Dual SIM China Cell: An Alternative?

A dual SIM China Mobile may be a smart alternative. Why a test is important and how you can buy: Our Tips show it. (c) fotolia # 73392948 |koti

A China Mobile is now under mobile fans no longer a rarity. But they are also suitable for "normal" consumers increasingly contested. The brand names are known and with a transparent test can be advantages and disadvantages to find out quickly. Many smart phones from China are a priori dual SIM phones - and therefore a cheap alternative for those who want to combine two mobile phone contracts in a single device.But what is important in test reports, comparison and purchase decision?
  • Mobile Internet : Supports Smartphone German LTE frequencies?
  • Popularity : Which China phones are international bestsellers?
  • Availability : When the mobile phone from stores in Germany to buy?
  • Guides : What is important if I want to buy a China Mobile via import?

China Mobile Test & Tips

ZTE Blade V6


The ZTE Blade V6 has long been the flagship of the ZTE Blade series, but now is the successor ZTE Blade V7 on the market. This means that the previous good prospects, the already rather inexpensive scheduled dual SIM phone even cheaper to buy.  "
ZTE Blade V7


The ZTE Blade V7 is reminiscent of the smartphones of a well-known manufacturer from California, only at a much cheaper price. The dual SIM phone is a new top model of ZTE middle-class series "Blade" While not a bargain, but compared to the currently best smartphones still very affordable.  "
ZTE Axon Elite


The ZTE Axon Elite is the current flagship of the smartphone manufacturer ZTE. It runs on Android 5.0 and works with a MSM8994 Octa Core processor. That something eye-catching design with many triangular patterns framing a 5.5 "display. For mobile Internet supports axon LTE. The dual-SIM mobile phone sets particularly on biometric security. Fingerprint Sensor, iris scanners and voice recognition  "
ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini


The ZTE Nubia Z11 Mini is the first model of the new Z11 series of ZTE. Good for those looking for a dual SIM mobile phone: the Mini can be equipped as standard with two SIM cards. However, one has to decide: It is in fact a so-called hybrid model.  "
OnePlus 3


The OnePlus 3 is the new flagship of the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus. Even before the global presentation on 6/14/2016 as part of a VR events most of the technical data and the design of the putative dual SIM phones were famous. As well, the smartphone has become more, then appeared in OnePlus 3 test.  "
OnePlus X


The OnePlus X is smaller and slightly cheaper settled than the current top model OnePlus 2. Also, the compact X is designed from the outset as a dual SIM phone. As with OnePlus it was usual to get to launch zunächt only via "Invite". Meanwhile, you can buy the device but quite normal.  "
Xiaomi redmi Note 3


The Xiaomi redmi Note 3 presents the Chinese manufacturer a Dual SIM phone the XXL class before. Succeeding the redmi Note 2 phablet offers at first glance again an elegant design and promises decent performance at a reasonable price. This strategy Xiaomi phones arrived in the Top 5 of the best selling smartphone brands worldwide.  "
Huawei P9 Dual SIM


With the Huawei P9 Dual SIM ascenders brand from China offers to their new flagship equal also a dual SIM phone. In Germany, although is only the "solo" variation in the trade, but as an import you can also buy the 2-SIM version. This provides a further alternative for a very well equipped smartphone with 2 SIM slots.  "
Huawei Y625


The Huawei Y625 is a dual SIM phone that Huawei has for beginners with a tight budget in the range. The Smartphone provides all the basics of the trend according to a large display, but above all makes the low price curious.  "
OnePlus 2


The OnePlus 2 be manufacturer wants to compete against the flagships of the established mobile phone provider. Since December, it is freely available and no longer available by invitation only. On paper, sound values of OnePlus One successor - like its predecessor - again good to very good.  "
Huawei P8 dual SIM


With the Huawei P8 dual SIM the Chinese manufacturer is now bringing even its current flagship in a version for 2 SIM cards on the market. The stripped-down version P8 lite dual SIM we had already described in detail. And with this inexpensive model Huawei has hit the mark - is currently at one of the best selling smartphones in Germany.  "
Huawei Mate 8


New Huawei Mate 8 is the upcoming phablet flagship manufacturer from Taiwan.The announced yesterday the provider. All the details are not yet known. But compared to the future Super Phones Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 7 Huawei is extremely happy message. We have compiled some interesting information about the successor to the Ascend Mate 7 (test).  "
Xiaomi Mi 4c


