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Test report: newfitness NE630 Rückentrainer

The backtrainer was very good compared to other devices. At the price of 109.95 euros there was a free delivery.All prices were inclusive of all taxes, so I did not have to invest more money. Unfortunately, the time, there were only 9 in stock, so I decided to act quickly and ordered the backtrainer. The delivery was fast, I could expect a delivery of two days to a maximum of one week, but then it went even faster. The device is available within a few days. You can expect an average delivery time of three days. The device has the exact article description newfitness® NE630 and it is a so-called No Name device, which does not come from any well-known and name manufacturing. You can use the device to perform the 45 ° backrest, which means that you can place yourself in a tilt angle on the device to perform certain exercises. These exercises are carried out against the force of gravity and thus the weight of the body and the gravitational force act as a counter-weight. The back trainer has hyperextension possibilities, which means that the joint can be greatly extended, for a good exercise basis.In order to be able to use the device sensibly, the 9-fold adjustable thigh double padding in top version is very helpful. They are so important, because you get the firm grip you need to perform the exercises correctly. In addition, two foot plates are attached, these are ribbed, for a firm hold and the safe execution of the exercises. At the foot end are solid foot cushions attached, which can be adjusted to the respective foot length. The upholstery is soft enough to bounce off the strong loads, but is sufficiently sturdy so that it does not slip or go off during hard training. As far as dimensions are concerned, this is a sturdy 5 x 5 cm steel pipe construction, which is welded on 4 sides and thus has a good grip. The unit has a length of 117 cm, has a width of 84 cm and is 85 cm high, with a weight of 17 kg. The processing of the device is appropriate for the price. Nobody can expect a professional training device for less than five hundred euros, but whoever is willing to invest a little money has a device which can be used regularly and which will then also faithfully do its services. The backtrainer has a very low weight, so you can simply place it in the corner in the corner and if necessary build again. If that takes too much space, the installation of the device on the wall is recommended. Here you can use a standard bracket to attach the trainer to the wall. This is then simply hooked up and so he takes little to no room.  


Conclusion guy With the backtrack of newfitness you can get a nice piece of training equipment in your own four walls. Unfortunately it is like with all devices, which one would like to use at home for itself, one must then also use them. I have dealt with the device so, since my back made me great complaints. Frequently, it is so that the next fitness center is then inaccessible far away and one has no chance to haul this for a few back exercises. Good that there is this backtrainer.


The retraining is simple and easy, because although it takes very little space, the backtrainer is able to keep a wide variety of exercises ready.One can not only do exercises with the backtrainer, which strengthen the back, it can also be helpful for the training of the abdominal muscles.


The practical thing about the device is that it can be packed together relatively small, so that it has space even in smaller rooms without disturbing, but whoever wants to keep it built always has to give the device a little space. Also good is that the device does not need electricity or any other external supply, but that it simply works for itself. If you want to train you should make sure that you place the unit on a secure ground, because when you do certain exercises it is already on a safe stand. It is also possible to place a special mat, which gives the floor of the unit even more support and allows nothing to slide off. It is especially important that you are already looking for the right location in the room before you set it up.

The everyday test

It is a stable product, which can withstand the demands of everyday life effortlessly. One can use the device well, if one wants to keep fit daily and want to do something for himself and his back. The device is a good companion at home or in the office. The handling is simple and the number of exercises that can be performed with the device is versatile and multi-layered. You have an extensive exercise pool, even if you only have this one device. In times when more and more people suffer from back pain and back problems, and in which to take sitting activities, it is good to have a little helper.

Find the right exercises

If you are looking for exercises for the device, you will find first impressions in the manual, which is included in the scope of delivery. Here are some exercises that can be done with the device. If you are smart on the Internet, you will find a wide range of exercises for the device, which can be carried out without any additional tools. Even the video platform youtube has an exercise range in its stock, here you can see many training videos for free. But attention, these are published in part by laymen, care is required here.

Great people and small people

The device can be used for small as well as for large people, as the settings of the trainer can be changed individually, in order to adjust it optimally for the own dimensions. Thus, the new fitness backtrainer is well suited for all needs.

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