure to clean these sensors from dirt and dust after every cleaning run. Apart from the crash sensors is still a further sensor at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner robot, which acts as a sort of automatic "dirt-detection system". When this sensor detects a particularly polluted area, the turns blue Dirt Detect lamp this area and the Roomba 585 processed until the sensor on the "all clear" on. Thus, even highly contaminated area are no problem for the Roomba household robots. At the top of the Roomba 585 and on the remote control to find the spot button that enables the robot to the so-called. Spot mode. Pressing this button causes the robotic vacuum, starting from arbitrary starting point in a spiral outward facing webmoves and thereby cleans an area of about one square meter. This cleaning mode is particularly intense and, is also used by Dirt Detect ™ system , While the Dirt Detect automatically happens the Spot button for manual activation of this special cleaning narrowing function is used in the robotic vacuum cleaner. Left is the Roomba cleaning robot bird's. In center-mounted control panel and the spot button is housed. The Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner from above   The anti-tangle system Roomba 585 prevents the robot from becoming tangled in cables or carpet fringes. However, one should avoid tangling in connection with chargers and power transformers on the floor, because the anti-tangle technology is overwhelmed hereby circumstances. After each use you should empty the container of the robot vacuum cleaner and clean the brushes. For removing hair (especially important for pet owners) a is special cleaning tool with the iRobot Roomba delivered 585 that you can just drag over the brush. Also, we should the crash sensors remember when cleaning and sometimes the front wheel dissolve and clean its anchorage. The programming of the robot cleaner Roomba 585 is limited to the definition of a limited to maximum of 7 days cleaning cycle.So This defines when to his daily cleaning routine starts. So you can specify for example, that the robot vacuum cleaner will then begin its work if you have already left the house. Evening then return to your freshly cleaned home and can enjoy the well-deserved leisure. Among shelves, sofas, beds and wardrobes Roomba need 585 at least 9 cm distance to the ground, in order to move there freely. . This value should be absolutely sure, because otherwise there is a risk of getting stuck Comes under sofas and beds: the iRobot Roomba 585. . However, it must be ensured to the floor a minimum distance of 9 cm so that the robotic vacuum cleaner can move freely the way, makes the speech of the iRobot Roomba 585 in such a case with a so-called. "Oh Oh!" - error message to it that you will be aware of him. Otherwise, you can let him go safely on furniture, shelves, chairs and beds, the distance sensors warn him in advance of obstacles, and if it should come to a collision once, so its surrounded with a polymer coating shock ensure reliable protection of your furniture , Cleaning under bed     The charging times of the batteries depends on how full the battery is when it docks with the charging station. Usually you only need a half or three quarters of an hour, until the battery is ready for use again, because the robot is in most cases not consume the entire battery. According to the manufacturer iRobot are three hours as battery charging time provided for the Roomba 585 when this completely was depleted. In older or ailing batteries when docking is sometimes a so-called. "16-hour charging" triggered. In this "refresh cycle" the battery for up to 16 hours is charged slowly and thus has restored some of its capacity. Without a certain minimum preparation, as is necessary, but also the traditional vacuuming, even a modern vacuum cleaner robot as the Roomba 585 is overtaxed. Cable tangle under computer tables or on the floor lying around washcloth can also bring him to despair negative to be considered is the fact that batteries for the "Virtual Wall Lighthouses" not included are. The iRobot Roomba 585 is for larger apartments the ideal vacuum cleaner robot. It is started by pressing a button and operates from then fully automatically by collision- and safety barrier moves with its sophisticated sensor systems through the apartment. Its noise level is lower than that of a normal vacuum cleaner and particularly well to bear if you have programmed it to certain times of the day and not itself at home. Other advantages are the extremely low maintenance times of 2-3 minutes, the voice output during sudden errors by means of which one can find the device and the error cause, the unproblematic handling of the lighthouses.

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