We are testing and link exclusively to mobile phones without SIM lock . Especially with the dual SIM phones that is important. Because if you want to use to be flexible and different numbers, needs full freedom in the choice of the mobile network. In each SIM-lock free mobile phone SIM cards, you can your preferred wireless carrier insert. Without that they have a lock to pick. And no activation fee for certain networks. How to make your use existing mobile phone contracts , and with the smartphone of your choice . Just consider our reviews on, select An unlocked phone and order it online cheap.

Your benefits with a SIM lock free smartphone

  A modern smartphone without a SIM lock is for all mobile networks enabled. This means that you insert each matching card of your favorite network provider and make calls to the fare conditions, texting, can surf. This applies for example then, if you want to already benefit from tariff and use this for your new phone. But even if you want to order a new mobile phone contract or prepaid card separately, and this at the same time looking An unlocked phone.

How can I tell whether a mobile phone has a SIM lock?

Usually all phones SIM lock free - even top models such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos , the LG G4 Dual-SIM or the Huawei P8 dual SIM . If on a mobile phone in our list, no explicit reference is that the model has a lock or is available only with a specific contract, you can therefore use for each German grid. But be careful: Not all smartphones unterstützem all German frequencies. Especially the LTE frequency 800 MHz is absent in many import models that did not officially here. For this, see below more detailed information. Good to know: designations such as " unlocked " We write to unlocked phones not to as this in our view of the normally is.

use mobile phones without SIM lock abroad

Anyone traveling with a German SIM card abroad, does not pay his normal fare conditions generally. Rather, for the so-called roaming usually higher costs due - - ie the use of a foreign mobile network. You can also go back to the roaming without: Although the differences from German domestic prices are still low. In a SIM lock free dual SIM device may appear to fit a second SIM also a map of a local mobile operator on site. For example, by a prepaid cardin the destination country buys and uses with full cost control to domestic rate mobile Internet.

What is the difference between SIM and Net-Lock?

This is easily explained.
  • When SIM lock the terminal is unlocked only for a single SIM card.
  • When Net-Lock can also make calls with any other card of the same network provider, surf or text.

What should I look technically?

Format the SIM slots

The format of the SIM card must match the the slots (slots). Because regardless of who is in your plan provider, there are three different card sizes. Here are nano-, micro- or mini-SIM to choose from. Inform yourself by just briefly what these sizes fits into the slot of the phone. If your SIM has a different format, you can for example with your network provider a replacement card ordered. This is but a charge partially or depending on exchange basis. In addition, nowadays often already provided combicards available from which you can then easily remove the right size.

Supported frequencies

There are three technically independent transmission technologies: 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE). Modern phones can all three benefits.However, these networks sparks on multiple frequencies respectively. And therefore is important which frequencies can just use a new phone.
  • GSM nets: Almost all current mobile phones are so-called quad-band models. This means that they support all four offices in Germany GSM / GPRS networks. This is important so that you can access the network frequencies that depicts your provider.
  • UMTS frequencies: Most smartphones support all four UMTS (3G) frequencies. This includes HSPA or HSPA +.
  • LTE bands: If a dual-SIM mobile LTE support, it is usually present only compatible with two of the three German bands. The 800 MHz frequency is only supported by a few devices.
Apart from these technical questions, have a free choice, a phone with exactly to choose the features that you like best. This depends both what you want to use the new device, is partially but simply a matter of taste.

And that's up to your personal taste

  • Display Size: Do you like it rather compact, or do you prefer to take the largest multimedia event? The selection is huge, and you can easily find a screen size for your purposes. Tip: The larger the screen, the higher the screen resolution should be. So that you do not notice any pixel levels or the like.
  • Camera resolution: Who more than that would take one or two instant photo, should inter alia, on a possible resolution of the cell phone camera eighth. It is measured in megapixels and as a rule of thumb: The more megapixels, the better also tend to the result.
  • Power and speed: you want to not only make calls with your phone, but also use many apps and games? So that everything runs as possible fast and fluid, a processor with a lot of power is important. Again, there is a rule of thumb: The more processor cores and the higher the frequency (measured in GHz), the more powerful the smartphone.

Great choice - free choice

Deals phones without SIM lock compared You will always find in a large selection. From entry level to the superphone. Often you can find by a particularly favorable pricing. Just click on An unlocked smartphone of your choice and find out about all the details in the online shop of each dealer. Enjoy your unlocked cell phone while surfing, texting and phone calls in all supported networks!

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