Severin EA 3653 Glühweinkocher

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Test report: Severin EA 3653 Glühweinkocher

This vending machine from the brand manufacturer Severin is a real cult object. For many years now, Severin has been one of the market leaders for these vending machines, which is ideally suited for private use as well as for commercial use. These machines are intended for various activities. In the following explanations, we will go into more detail.

Delivery and delivery

The Severin EA 3653 pre-cooker and hot beverage dispenser with drain valve is delivered in a sturdy carton. The vending machine is fully functional and installed. In addition to the machine, a lid made of plastic is also included.This can, but does not have to be put on the automat.  

application areas

The Severin EA 3653 single-brewing and hot-beverage dispenser with outlet tap is suitable for various household applications. Probably the easiest is the heating of water. Here, water can easily be added to the appliance, which is then heated similarly to a water boiler and can then be used. The original variation of the machine is the preservation, ie the preservation of different foods in glasses. The food is put into glasses with a rubber seal and heated in a water bath for a certain time. Through this heat everything becomes germ-free and the foodstuffs are durable in the glasses.  

other fields of application

The Severin EA 3653 pre-cooker and hot-drink dispenser with drain valve can also be used to prepare dishes.Soups and stews are the order of the day. These are probably the most chosen species in such an automat. The advantage is that large quantities can be prepared quickly and these can then simply be placed on the table for a party or a buffet with the automat. This keeps the dish beautifully warm and can be placed in almost any place with a power connection.  

Mulled wine and other hot drinks

The Severin EA 3653 pre-cooker and hot-water dispenser with tap is also very suitable for the preparation of hot drinks such as mulled wine. This is simply placed in the pot and can be heated there. This is for larger companies or for commercial sale on a Christmas market or any other event. The extraction of the beverage is simple, but nevertheless an outlet cock is integrated into the digester allowing the removal of beverages quickly and cleanly. The guests are served directly or can also use themselves without accident and enjoy the delicious mulled wine or punch.  


The device is set up quite quickly. This requires a dry place with a safe stand. It is almost irrelevant whether the Severin EA 3653 single-hole cooker and hot drinks unit with outlet tap is placed in an interior or outside.Precondition for operation is a conventional power connection, high current is not required and is also not intended for the vending machine. By means of the thermostat on the control surface the desired temperature of the machine is set. In the next step, the liquid to be heated is placed in the apparatus. To do this, remove the lid and simply fill it with a canister or a bucket. Now it is waiting for the heat process takes some time. This of course differs depending on how warm the liquid was already when filling. It is therefore advisable to take the water out of the pipeline before it has reached the room temperature, thus consuming less energy.  

Cleaning and care

The Severin EA 3653 pre-boil and hot beverage dispenser with drain valve should always be emptied after use.This is necessary so that no mold or the like in the machine can be applied. After everything has been emptied, the machine should always be rinsed with clean water. Thus, nothing can cling, especially the rinse of the drain valve is particularly important. This is where food residues can collect and thus either clog the cock or mold. After rinsing, the machine can be rubbed dry with a cloth and is then best stored in the packaging for the next use.In any case, the unit should always be covered with the lid so that no dirt can fall into it. Otherwise, the vending machine is completely maintenance-free and thus easy to operate.  


Conclusion guyThe Severin vending machine is a true multitalent. It is suitable for the preparation of various drinks and also dishes. It can be used for larger companies as well as in gastronomy. He is particularly good at producing Christmas markets to produce mulled wine in large quantities. In addition, the classic function as a vending machine continues. The device is child-friendly to use and has only classic elements. Particularly good is the processing and the long-lasting construction of the device. It is thus an ideal acquisition which can be used as long as possible. Many of these devices have been successful in the various fields of application for many years. Only normal current is required for operation; more is not required. You will have long pleasure with the device, it is cheap and its purchase is definitely worthwhile. Also as a gift the Einboochautomat makes a really good figure and becomes thereby with the party prince.

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