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The currently favorable deals mean: save without difficulty. Just here choose a savings offer with discount or special rates. And surf depending on the contract completely relaxed mobile, talking, texting. By phone? Without your phone? Goes both. View just how it is best for yourself. They love prepaid or swear by a tariff with maturity? With us there are always interesting offers. Here we go!
If possible, quickly and easily find the "needle in a haystack": A cell phone contract comparison helps in the search for a new collective bargaining usually more easily. (C) fotolia # 60718885 | Paulista

Which phone contract suits me?

Quick view through the current cell phone contracts: In our tariff comparison you can find all kinds of contract - and tips to help you find the right person for you.

First, you select what type of contract you are interested:

  • Phone Flat + SMS + Internet Flat-Flat: Allnet Flat Rates
  • Cheap minutes + SMS + Internet: Cheap Mobile Phone Contracts
  • Pure data volume: Data Rates
  • Only minutes + SMS: Simple mobile tariffs
  • Full cost control + Accessibility: Prepaid Plans
  • Angeboite with entry fee: contracts with payout

Frequently asked questions and quick answers

  • What does data volume?
  • What pros and cons of collective with fees?

Advice Rate Comparison

So the wide range is clearly

Good to know: Although there are virtually countless phone contracts, but they can be readily divided into certain types. As soon as you are interested in a particular type Handyvertrag, the choice is much clearer and they can decide on the basis of a few details of a tariff.

How do I find out which meet tariff details to me?

One should bear in mind: How will use his cell phone in the months or years exactly, you can plan almost exactly in advance. Therefore, one should decide in fine detail with a little relaxation: If it be even a few minutes longer than expected, perhaps Schedule A is more favorable - and if you do a few SMS less, perhaps collective B. A little tip before you calculate hours: simply times place the last three to six mobile phone bills to compare side by side and just the average amount spent to calculate minutes, SMS and MB. This is often more meaningful than the "perceived" use - because who pays daily to seeing how much he surfed, phone, etc. has?  

When is a cheap mobile phone contract with inclusive units?

Example fare:

A contract A includes monthly 200 minutes to all German networks and 200 MB mobile internet within Germany for 10 euros per month. This means that you call per month up to 200 minutes and send 200 SMS and can transfer 200 MB of data. Had even SMS included, would for this to apply by analogy the same. In order to keep the bill but simple, SMS will not be considered in this Beispuel.

When is such a mobile phone contract low?

If the services included almost completely or accurately exploit. Because then you get the individual minutes and MB converted at a very reasonable "price per unit". In that case you can expect: 200 minutes + 200 MB = 400 units, obtained for 10 Euro. So costs 1 unit 10/400 Euro = 2.5 cents per MB or 2.5 cents per minute. A Allnet flat rate at a higher price would only be expected if this would also cost a maximum of 10 euros - or if the Flat Although cost more, but you would also consume more.

When it does not pay off for you yet?

The key point is this: The basic fee is payable even if you do not use the possibilities contained in the tariff or clearly need more.
  • If the rates are too much contains for your needs: Suppose you make calls in a month only 50 minutes and transfer any data - the 10 euro are then still due. Then drop even for those 50 Minutes 10 Euro to, so you (10 € / 50 min.) would pay 0.20 cents per minute. so if you often use much less than is contained in the mobile phone tariff, a tariff with a high monthly fee is worth not usually. Instead, you should choose a better term contract or even a tariff without basic charges: a prepaid rate.
  • If the contract provides less than you need: Additional minutes, SMS or MB costs at tariffs with a fixed inclusive package usually quite a lot. Not infrequently, it costs as 19 (or even 29) cents per minute if you exceed the minute budget.
  • Example: Assume that the above-mentioned contract A (200 minutes + MB) cost extra minutes 19 cents / min. If you call 300 minutes in a month and get 200 MB, you pay accordingly solely for the consumption of minutes: 100 min x 19 cents = 19 Euro.. This sum plus. 10 € fee = 29 Euro in total. Contract B has a telephone Flat and Internet-Flat for 20 € per month. When then as just described the same consumption, it remains in this monthly fee - so you are as favorable. However, this provision only applies to one month. In a fixed-term contract, which usually goes over 24 months, it then comes down to whether such an advantage or disadvantage occurs only once or whether it is the rule. After all, you want a mobile phone contract, which is more favorable compared over 24 months - and no, in which only a single month cheaper fails.

