Worth it often: Sell used mobile phones has become very easy for individuals. (C) # 75047078 | vege

Who wants to sell used cell phones, has good cards: There are now both high demand for relatively new "Second phones" and also several reputable buying portals, so you can still achieve a pretty high price with extremely little effort for a neat smartphone.
  • determine value
  • Sale Instant: buying portals
  • sale Custom
  • Donate & Recycling

Calculate Value: How the price comparison without trouble

How much can I get more for my used phone - whether dual SIM or another model? You can quickly find out by querying the large buying exchanges in a few clicks. And so it goes:
  1. Calling Portal - eg wirkaufens.de, rebuy.de or right to check price
  2. Enter your phone model (if you do not know the exact name, you can also "click through": first identify only the manufacturer and then filter and so gradually their model based on the model)
  3. Future state - this is asking for damages and operability. This step is done with four or five clicks usually very fast
  4. The bid price is displayed
to do these 4 steps at three or four portals, lasts no longer than a quarter or half an hour.
For comparison, one should then look at Amazon and eBay, which require your cell as used goods seller there. Because of course the dealer hit something on it to make himself well. If the difference between buying and selling price is relatively low (about 10-50 euros), the immediate past via a purchasing portal is usually better - because it saves the entire expenses and any costs of having to arrange the sale itself. If the difference between the buying and selling prices to be very large, perhaps that is individual sale through an auction promising.

More Price Comparison: surprises and all time favorite iPhone

Generally, the prices are very similar, no matter what the great & Sell portals to look up. Nevertheless, the comparison is worthwhile. Even if there are only 10 or 20 euros, you get more - why would you sell his cell phone under value? Incidentally, the mobile value shall be estimated by little gut feeling, so it is worth comparing different buying portals. Because the value does not necessarily depend on the quality or features of the old smartphones - but by how popular the model is still. Some exotics, including some dual SIM phones are difficult to estimate, because they often do not appear in the phone lists of buyers. In addition, the dual SIM phones were until about two years often relatively poorly equipped. Therefore, they are sometimes less interesting for customers looking for used mobile phones. In this case, sometimes comes only the individual sales in question - or you can at least make an other pleasure by his donates mobile . An exception is in fact always the iPhone, even after several generations change still brings quite high prices. So 5 as many Ankäufern are still commanded well over 200 euros for a well-maintained iPhone. The more memory, the better: whether to sell a 16 GB or 64 GB model, making financially noticeable.  

Sale Instant: The big buying portals make it easy

Who wants to make money with no effort from his used phone, found in the Ankäufern as rebuy, WIRKAUFENS, zonzoo or sale suns the right customers. The web pages are packed very clearly and offer the easiest in our view, way, a used phone effortless for sale. As soon as you specify the model and its condition, the purchase price will appear.


  • The price is authentic (except one has made untrue information on the cell phone)
  • One need only submit the device per packet, Address Labels and so you get as a template for printing
  • Multiple devices can be simultaneously in a sale Basket sell together
  • The sale is possible for everyone and without obstacles
  • The money comes in a very short time on account
  • It has no "trouble" with subsequent complaints of the new user, because this closes its purchase contract exclusively to the purchaser from (who wants to know for sure before reading the terms and conditions of the purchase by Portals)


  • The professional Ankäufer is middlemen and wants earn. So he will pay less for the used mobile phone, than it's worth in sales
  • You can not negotiate, but must accept the price as it is offered - or look for another buying portal for a better deal

Individually sale - for example on eBay, and Amazon Kalaydo

The price offered by WIRKAUFENS, rebuy and the other sites of this type will be too low or your phone is not even in their lists? That leaves only the free sale.

You have the almost endless possibilities:

  • Auctions on eBay
  • Classifieds on eBay, Kalaydo and local sites
  • Offer at Amazon as a seller Gebrauchtware
What happens exactly, depends on the particular site - and there are already so many instructions and tips that we not go into details in the context of this article. The you can easily find in various other information pages. Much more interesting, in our view are the Pros & Cons.


  • Put the cell phone sales your own asking price fixed
  • If anyone would like to take your offer, you can, depending on the site also trade prospects to at least extract as much money
  • Ask any legal mobile one - even exotics and China mobile phones are possible. You are not restricted by limited product lists


  • Sales are not guaranteed: Especially with high prices, it may take long time to report a prospective
  • Auctions and ads often cost charges
  • to set up and track and respond to any questions the ad or auction, takes in any event time - for the experienced course less than for beginners
  • As a rule, a seller account is required. New providers without positive valuation have often heavier than longtime seller with many good ratings
  • If you have any complaints you contact the buyer - that can take time, or (rarely) also lead to a reduction in price up to the reversal of the sale.With proper product description but that is unlikely.
Mobile Phone Recycling: delivery point at o2

Mobile Phone Recycling - here a delivery point for used cell phones at the O2 Centre of Dusseldorf. (Source: own)

donate or recycle cell phone: Every phone has a value

This occurs: for using their own phone there are hardly any money or no bid. This can have several reasons, and does not mean that the phone is worthless. Because whether rare dual SIM model, older smartphone, a device with (from today's perspective) poor equipment or actually beliebtest model with many scratches or flaws: If customers do not know the phone or against newer devices (often not much more expensive are) leave left, comes the question: what to do with the used mobile phone? A nice idea is then the actions of various mobile operators and institutions that collect "old" Smartphones and weiterzuverwerten. This further use may either be that the phones will be passed as a donation in kind to the needy at home or abroad. Or that they at least built professionally apart, valuable constituents recycled and toxins are disposed of carefully. In a case other people to do something good, in the other case, at least the environment. Links and addresses to dispensing or collection points we list soon on here.Also, you can drop off your cell phones in some major mobile phone store or location of the wireless service provider for recycling, as seen in this picture.

What happens to the votes the old phones?

The range is large: Depending on delivery location and condition occurs, for example, for recycling or reprocessing ( "Refurbishing"). Then the models are usually given as a used item in the sale - either through normal reseller or social institutions. Such a device is the non-profit IT vendors AFC sold as gGmbH ( "work for people with disabilities"), the second hand, checked and with guarantee phones as well as computers and electrical accessories cost. The AFC is, among other things since 2013 Telefónica Germany (see delivery point in the image) years in a cooperation. It passes the mobile operator - similar as other partners of the AFC and similar institutions - about old devices like mobile phones or employee office electronics at the AFC. Cooperation of this kind will help, among other things, that jobs for people are created with disabilities. At the same time a high proved Refurbishing for high data security and reduced CO2 emissions, makes. The hardware is prepared for such a measure, made a certified deletion of existing data and the device then sold again. Defects or old devices are disassembled for spare parts into its individual components, the remaining raw materials go to certified recyclers.

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