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The tested ZTE dual SIM phones show once again: so-called China-phones have become a serious and interesting also for ordinary consumers compete with the major mobile phone manufacturers likeSamsung , LG and Apple. Worldwide sales confirm this trend, as more and more buyers rely on cheap ZTE smartphones. Yet it is mainly customers in the Far East, but ZTE Mobile rises now also intense in the German market. Which models are the best, as they cut overall in dual SIM mobile test from? We have the most important tips and more information about the provider for you.

ZTE Dual SIM Cell Tests & Tips

ZTE Blade V6


The ZTE Blade V6 has long been the flagship of the ZTE Blade series, but now is the successor ZTE Blade V7 on the market. This means that the previous good prospects, the already rather inexpensive scheduled dual SIM phone even cheaper to buy.  "
ZTE Blade V7


The ZTE Blade V7 is reminiscent of the smartphones of a well-known manufacturer from California, only at a much cheaper price. The dual SIM phone is a new top model of ZTE middle-class series "Blade" While not a bargain, but compared to the currently best smartphones still very affordable.  "
ZTE Axon Elite


The ZTE Axon Elite is the current flagship of the smartphone manufacturer ZTE. It runs on Android 5.0 and works with a MSM8994 Octa Core processor. That something eye-catching design with many triangular patterns framing a 5.5 "display. For mobile Internet supports axon LTE. The dual-SIM mobile phone sets particularly on biometric security. Fingerprint Sensor, iris scanners and voice recognition  "
ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini


The ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini is the first model of the new Z11 series of ZTE. Good for those looking for a dual SIM mobile phone: the Mini can be equipped as standard with two SIM cards. However, one has to decide: It is in fact a so-called hybrid model.  "
ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini


With the ZTE Nubia Z9 mini brings the Chinese manufacturer of one of its premium models as dual SIM mobile phone to Germany. The 5-inch display with full HD resolution is eingettet in a clean processed aluminum frame. Under the rather elegant housing ZTE relies on Android 5.0 with its own user interface (UI Nubia 2.8).  "

Blade, Nubia, Axon: The ZTE model series

ZTE leads several lines in the mobile range. Enter before the first glance a rough guide, as each model is to be classified.
  • Blade phones tend to represent the middle class. Both visually in terms of features they offer standards at relatively attractive price.Set at consumers, where practical usefulness in everyday life is more important than high-end performance. Therefore, the selection is in this series also the largest.
  • Axon dual SIM phones aimed technically on the current superclass and can with their respective flagship - roughly speaking - with the previous flagship keep generation of big brands. The models save but the design in order to remain low.
  • Nubia : This ZTE phones are the performance slightly below the axon line, but rely on sophisticated optics . These include a flat construction and higher quality materials. Equipment in this design series is usually only available via import.

ZTE Dual SIM: Wide range of products with a view of price / performance

Make no mistake about it: In the smartphone elite performance and features now so polished that it's hard to get at. ZTE uses a simple trick : cheap materials with good processing and partly very good hardware - done. The best devices can certainly compete with the competition majority. And all this at a favorable price , which clearly lies partly below the level of the established competitors. A clear challenge.


Whoever looks around at the party, will soon discover that the price range at ZTE wide ranges - from very low to the limit for the upper class. You can buy ZTE dual SIMsmartphones, especially in the popular online stores, but some models only via import. Meanwhile, there are some devices but also in the electronic trading site.

Quality & Performance

The fact that the mobile phones in general, the 400-euro mark not break, however does not mean that it is merely cheap entry-level models is or those of the middle class. Quite the contrary: It contains various details of hardware and software used inhigh-end lying region, and the partly considerably cheaper compared to Samsung or Apple.


However, it must be said that even models with individual top features are not consistently excellent. Again and again mean individual details real weaknesses , as a lot of low battery. Therefore, the currently best ZTE handsets keeping in comparison (yet) with the flagships of the established producers with.
What should I spend on a ZTE phone?
Currently one can classify the smartphones between about 100 and 400 Euro. For beginners, there are several models in the field of Hunderters, and units pack usually lie at 300-400 Euro.Vergleichen but worth it in any case. Therefore we assign any phone also offers various online retailers. So we help you with the selection, if you want your new phone to buy as cheaply as possible online.

Customer Service and Contact

One big difference to brands that are for sale only via import: ZTE Mobile also has a German customer. Whether he is the contact device but also for the dual SIM, which in this country are not officially available, you have to test in each individual case. The contact is possible via hotline and e-mail support. There is also a separate service app for ZTE handsets. Who does not want to give up his mobile phone with a defect in the shop on site but sent directly andes Manufacturer: there is also a possibility for submission. The customer service with all useful numbers, links and contact form can be found here .

More about the brand ZTE

A big player in mobile ZTE long. He is a world much larger than many are aware. As network equipment providers for many years adds various telecommunications services. And with both hardware for the consumer - usually simple phone models - as well as a network operator.
The company was involved in Germany instrumental in HSPA mobile network roll of E-Plus. Recently, before the merger of E-Plus Group and Telefónica Germany, E-Plus had even swapped out the complete line operation with ZTE: The Chinese company took over the infrastructure and so supplied the former network operator as a technical provider. For the end user, this made no difference, but the role of the Chinese group was becoming increasingly important in Germany.
Worldwide is one of the manufacturers, depending on the counting of the top 5, top 10 manufacturers. That depends whether you put the volume sold, turnover or profit basis. In any case, however - similar to other China mobile phone brands - the large part of the sales attributed to users in the Far East. In Germany, the brand is still more of a niche. Again and again one encounters also consumers, for which the name ZTE is quite unknown.
Overall ZTE counts about 70 000 people and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.International attention, albeit involuntarily, was reached in 2012 when the US government accused the group of industrial espionage. But the history goes back far longer, even before the time of cell phones.For ZTE can look back on now over 30 years of history: Year is 1985. Thus the brand is much older than many much better known mobile phone manufacturer.

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