• Android 4.0.4, update to Android 4.1
  • 3.5 "(8.9 cm) touch screen, 320 x 480 pixels
  • 1.0GHz single-core processor
In Sony Xperia E dual test falls out of the box on the first thing that hardly any difference between the Xperai E dual and the "normal" Xperia E can be seen only with a SIM card. Thus, the E is dual in the current trend, in which offer more and more manufacturers their successful models virtually identical as dual SIM version. Functionally the "E dual" is no different, except for the 2 SIM cards function also of its mono-SIM sibling. In the familiar Android world and into the familiar Sony Xperia world the dual SIM phone are functions seamlessly integrated and intuitive, which is with respect to the integration of the second SIM card hardly any difference to the competition and to the other getesten Android Dual- SIM smartphones are.

Sony Xperia E dual SIM TestWeretiger first impression

The matte and glossy surfaces with little chrome look suitable for the cute-quality design.Only in low light condition also dropped us in the test the bluish glowing LED strip on the underside of dual SIM phones on, a funny effect. Taking the Xperia E dual in hand, falls next to the relatively compact dimensions (dimensions 61.8 x 113.5 x 11 mm) and the rather low weight of 116g initially the rounded shape of the back to which is perhaps ergonomically, but the phone simply something apart from other models. All materials act this solid and were processed very clean in our test model. Highend features such as aluminum body and glass cover can not be expected in this price range and do not miss it in the normal use certainly.

Android 4.0.4 with single-core processor

The Xperia E dual is its "mono-SIM" siblings technically second to none and provides on the pre-installed Android 4.0.4 neat services for all standard tasks such as surfing, office apps, emailing, chat apps, photos, music and so on. For 3D games and complex applications, speech control fan and everything in this type, however, the cell phone is not the appropriate choice. It is ultimately - with a price - a solid mid-range model for those who simply looking at their smartphone a companion for their daily lives. The performance is assisted by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 single-core processor with 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM accesses and 4GB of internal memory.Memory cards with up to 32MB can be used in addition. For communication via internet & Co Fi (802.11b / g / n) and HSPA available.

Display and Sound: Good middle class

The 3.5-inch touch screen, the Xperia E offers dual a luminous display that provides an acceptable, but relatively low resolution of 320 x 480 pixels can display the LCD display - the price of significantly below 150 € justifiable. The camera is equipped with 3.2 megapixel for snapshots and Facebook postings absolutely useful. However, since others offer in this price range more megapixels .. For Sony demonstrated with various music and entertainment features to be resurgent Image as sound and film brand. A special "Walkman" app is always there, with the Set you easily make your own playlists and can control the sound output with a graphic equalizer example. This can other apps as well, but to get everything installed, of course, is more practical. A private music service called "Music Unlimited" is also on board, which you have to register, however, only. Who, last.fm and others familiar with Spotify or simfy be found here also quickly master. The advantage with Sony's own service is that you "Music Unlimited" Tracks can transfer equipment to other Sony devices such as PCs, PlayStation3, and Bravia TV.

3D view for Sony Xperia E

Dual SIM functionality in Test

The actual dual SIM features are easily explained. If you have inserted into the phone 2 SIM cards, both appear parallel to the selection for calls or SMS and incoming calls / SMS are displayed so that it is clear which SIM card is currently receiving the call / SMS. Who almost always on the same SIM card makes calls anyway, can pre-select them directly on the Android "Settings" menu accordingly - the same goes for SMS etc. Unless one himself phoning or texting, you can be reached on both SIM cards for calls and SMS. If a SIM card but active (eg the phone), the other has no more power contact - because as with almost all latest dual SIM Android smartphones and Sony Xperia E has dual only one transmitter / receiver module and can not exceed 2 SIM card to send / receive simultaneously. Very practical and not standard in the competition is the timing of the SIM card: you can choose the SIM card automatically, by specifying the times at which each SIM 1 or SIM to be used. 2

Energy & battery life

For the energy requirements of a dual SIM smartphones this display size with this processor features the 1500 mAh battery is good sized.Battery life was sufficient for our mobile test for at least an entire day, including Wi-Fi access, file downloads, medium screen brightness etc. A second such day did not survive the battery, even when usage is low in flight mode and turned-on power saving features. Sony itself are for the Sony Xperia E dual way a talk time of 372 minutes

Quick summarized

The Sony Xperia E dual displays in dual SIM mobile test total as a solid mid-range phone, the one within the dual SIM smartphones with the better models. For beginners and normal users who do not ever want to use two mobile phones or two smart phones, it is a good choice.

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