Nokia dual SIM mobile phones are currently available in this model series:
  • Nokia Lumia dual SIM smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1 operating system are still available. However, new devices should appear under the brand Microsoft
  • Nokia Asha Dual SIM models with Nokia OS operating system. More than a classical mobile phone, but fewer features than the usual smartphones. These so-called feature phones often come with touch screen and some apps.
  • Nokia keyboard phones for beginners and as a second phone. Who just wants to call, would be accessible or simply no multimedia on the mobile phone will, can be for some clearly find under 50 euros.

Nokia compared

With the cell phone numbers can not always detect whether it is a device with one or two SIM slots. Sometimes the name ends with the suffix "dual", sometimes not. That depends in part to the fact that some models exclusively as dual SIM version, others as a single-SIM are also available - then the version obtained for two SIMs the suffix "dual". If there are in addition to the number of slots differences in features or function, we like to point out. Similarly, if you want to classify the Nokia devices compared to other mobile phone providers better: Inform yourself about our opinion currently the best smartphones in the dual-SIM mobile phone test .  

Nokia Lumia dual SIM testing overview

Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM


The Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM is the new 2-SIM top model in the Lumia dual SIM smartphones. It is placed above the middle class model Nokia Lumia 630 (test) - a slightly larger display and (minor) improvements in hardware make the 730 Dual in test clearly the current flagship.  "
Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM


  The Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM is now a cheaper classic. What does the little brother of the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual (test), we have summarized here. Windows Phone 8.1 to launch new Windows Phone version 8.1 put in 530 Dual. She was even a prerequisite that we have taken the smartphone under the microscope.  "
Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM


The Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM Microsoft Handysparte brings an entry-level model is the first dual SIM Windows Phone on the market. How now usual, the brand also offers hierfügr several colorful plastic housing. Since May 2014 the unit in Germany is available - along with a mono-SIM sibling, the Lumia 630 also called and waived only on the final addition.  "

Worth today Nokia Contract Mobile Phones?

A Nokia contract mobile phones can be a real tip, if you like cheap mobile. But it depends on what one is looking: The mobile phone brand offers a colorful selection, and in the truest sense of the words. Typical are luminous cover, color-rich displays - and depending on the offer now very competitive prices. The partly low rates have a background: The Nokia mobile phone division had missed the connection to the Smartphone development between 2006 and 2010. Since Microsoft has subsequently taken, the manufacturer tried repeatedly with inexpensive equipment. Who does not emphasizes absolute high-end technology, which can here make a bargain or two. Because depending on the model, the Nokia devices are very well equipped. With Lumia always there: The "Windows Phone" operating system with practical live tiles and more than 100,000 apps to choose from. Simple phones from Nokia are the way the world is still very popular. Only the proportion of these key devices is decreasing overall, because more and more people want to buy smart phones. This advertises the provider as "Lumia" equipment but now under the name "Microsoft".Existing Lumias that are currently in the "Nokia", but you can continue to receive just under that mark.

More about dual SIM smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1

Since version 8.1, is in the summer of 2014 appeared, supports Windows Phone Dual SIM Cell Phone functions. And even very good, partly with real practical advantages over Android - about the four separate tiles for "SIM1 calls", "SIM1 SMS", "SIM2 calls" and "SIM2 SMS". This created in Test tremendous overview and was very easy to use. With the Lumia 630 Dual Nokia also brought the first hardware with 2 SIM card slots to the market, under "WP 8.1" delivery. A little later the models Lumia 530 came dual and with other devices like the Lumia 730 Dual a portfolio of dual-SIM smartphones. In October 2014 announced Microsoft , now owner of the smartphone and mobile phone brand name "Nokia" in the future to drive new smartphone models under its own label as Microsoft Lumia. As "Nokia" are exclusively classical phones like the Nokia 130 markets. Background of renaming the licensing agreements that had been made with the continuing Nokia Group to spin off its mobile phone division and their integration in the MS group.

