Mia GB 1900 Glühweinkocher

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Test report: Mia GB 1900 Glühweinkocher

Mulled wine tastes good? That's true, but where do you get mulled wine all year round, if not exactly Christmas?There would be the Mia BG 1900 Glühweinkocher a real eye-catcher, since this is currently the focus of the Glühweingeniesser. After all, this tastes good and, in addition, it convinces in its quality. It was clear that one had to look at this more closely in order to know what advantages Glühweintrinker enjoy when giving the Mia GB 1900 Glühweinkocher a chance to prove themselves. 

Glühwein from the Mia GB 1900 Glühweinkocher

Mia's glühweinkocher can score points. However, 5 liters of capacity may be little for one or other consumer.Especially connoisseurs would like more. However, the Glühweinkocher is still recommended for private households. However, not if he should be for the Christmas market at his own stand. The Mia GB Glühweinkocher is to allow in the private household, in the garden or on a solemn the mulled wine and there are 5 liters completely in order, what my prospective buyer to it?  

Easy handling of the glow-dried wine

The good thing about the Mia Glühweinkocher is that this is easy to handle. This makes it possible for everyone to be able to use it quickly after instruction. Make sure that the on / off switch is not missing. The tap with the closing opening is also easy for those interested in glowing wine, because upwards means that the mulled wine flows and downwards it means that no mulled wine can flow. Only a rotary switch can be found again to control the corresponding temperatures as well as functions such as "keep warm".  

Functionality on a small scale

It does not always have to be that a Glühweinkocher bristles before functions. That is why there are only few functions at the Mia GB 1900 Glühweinkocher, which are sufficient. Both the on and off switch as well as the rotary knob are an eye-catcher. Keeping warm, cooking and boil-up are the only features that can be used. This allows each consumer to be easy to handle and still have a high level.  

Energy-saving and inexpensive - this is the Mia Glühweinkocher in any case

On 2200 watts each consumer can adjust with the Glühweinkocher. Here, we must speak of quality at fair prices. In the price-performance ratio it can be seen that it is just a product, which is available for under 100, - Euro. The punch-ready glühweinkocher can conjure up everything from punch to mulled wine, saving both electricity and shopping at the same time.  

Optics must not be missing with a Glühweinkocher

Last but not least, it is clear that Mia's stainless steel glow waffle maker is also convincing in optics. An important indication that the eye also has something to look at, which nobody wants to do without. Especially not when it comes to spending a long period of time with it to dedicate itself to the delicious hot drink. The glowing weevil does not only go through the stomach, but also plays an important role.


Conclusion guyDespite the just five liters for the mulled wine it has become clear that a special price-performance ratio is responsible for the fact that the Mia GB 1900 is so popular. It is highly popular with consumers and its stainless steel optics and the associated quality are certainly responsible for this. It should be noted that the handling is simple and the energy-saving effects with 2200 watts are given, so a recommendation for the Mia Glühweinkocher must be pronounced.

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