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Test report: 10561 Park Boy Beep parking aid

In-pro Park Boy Beep is an acoustic parking aid, which is especially suitable in the city for the narrow parking spaces. The package includes the user manual, the power supply connector, the cable, the control unit, the mounting frame and the 4 ultrasonic sensors with a diameter of approximately 17 millimeters. The installation of the system is somewhat tricky with the help of the enclosed instructions. Compared to the included system the product in the manual looks slightly different. In the operating instructions, the installation instructions and the color of the cables do not match. If instructions are found on the Internet, they can help and clarify the remaining questions. The installation is then easy to create depending on the vehicle model. The package contains a drill, the clamps and all the cables for the installation. If the bumper has to be dismantled, only this tool has to be controlled. Within the bumper, the four ultrasonic sensors are sunk and they can be painted in the color of the car. This makes it possible to adapt the sensors wonderfully and they do not drop too much. The power supply is supplied via a so-called current drain. When the rear lights are powered, the distributor clamp is simply clamped. If the reverse is inserted, then the system is also supplied with the current and thus jumps this also only when one drives backwards.  

The sensors

The four ultrasonic sensors react slightly delayed, and this is not too bad if the speed of the vehicles is moderate.There is rarely a false alarm if the angle of inclination is ideally adjusted for the sensors. The sensors tolerate a washing system and rain very well and they do not get any damage. The description indicates that the sensors detect the obstacles within a spectrum between 10 centimeters and 2.5 meters. However, the actual maximum distance deviates slightly from this figure and is already at 25 centimeters. Still, this distance, however, is clearly below the data many other parking aids and so in-pro Park Boy Beep is best suited for traffic in the city. The diameter of the sensors is about 17 millimeters, and the angle of inclination can easily be varied between 13, 10 and 6 degrees thanks to the attached mounting mechanism.  

What is still to be considered?

In the event of a defect, the complaint may be somewhat lengthy. The German company is somewhat badly achievable in cases of guaranteeing and so roughly as a foreign company. Nevertheless, an uncomplicated possibility is created that a parking aid is used without an increased installation effort. The display does not have a display, so there is the unobtrusive display of the distance to the obstacle by the acoustic signal. The parking lot offers state-of-the-art technology and thus a precise recording and also a fast processing time. The sensors are varnishable and thus also perfectly integrated. In addition, the different mounting frames are available for the sensors. The reaction time is 0.08 seconds and the detection is accurate with 0.01 meters. The distance display is made with the aid of the acoustic warning sound. Defective sensors are detected by the self-diagnosis system and these are blown out of the detection area. Very important to many buyers is that the sensors are also individually interchangeable.


Conclusion guy With a few exceptions, the acoustic parking aid in Park Boy Beep can keep what is promised. The correct setting of the sensors is however really important for the error-free function. It is therefore important that the sensors are always adapted to the conditions on the vehicle. A small minus is the moderate customer service from the manufacturer. The product is finally well above the low-cost providers and it must not be forgotten that it is actually a domestic company. In the normal case, therefore, more is expected here. The instruction manual should not play any role at the purchase and here are instructions on the Internet.

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