Bomann EKA 2209 CB Glühweinkocher

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Test report: Bomann EKA 2209 CB Glühweinkocher

In the winter, mulled wine is very popular. To make the mulled wine, which is prepared in its own four walls, just as delicious as on the Christmas market, a glühweinkocher has to be procured, for example the Bomann EKA 2209 CB Glühweinkocher.The Bomann EKA 2209 CB has an output of 1800 watts. Inside the kitchen unit is an enamelled container with a volume of 25 liters. The Bomann EKA 2209 CB allows the simultaneous production of 14 glasses of mulled wine, each with a capacity of 1 liter. With the high-quality hot-drink maker, however, not only delicious mulled wine can be prepared in the domestic kitchen. The device can be used for warming dishes in the water bath, for the preservation of fruit and vegetables, for the production of jam as well as for the preparation of grog, tea and punch. Even stews and soups can be produced with this model. So that the taste of the prepared food and drinks is not impaired, the container was coated with a long-lasting, tasteless-neutral enamelling. As mulled wine tastes best when cooked at a temperature of 78 degrees Celsius, the desired temperature can be adjusted steplessly and precisely between 30 and 100 degrees Celsius at the Glühweinkocher Bomann EKA 2209 CB. For safe operation, the heat-insulated handles are made of robust plastic, the concealed integrated heating element, the equipment with an overheat protection and the control light. For quick and easy filling of the prepared beverages, the Glühweinkocher was equipped with a practical and stable drain or tap. With this model, the serving of large quantities of mulled wine works perfectly. The Einlegerost already included in the delivery of the Bomann EKA 2209 CB ensures that during the preparation of jam the ingredients evenly boil. The closed pot bottom and the enamel coating guarantee easy and fast cleaning of the hot drink maker. Soaps containing detergents are not required. It is sufficient to clean the container with hot water and then allow to dry well. In order to avoid mold or other deposits in the container, the tank must be completely emptied after each use.Since the alcohol content contained in the wine has destructive properties, the container has to be cleaned and completely dried as described after each use. This is a compulsory prerequisite for a long life of the glow yogurt cooker. To guarantee a safe operation of the kitchen appliance, the Bomann EKA 2209 CB Glühweinkocher must be placed safely in a dry place. The model can be used either indoors or outdoors. For operation, a conventional power connection is completely sufficient, and the connection to a power line is not required. After the desired temperature has been set, the liquid to be heated, including spices, is filled into the container and then the lid of the container is closed. The further preparation takes over the EKA 2209 CB from the house Bomann vollautomatisch. Because the warming process takes some time, some patience is required. The time it takes for the mulled wine to be finished also depends on the temperature of the liquid when it is placed in the container. To speed up the preparation of the glow wine, the wine should have room temperature. This makes the preparation not only considerably faster, but the glow-wine cooker also consumes less electricity, so the money bag is spared.


Conclusion guyThe Bomann EKA 2209 CB Glühweinkocher is a real multitalent due to its flexible use, so it is not necessary to purchase additional kitchen utensils, for example, a vending machine or tea machine. The device is suitable for use in private households as well as for use on the Christmas market. Since the EKA 2209 CB is only equipped with classic control elements, the use does not require any training time and is child-friendly.The high-quality processing is a guarantor for a long useful life of the Glühweinkochers. The purchase of the cheap, high-quality device can be recommended to everyone.

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