The Xiaomi Mi 4c has come the end of October 2015 for the latest addition under the dual SIM phones of Chinese cell phone providers Xiaomi on the market. The new Mi 4c what is perhaps the offer of the brand in the 5-inch mobile phones. It sets sights according to the supplier ", the lower high-end segment" on. Say pretty much equipment and good hardware at a great price.  "
ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini


With the ZTE Nubia Z9 mini brings the Chinese manufacturer of one of its premium models as dual SIM mobile phone to Germany. The 5-inch display with full HD resolution is eingettet in a clean processed aluminum frame. Under the rather elegant housing ZTE relies on Android 5.0 with its own user interface (UI Nubia 2.8).  "
Huawei Honor 7 Dual SIM


Huawei has presented the Honor 7 dual SIM a successor to the successful Honor 6 Dual-SIM.  "
BlackView Ultra: "iPhone 6" Dual sim clone


The BlackView Ultra remembers not too close to the current Apple Phone and has much in common with him, not only in appearance but also in size. As a dual-SIM iPhone 6 is not available, the BlackView Ultra could so far be an interesting choice.  "
Xiaomi Mi Note + Mi Note Pro


Vivo X5 Max


The Vivo X5 Max especially impressed with its flat height of just 4.75mm and is therefore the currently thinnest smartphone ever - but the sale will initially only in China.Despite the extremely low construction, the China mobile phone scores with a 5.5 "S-AMOLED display, which dissolves in Full-HD.  "

China Mobile Phones: The unknown Bestsellers

China is such a huge market that manufacturers that are completely unknown to most customers in Germany alone are a strong presence on the Chinese domestic market for the mobile phone brands with worldwide bestsellers include. In China in 2014 a total of about 422 million smartphones are sold, as Canalys calculates hat.Zum comparison: the world's second largest market - the US - is just to 156 million units, followed by India (61 million) and Brazil (28 million) , The market share of China in the global smart phone sales in 2013 was 32.8%, that of the United States 15.0% and so on - these shares has IDC determined.

From Cubot about Xiaomi to ZTE

China Mobile Phones: market shares worldwide smartphone sales

Almost every third phone sold in China: Has a China Mobile so on its own home market huge success, it will be automatically also become one of the world's best selling smartphones. Although other markets down: in these conditions will change in the coming years, very little. Source: statista

  • Xiaomi : Maybe currently the best example of the clandestine sale giants Xiaomi is (spoken about: Schiaomi). After sales quantities expected it is - depending on the analysis - one of the three or five largest smartphone producer in the world. Also dual SIM smartphonesare part of the program of Xiaomi phones .
  • Black View : A very young brand, which was founded only in 2013, but growing rapidly. Small Smartphone prices are at BlackView phonestrump. When manufacturers from Hong Kong can be accessed only by import but currently.
  • Cubot : Is now be found with the individual models in the "normal" online trading. Huge range, many dual SIM devices.
  • Doogee : Rather small player, but represents a major player in China.
  • Huawei : It is no longer the typical China brands because their phones are now buying long on a large scale in Germany. This means thatHuawei phones a proof that a "no-name" in a few years one of the most successful smartphone can be producers.
  • Oppo : Provides now high-end smart phones that do not need to shy away from a comparison with the Topgeräten from Korea, Taiwan and the USA.
  • Vivo : The brand has become the end of 2014 with the Vivo X5 Max made the thinnest smartphone in the world, a name.
  • ZTE : one hand like Huawei in this country quite well represented, though usually not so much with consumer products. ZTE mobile phones are also sold partly under other, more well-known names.
  • Zopo : Similar to Oppo can be purchased at a relatively low rate even at Zopo very well-equipped models - cheap deals are not to be expected at this brand necessarily.

How and where can I buy a China Mobile?

Although many mobile phone brands in China are now somewhere been seen in Germany before - unfortunately large selection or a detailed comparison are almost always non-existent. So question is how to be able to select his desired phone and order home if interested. Therefore, close attention some specialty stores like comebuy.com have focused, offering a wide range of "chinaware" that exceeds the usual range in German stores far. Example of such a China shipper is comebuy. In addition to mobile phones are often a variety of other electronics products and gadgets in the range.

visitors find the shop

The actual shopping runs from technically as of German online shops used: product categories, offers, search field for entering a particular phone name - everything is held so that it possible to easily find phone of his choice. Clear, because the shop owners would indeed possible to each customer to sell something - and admits all obstacles.

intelligible German

pay China Mobile with Paypal

With credit card and PayPal can also pay in many good shops China, and to access collateral of the respective payment.

