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Test report: Bosch Parkpilot URF 7 parking assistance

Parking is not for everyone. There are annually many damage to other parking vehicles or even vehicles, which are just in the pasting traffic. Many parking machines, lanterns and poles are also damaged by parked cars every year, and even passersby are injured. The car manufacturers are now taking great care to reduce this damage and have developed the parking assistant. But these are only available in the brand new vehicles. However, the owners of older vehicles can provide help with a retrofitted parking aid, such as the Bosch Parkpilot URF 7 Frontsystem. This is an add-on module to the Bosch Parkpilot URF 7. This is designed so that it can be used for several installation stages.

Cheap alternative

The front system is an additional model for the tail system, which is normally installed. Because especially when resetting during the parking, most drivers have their problems, if they have a parking assistant not a rearview camera. In the front area, it is usually so that it usually does not lead to a crash, which can cause considerable damage in the form of a scratch or a bump. And this without the need to go into the car repair shop, in order to have an expensive brand system retrofitted by the car manufacturer.  

Extensive and well thought-out delivery

The additional package Bosch Parkpilot URF 7 front system as an appropriate extension for the front bumper has a comprehensive scope of delivery. It consists of four ultrasonic sensors, which can also be painted in car paint. A painting aid is also included in the delivery. In addition, various mounting rings are included as standard. Also included in the scope of delivery are the appropriate cabling, a loudspeaker and also a detailed installation manual.The cable trees are, of course, sufficiently long and therefore suitable for every vehicle model, from the small car to the station wagon.  

Various mountings allow individual attachment

This is important because the Bosch Parkpilot URF 7 front system is suitable for all standard vehicle types.However, the possibility of fastening the sensors is different from vehicle to vehicle, at least in terms of the design conditions and the corresponding size of the surfaces on which the sensors can be accommodated. Only with the correct montageringen it is possible that the optimal sensor position can be found. The presence of different mounting rings for the mounting saves it with this system from Bosch that one may have to ask only in the vehicle workshop which fastening possibilities exist at all. The Bosch Parkpilot URF 7 front-end system is to help save costs for the car repair shop.  

Easy installation

The easy installation of the Bosch Parkpilot URF 7 Frontsystem must also be praised. Thanks to the easy-to-read installation instructions, it is possible to install the system within a short time without the help of an electronics specialist in the car. Very handy is that one for the installation according to instructions not even a thick manual must make. Each step of the installation is explained in detail in the installation manual, which is on a CD. This should be kept well after the installation. It also contains the procedure for diagnosis and troubleshooting. The volume adjustment, the functionality of the control unit, is explained in detail.  

Simple operation

After the installation of the Bosch Parkpilot URF 7 front system, the first Probelauf for parking with parking assistance can be started immediately. The system is activated by inserting the reverse gear. The parking is then a step easier. In the event that the system hacks once, you can activate the inactive diagnostic function. The system then restarts itself after the error has been found. The acoustic signal when using the frontsystem may initially irritate a bit, but soon you get used to the sound. It is not an annoying tone that does not sound long.


Conclusion guy If you have already installed the rear system of very universal Bosch Parkpilot URF 7, you should also use the additional option with the front system. Thanks to the four sensors, which are additionally attached, there is still a bit more security where there is great uncertainty, not only in the women - when parking in a rather small gap. Especially in a city, it is important that you leave the road as soon as you park. This otherwise gives back-up and annoyed other drivers! Stupers and scratches on their own and other cars can also be avoided.

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