• Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • 4.0 "(10.16 cm) display, 480 x 800 pixels
  • WLAN, UMTS / HSDPA (up to 7.2 Mbit / s)
  • 1.0GHz single-core processor
  • Stiftung Warentest April 2013: "good (2.5)"
  • Buy online from € 499.00
In Samsung Galaxy S Duos test in early 2013, the smartphone put straight to the top of our former leaderboard and is still one of the best dual SIM phones . For a current price of only 160 € at Amazon offers the Galaxy S Duos typically Galaxy design a brilliant 4.0-inch touch screen, very easy switching between 2 SIM cards, fast mobile Internet with HSPA and typical Android features, including the Samsung TouchWiz.

Dual-SIM functions Test: Samsung Galaxy S Duos

Insert SIM card and keep them apart

Under the back cover of the Samsung mobile phones 2 SIM slots are present, which are mounted above each other. The top slot is (mainly used SIM card), the lower for SIM2, ie for generally less frequently used card for SIM1. Because you can control the use of SIM cards very easily via the Setup menu and on the pull-down status bar from the top of the screen, the choice of the slot, especially in terms of mobile Internet is important: If you only have one SIM card with faster use Internet Flat, you should insert it in the upper SIM slot.

How to reconcile the 2 SIM cards use to call?

The Galaxy S Duos has as already mentioned several setting options to use 2 SIM cards for calls. You can block incoming calls on the other SIM or alternatively allow eg during a call to a SIM card. For incoming calls you can be reached in parallel on both SIM cards upon request. If you want to call someone on the phone number entry itself, you can choose just for the next call the desired SIM card at any time. You can also set a default SIM (and change this setting at any time). This is important if you do not vote on the numeric keypad, but to call a contact and select this - because then the current default map is automatically used to call. To use another SIM here, we had the Dual SIM Cell Test first sliding the status bar and then select the other SIM card as standard. This could be even more useful to solve without having to go via the standard SIM setting.

Setting Different ringtones

To distinguish the SIM card, you can assign different ringtones, assign them names and certain symbols. The settings are very clearly integrated into Android and situates> SIM card management on the main menu under Settings. Not only you can see who is calling or sending a message, has already taken place phone calls and messages can also be sorted to the usual list functions even after SIM. This can be handy if you separated as business and personal calls to SIM card and want to see a specific sector call - then the list is much clearer, because private conversations are not even displayed.  

Mobile Internet with UMTS / HSPA

The Galaxy S Duos dominated addition GPRS / EDGE and the fast Internet standards UMTS and HSPA (up to 7.2 Mbit / s). However, important is the choice of the slot for the SIM, with the one preferred is the mobile Internet: Namely, when inlaying 2 SIM cards, you can only use the upper SIM for UMTS / HSPA. The bottom SIM is however then limited to GPRS. If only the second (lower) slot is occupied with a SIM card and the top does not use, the lower slot can however also use UMTS.

parallel accessible

Both SIM cards are alternated selectively or simultaneously used. If you want to use different numbers for professional and private life, so it can be achieved in each of the two numbers - or disable one of the SIM cards. The built-in transmitter and receiver units to make it possible to call on one of the SIM cards and parallel to use on the other SIM mobile Internet, also with UMTS.

Android status messages above the display

In the line at the top of the icon for each of the 2 SIM cards are available separately. To view the status reports in detail, you can drag the area for the display elements down. There you can also switch between SIM cards, unless just data or messages are transmitted.

Tip: Successor "S Duos 2" See for comparison

In the commercial is now the successor - with the same compact dimensions and the same screen size, but noticeably faster technology.Depending on the offer, the 2nd generation is Samsung phones also cheaper, so it may be worthwhile if you check before buying. Here you find our detailed report and all technical details of the Galaxy S Duos 2 .

General Features

In our test, but were not only the dual SIM phone features of our test winner in focus. Because one would like to use a mobile phone with 2 SIM cards in the end on both SIM cards like a normal mobile phone - plus the advantages that it has dual SIM capabilities. Therefore, the usual criteria such as image quality, speed, features, and more also play a role in our mobile test.


Let's start with the obvious: The display showed the test for the amount of time and was still acceptable with the simultaneous top smartphones (Galaxy S3) keep up. Especially under the Dual SIM competition, the Galaxy S Duos convinced us. The high resolution reproduces colors highly luminous and high contrast, the display is easy to read even in low light conditions.


Especially with respect to a fluid display also the computing power of the smartphone plays a major role. Here, the processor was as well suited to allow a clean, smooth display of everyday apps. important for the mobile speed: the data exchange. It is possible via WiFi or cellular to 7.2 Mbit / s. Not much, but still ok.


Standards as a solid finish, quality materials, good voice quality and long battery life could also meet the Samsung Galaxy S Duos. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S Duos proves our smartphones test as a worthy representative of the Samsung Galaxy series.

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