Linguistically most major China stores are now really good. And even if a bumpy German expression and spelling errors found in some places: You have to no longer advise on English, but is (at least substantially) "operated" as in a German shop.

Payment Methods

Paying is possible with good China exporters via the usual routes: from credit cards to PayPal many payment methods available. Who at one shop concerns should best ask around specifically for this shipper in forums or search Google for "(store name) experience". give guarantees that we can not - but order itself from and to mobile phones for the larger China Stores.

any extras

Low prices for some really good smartphones, which is in many the most important expectation when they want to buy a China Mobile. Because if one compares eg Full HD Octa-Core LTE models from the country's center with this country officially available top smartphones, corresponds to the normal price actually often a special prize of the better known mobile phones. Thus, the pure product costs are often low. But the import can drive this product price still upwards.
Shipping by China Mobile Phones: tracking and spatial query

They are delivered in China phones now often via DHL & Co - so can check and find my tracking the current location of the new smartphones, the shipment status. The delivery time is given the distance on average for more than German domestic orders.

Whether for sending an additional amount is payable even and whether the goods have been cleared through customs, which handles every provider differently. On the order summary you should look closely therefore first, which costs are included in the price. So it is easier to compare prices. (The EU regulations on price transparency do not apply in China, unfortunately.) When a mobile phone for eg 80 € Product price with fast shipping, VAT and customs increases to 130 € - because it may worth yet again the comparison with Amazon, Otto & Co. If 80 € are actually the final price, can look forward to a China-bargain one against it.

Shipping: Duration and Tracking

The only really hook on orders in China and Hong Kong is the distance requires long delivery time . Part up to 30 days of patience are required, but usually about 7 to 10 days .Meanwhile, larger players have also distribution centers opened in Germany - depending on which smartphone you want to order, you can then select the dispatch, for example, "Germany" or "Hong Kong". The shipment from Germany as then in 24 or 48 hours on offer. This is of course duty technically practical because of shipping is handled within the national boundaries. Who the shipping  handle faster wants, pays as mentioned often somewhat better: Both the time savings in internal German Shipping (usually within 2 days) and a quick delivery from China (eg within 10 days instead of 30 days), the mail order company can like something extras.Depending on the charge so you should consider whether the costs claimed are the few days more or less valuable. Or yet again the more expensive product prize at the next best shop look and see if you included Versanskosten may pay there ultimately less. As shipping service set better China consignor now a well-known companies such as DHL. This is even advantageous because these international logistics provider in Germany have official contact person - and the service as other major online consignors expires usual. Also, just to see interesting in the wide transmission paths, where the own order is now: The international tracking shows it a then quickly. Return the goods and get his money back - that can be similar to German online retailers generally at reputable China Mobile shops. For complaints or even if you do not like any free return is depending on the store and the sender country, however, possible, and the shipping to East Asia is of course more expensive than by eg Frankfurt. Although it may be rare: In case of dispute, a foreign consignor court certainly worse rather than to prosecute a domestic supplier. Please keep that in mind, without however dispense equal to the Schäppchen Hunt.

accurate information before purchasing

Whether the device can actually deliver on the Select in everyday use, which promise the performance and description of the product, you should check in advance exactly. Either by customer reviews critically read through (and possibly purchased good and bad comments filters out) or consumed by a review of the respective model. However, these are correspondingly rare due to the low overall sales figures in Germany. [/ Column] [/ row] Many more tips we have put together here: Buy LTE dual SIM mobile phone abroad .

Conclusion to China Mobile Phones

If you want to stand out with an exotic smartphone from the crowd, a cell phone with specific properties investigated - the selection of Dual SIM mobile phones China is huge. Especially mobile phones with more than one SIM slot are very popular in the Middle Kingdom. The brands are now increasingly also at reputed online stores and retail chains in Germany available. Above all, the international bestseller can thus relatively easily buy domestically. Those looking for more alternatives, which can buy virtually countless other China phones low per import. The settlement is then but usually a little more complicated. Therefore you should inform yourself beforehand exactly my test to find the best exotics for his purposes.

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