• Android 4.4.4 (1 + guaranteed Update)
  • 5.0 "(12.7 cm) HD display, 1280 × 720 pixels
  • 1.2GHz quad-core processor
  • Buy online from € 145.00
      Motorola built the Moto G 2 in the new generation with 2 SIM slots - and mentioned it only in passing. A real surprise. So let's see the Moto G Dual SIM closer look at the various innovations brings compared to the previous version of "G1":
  • display
  • operating system
  • sound
  • SIM card control
  • design
  • Compared to its predecessor
  • Conclusion

Display: grown to 5 inches

At about 10% the full touch display has increased from previously 4.5 "to the currently widely available 5.0" standard. This size is extremely popular, as you can see in the other models on the front test sites - eg HTC One M8 Dual (test) , Wiko Highway (test) or Dark Full (Test) . Unfortunately Motorola has the number of pixels not also magnified in the growth of the screen. As previously available on the new Moto G thus again normal HD available. That's to 5.0 inches really not optimal, especially in view of the full-HD competition the aforementioned other top handsets. In the test in everyday life, the relatively small amount of pixels does not negatively apparent and probably falls on only by very close examination. Something eigenanrtig: Motorola advertises with the slogan "the sharpest display in its class" - what should be meant for a class, white the manufacturers probably the only one ? Other definitely have more pixels on the same scene.

Android 4.4.4 "no additives"

The latest version of Android is pre-installed as standard, with which the Moto G 2 in the test environment of the dual SIM smartphones is far ahead. Here Motorola waived any adjustment of optics or control logic. Why? Short History Tour: Motorola was some time ago initially acquired by Google, before it again recently changed hands and is now based in Lenovo Group. From Google time but still the historic tradition seems to be not to change the quasi "own" operating system Android by additional user interfaces. Thus one finds on the Moto G Dual SIM before a pure Android, which is both a matter of taste (some like the user interfaces à la HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, etc.), on the other hand a clear update advantage: Once a new Android version comes out - for example, the long-awaited Android L - can quickly upgrade to the new OS. For more than an update on Android 4.4.x addition, however, Motorola is no guarantee.

Sound: Stereo speakers on the front

OK, the boom sound of the HTC One M8 can not reach it, but with the two front speakers, the new Moto G (2014) already makes for a whopping stereo soundscape.

Dual-SIM Control

The Moto G 2nd generation comes with 2 separate SIM slots and a further slot for a microSD memory card. Uses 2 card format micro-SIM. The use of SIM cards, as with Android customary in the Settings menu configurable, so you each have a specific SIM (ie SIM1 or SIM2) for a particular service may be the default. Moreover - and this is a special feature - recognize the Moto G Dual SIM According to the manufacturers gradually which SIM is used again and again for what actions. If you want to perform the same action again, your phone automatically redials from the previously used for SIM card. How it works exactly, we wanted to see more detail in the Moto G 2 test.

It can be stored for example in the SIM menu:

  • with which SIM card you want to surf - both SIM slots support UMTS
  • whether a particular SIM to be used for all calls
  • that certain numbers are to be used to call from a specific SIM
  • if asked before each call, which SIM to use
In addition, and this is a feature with which the G dual-SIM can as I said over other dual SIM models points: after a call you will be asked if the same number is to be repeatedly invoked future with the just used SIM card , But we will take the test even more closely. The technology is called dual SIM standby. This means there is only one transmitter / receiver module installed, so you can always just go to one of the two SIMs into the net. As long as you do not use both cards, they are both in their respective network reached: a call on SIM1 so come just like an on SIM2. Once you but then telephoned to one of the two cards, the other is unavailable - similar to when you just do not network with a SIM card. After hanging up it is then available again.

Design: Simple but colorful change covers

Put it this way: the choice of materials and design fulfill their purpose. Who wants to show his cell phone almost as a digital accessory that will probably not be happy with the Moto G Dual SIM. But the hard plastic is simply not enough wertig. But we have already seen several brightly colored changeable covers, which can be used at least visually stand out. Good humor make the colors anyway. For the 2014er Moto G is similar to some other current dual-SIM mobile phone models - especially about those of Nokia, which also appear to contain several fun colors. The shape of the smartphone is in contrast to the built fabrics better managed, but not top. Although the ratio of the display area to the total true, but the overall height does not fit in this good image: pleasant 6 mm it is the Rändernm but center back there are pretty thick 11 mm.

The main changes: Moto G 2 compared

Especially falls over the previous Moto G (2013) which clearly grown on display, but right after the additional 2 SIM slot is the biggest change. As a small convenience the 2014er model has (unlike the predecessor of 2013) since launch via microSD card for storage expansion. Up to 32 GB are supported by a backing store. has not increased the (permanently installed) battery, which continues to make 2070 mAh - making the battery life somewhat weaker than its predecessor, which is the additional power consumption of the now much larger displays in particular. In addition, the existing LTE module is omitted.

Conclusion Moto G Dual SIM Test

The Motorola Moto G 2 (Dual-SIM) is a decent mid-range phone, with the Motorola relatively surprising goes into the circle of dual SIM producers. If you liked the previous model and can dispense with LTE, it should definitely watch. The price is very fair, but not a bargain.Especially fans of "unadulterated" Android come here to an interesting new dual SIM option.

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