Navi aboard. And more and more apps to choose from

Another outstanding feature of many Nokia mobile phones without contract is for many the integrated onboard navigation. Simply go whip out your phone, enter the destination and easily navigate through the urban jungle. The only requirement: An appropriate card area was previously deposited by download to your smartphone. Then it can be easily also be used offline. Convenient to all who wish to use little data volume. When searching for apps provides the constantly growing offer many highlights. You want to know what such a supplementary program has to offer before you install it on your new Nokia phone? No problem. The AppStore gives you the opportunity to extensively inform before you buy an app for your phone.  

Asha Dual sim phones

Nokia Asha models with dual SIM

Some Nokia Asha models offer dual SIM.

So-called 'feature phones' - between mobile phones and smartphones

It need not be a full-fledged smartphone, but a touchscreen and most important apps for everyday life would be good? But Nokia has a number of so-called dual-SIM feature phones under the name "Asha" to market gebracht.Diese possess some typical smartphone features such as touchscreen, apps and web browser. And they can be similarly use a smartphone. The operating system running on them but the Symbian operating system. Thus, there is in principle no App Selection - unlike the better-known smartphone systems (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone). The phones are not so Customizing also by far. The wichtigstens apps like Facebook, Maps or browser and some more are available but.
Nokia Asha 501


The Nokia Asha 501 is a compact dual SIM touchscreen phone for beginners. It runs like any Asha models of Nokia with the operating system S40.It is thus a kind of transition device between simple key-phones on one side and full-fledged smartphone with Android & Co on the other side.  "
Nokia Asha 200


The Nokia Asha 200 Dual SIM phone is an option for frequent Tipper laying on a full physical QWERTY keyboard and value write unwillingly on the virtual keyboard of a smartphone.Despite the housing made of plastic, the model makes a high-quality material and impression almost is pleasant to stable. The keys have a good tactile feedback.  "
Nokia Asha 308


Touchscreen Phone with 2 SIM slots - without Android, and without fast Internet The Nokia Asha 308 has long been the best-placed dual SIM mobile without Android in our dual SIM mobile phone test. The hardware of the pleasantly compact dual SIM smartphones can largely keep up with current mid-size cars and is very low.  "
Nokia Asha 206 Dual SIM Cell Test


The Nokia Asha 206 Dual SIM phone is a price to do for those who are smart gimmicks are unimportant, just want to make calls or from time to time short to go online - and for those who prefer mobile phones with real phone keyboard.  "

More Phones from the Asha series

Asha 500, Asha 502 and 503 received by the way, a revised user interface. This was new:
  • Second Home Screen
  • Better access to social networks.
  • Crystal look - a transparent layer surrounding the hue of the envelope again.
However, Nokia remained with bright colors faithful: Bright red, green, yellow, turquoise, but also a little more sober white and black came as mobile paints.  

Nokia keys phones with dual SIM

The brand name Nokia is closely linked to the success story of mobile phones. Even today, many mobile phones cult, which were designed by the Finnish developers since the 90s in the typical candy bar design. As almost legendary applies the robustness of the devices. Explore with us the current generation of mobile phone brand in the popular bar form. Incidentally, owners and manufacturers is now none other than Microsoft. And the typical key phones for beginners there continue. For those who simply want to make calls only on two SIM cards and texting.
Nokia 108


The Nokia 108 Dual SIM is a simple, very cheap dual SIM phone. Operation is classic over real keys, the small screen lights bright and has 1.8 "(4.6 cm) screen diagonal.Something Entertainment is also on board: there are MP3 player, radio and a 0.3 megapixel camera for snapshots. There is also the main organizer functions such as calendars, contacts, alarm clock and some more.  "
Nokia 215 Dual SIM - coming soon


With the Nokia 215, the mobile division of Microsoft once again a basic model for a very low MSRP before: 39 euros will cost the unit only. For this you get a phone in a classic mobile phone design, ie small, but color display and real keys - and reportedly also "mobile Internet".  "
Nokia 130 Dual SIM


Anyone looking for a simple and very low-priced mobile, will soon have another choice: The Nokia 130 Dual SIM is for beginners, infrequent users, leisure or pleasure thought. However, a market launch in Germany is still uncertain. Only 19 € estimated Nokia recommended retail prices (RRP). Here, after all, a 1.8 "color screen with video player but no internet included.  "
Nokia X and XL Dual SIM Android Smartphone


