• Android 4.2.2 (update available in 4.4)
  • 5.0 "(12.7 cm) touchscreen, 1920 × 1080 px
  • WLAN, UMTS, HSDPA (up to 21 Mbit / s)
  • 2GHz Octo-Core Processor
  • Buy online from € 202.98
The Wiko Highway plays in the first division and is definitely one of the best dual SIM phones on the German market. Full HD display on 5-inch display, eight-core processor with 2 GHz - already the underlying instruments can not match most other current models for 2 SIM cards. And also the choice of materials and workmanship convince.


Highlight literally is the 5-inch Full HD display, with the IPS technology for a wide equipped viewing angle.Bright colors and excellent resolution make testing fun. In the given resolution of 441 dpi, the human eye can not distinguish individual pixels more without a magnifying glass. And so you can use the screen long without disappointing scratches or impact damage, sets the Wiko Highway to spread protective Corning Gorilla Glass. 2
Having pictures come on as a screen to advantage. Who shoots with the built-in camera, can creatively rave and good results at properties such as 16 megapixels, Panorama function and some built-in functions for subsequent image optimization and even-screen animation. Other features include: LED flash, full HD video and a second (front) camera with also high 8 megapixels - this resolution provide most of the other models in our dual SIM leaderboard just with its main camera.

Android operating system

While Sony for its new models Sony Xperia E1 dual and  Sony Xperia T2 Ultra dual has announced Android 4.3, Wiko equips the Highway smartphone yet made with version 4.2.2. This is in relation to all other smartphones in our test series at eye level - but a pity for a newly manufactured mobile. After all, Google has released version 4.4, which even on some non-dual SIM smartphone is used. Update: Since July you can install the upgrade to Android 4.4 Fortunately - unfortunately the process is a bit uncomfortable. Especially one should advance up all personal data, as these deleted on the highway (!) Are. A detailed update instructions and the official installation file can be found on the official Wiko site here .

Wiko Highway dual SIM displayHousing and processing

Materials and workmanship are very good. One must certainly say something restrictive that the current Super Phones with only one SIM card against an Wiko Highway still forking out a bit - but these models cost significantly more. And our new dual SIM # 1 leaves with their aluminum-rimmed housing with toughened glass back is no longer really a lot to be desired. Thus, it continues a good tradition since the previous Wiko dual SIM smartphones could convince with a solid finish.
As the last few months is fortunately with almost every manufacturer in the trend, the thickness of the phone is also the highway very well below 1 cm, 7.7 mm. Unfortunately, the camera protrudes slightly out of the housing - not soft, but with a noticeably polygonal projection.Although the measures only 1mm, but sometimes irritated when operating. Update: Since the end of July 2014, the case is no longer available only in black, but also for example in white. Versions in orange, purple and blue are also announced.
Wiko Highway in white

Now also available in white: The Highway was the end of July a small facelift, including firmware update to Android 4.4 (KitKat) to self-install

Eight-core processor

Wiko leaves the 8 processor "cores" operate in parallel, thereby ensuring a crazy extra speed. In the test of the heise.de Wiko even set a new record, surpassing in speed even the Galaxy Note 3 from Samsung.Especially when multitasking makes the smartphone a very brisk impression. And, although the low-power (!) Processor architecture (Cortex A7) is known well for speed disadvantages otherwise.


Especially with a cell phone that announces fast multitasking and smooth processing of large data volumes, want one or the other also experience corresponding multimedia - and want, enjoy apps, games and videos songs and quickly switch between them back and forth. But such apps etc. need space. Since the internal memory with 16 GB precipitates may be somewhat limited. The 2GB of memory are also for demanding but sufficient.

Dual SIM handling

The two SIM cards are eingelgegt quickly: On the sides of the device is in each case a SIM slot: By putting pressure on the ejection point with a pointed object, the SIM holder pops out can be removed.The format is needed micro-SIM card. How you want to use the individual SIMs for telephone calls, Internet & Co, can be at the first installation adjust, but at any time with two or three screen tips configure differently later (with one exception, about equal to more). As with the dual SIM phones now accustomed to places easily determine whether you want to use a particular SIM for calls and SMS for example, or if you want to be consulted before any action now.But even with preselected SIM can be before each call and before each SMS simply open the SIM menu, by pulling the Android status bar downwards and there clicking the desired SIM. To keep them apart, on which number comes in just a call or a text message arrives, the Wiko Highway also offers the possibility of the individual SIM cards assigned its own color. Unlike calls and SMS is a case when it comes to mobile Internet: Here you can indeed preselect a SIM, is handled by the mobile Internet then.However, you should choose the one for surfing possible card that you have previously inserted into the SIM slot "1", because only this slot allows the maximum connection speed of at most 21.6 Mbit / s. Something bad that here no 42 Mbit / s are possible, as other top dual SIM Smartphons as the Alcatel One Touch Idol X (test) offer.

Test Result

The Wiko Highway is a great success of the French manufacturer, except for a few minor restrictions it convinced by the Bank.
  • Pro: Full HD, 5 inch Full HD display, high quality materials, very fast processor, 16 megapixel camera
  • Cons: Android 4.2.2 instead of 4.4, HSPA + only SIM1 possible battery not replaceable

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