Finally Nokia has chosen to manufacture Android smartphones - and with the new models are available directly also dual SIM smartphone: the Nokia X and Nokia XL.Presented Nokia has it the end of February at the MWC 2014 in Barcelona, now they are pre-ordered at Amazon. However, the exact delivery time is not yet known.  "
Nokia C2-03


The Nokia C2-03 is one of the first Nokia dual SIM phones: Although it has been available for several years, it can with its relatively low price still score. The design is - for the now very low purchase price - still quite elegant.  "
Nokia 101


Simple classic test The Nokia 101 in red or black is a very affordable dual SIM phone for beginners who just call and want to use SMS. Even as a second phone for leisure, it is suitable. The lightweight phone (71g) is well in hand, the soft-touch keys have a clear pressure point and the display is easy to read.  "

More about the classics of the brand

Until shortly before the purchase by Microsoft Nokia dual SIM mobile phones were previously found only in the lower price segment. Thus Nokia was next to Samsung the only internationally renowned dealer who offered handsets for 2 SIMs. Available were several classic button phones, for smart phone friends, there were also cheap touchscreen models in the range. The operating system was on all models for 2 SIM cards the in-house operating system called "Symbian" in use. Traditional mobile phones Nokia offers as dual SIM mobile versions, such as the Nokia 101, the Nokia 206 Dual and the Nokia 208 Dual. All these models running Symbian.

Special feature of entry-level models: The Nokia OS

Previously, it was Symbian, now it is marketed as "Nokia OS" classic key phones and Asha phones Nokia: This OS is a mature and well-to-use system - with Asha models even with some apps, as they are similarly used by other smartphones is. One can therefore with a Symbian Feature Phone such as the Nokia 308 do the most important things mobile. There is also a Nokia Store, where you can download new apps on the touchscreen Symbian phones. However, you have to live with rather narrow limits: The number of available apps is much lower than Android. And there are also not many added: From 1 January 2014, developers can publish any new apps and any app updates for the Symbian operating system more in Nokia Store as Nokia in his blog announced. Currently available apps in the Nokia Store can also be after 1 January 2014 continue to download - conceivable, however, is that they can gradually work to worse, if you want to access web content such as who changed their interfaces.

About the Manufacturer

Nokia was for years the dominant manufacturer of classic mobile phones and one in this area is currently still the largest suppliers: The range is one of the largest among the world's leading mobile phone manufacturers, especially in the lower and middle price segment. Nokia had with its self-developed operating system "Symbian" (today: "Nokia OS") long, a very innovative, user-friendly interface, in which the competition had to orient as a benchmark.

On the way from the key phone to smartphone

Since the mobile phone market is increasingly dominated by smartphones, Nokia could not achieve similar success in this segment as with classical phones. In cooperation with Microsoft Nokia finally sat on Windows Phone operating system. Market share remained the world but in the single digits.

Sale to Microsoft

Due to the problems with the disposal - especially smartphones - Nokia 2013 decided to spin off its mobile phone division and to sell to Microsoft. On 19.11.2013 the shareholders of Telekommunikationszonerns from Finland have agreed to the sale of the division. With 99.7% of the plan approval received extremely broad support to the EGM. According to Microsoft paid well 5.4 billion US dollars (enstprechend about 4 billion euros). Under the proposed for spring 2014 takeover about 32,000 people have moved to the American group. The business with telecommunication equipment will remain the responsibility Nokia. Shortly before the pending acquisition, the sales figures of the Finnish mobile phone producer seem the way to be on the mend. The slight increase in sales of smartphones, called Nokia Lumia, give some cause for optimism.

Nokia Numbers: October 2013

In the third quarter of fiscal year 2013 was overall a wensetlich lower loss than in the same quarter of the previous year: The minus is currently 104 million euros compared to EUR 934 million. Operating profit before tax even in Plus: 118 million preclude a loss of 564 million euros the previous year. Revenue fell further, however, and by about 22%. At least 5.7 billion euros In the important smartphone segment, the manufacturer is now represented with dual SIM models. And after all, he was up significantly in this market segment. From its Lumia models it sold about 8.8 million models in the quarter compared to approximately 6.3 million Lumias year ago.

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