Payout: Start phone contract with a Plus

A payout at inception cash, having to make a single payment instead of himself? Sounds tempting and may be worth. Such payment is offered mainly by contract agents when completing one or two new mobile phone contracts - but no phone or as is then usually only a simple or older smartphone model included. This may well be reckoned trustworthy - as an example showing :
  • Tariff with mobile phone: If provider A you get a certain tariff for 10 euros per month, in addition to one-time 1 Euro a smartphone with a sales value of 500 euros.
  • Tariff with payout: Equally you could then offer provider B the same fare for the same month, price - and send 499 euros to you (equivalent to 500 euros minus 1 euro deposit).
In such a case, you can easily compare which smartphone you would get from other suppliers at a similar rate: To find out if it is worth paying or just sounds good.

Recalculate For tariffs with 2 SIM cards

Especially if you already have a separately located dual SIM mobile phone have ordered and are now looking for suitable mobile tariffs, lure Dual SIM deals often with high amounts that you can secure. Keep in mind that you can expect a high responsiveness of the provider here. After all, your should "welcome money" to twice its match what you would get at the conclusion of a single contract - or even a little more, since the seller saves at the second contract so the effort to win additional customers for themselves.  

Data volume - as much fast Internet inside

Data volume refers to how much data you can transfer per month per mobile network at the maximum speed with no surcharge. The amount of data is measured in MB or GB (where 1 GB = 1024 MB). The transmission speed in turn is measured in Mbit / s or kbit / s (with 1 Mbit / s = 1024 kbit / s). For comparison:
  • An excellent data plan allows up to 150 Mbit / s and includes 10 GB volume.
  • Very good are rates of about 42 Mbit / s and 500 MB to 1 GB.
  • Good for occasional surfers are even 14 Mbit / s and 100-250 MB.
  • All with less surfing speed and less data volume is more suitable for relatively rare surfing the mobile internet or for low data transfer - for example, if you want to send or view only Whatsapp texts, e-mails without attachments and postings at Twitter / Facebook.
What if the data volume is used up? In this case there are several possibilities, depending on your phone contract. Often you surf to consumption at no charge, though at throttled, ie artificially by the mobile operators reduced speed. This velocity can then be, for example 56 kbit / s, depending down by actual speed to be 1000 times slower than before. Some vendors provide but also by consumption included data volume continues full speed, then calculate, however, the further consumption - whether that's low, will depend on the exact conditions. Usually the cost per MB compared to the high-speed MB, which are already included in the tariff, significantly higher.  

Basic fee: running costs per month

In a fixed-term contract, the monthly fee determines how much you need to pay monthly to use the services included in the contract can. It's worth it if this Inkusivleistungen almost exactly suit your needs. The basic fee but can vary depending even added costs when using more - for example, if you choose special numbers, calls in networks that are not covered in the tariff (often with foreign telephone numbers of the case) when you use or as your phone outside Germany ,


  • You can always use your mobile phone to your wireless network (if the network is available) and never have to remember to charge a mobile airtime or another.
  • If you use the services included in the basic fee good, the cost per minute, SMS or MB are often very low
  • New duration contracts are often offered at very cheap and often top-current smartphones (in rare cases, with a bar-Payments)


  • An invoice for a particular month is always an afterthought. If you have taken too many services claim that were not covered in the basic fee, this can be an unpleasant surprise. not, however, all - - However, many providers offer online or via app the ability to view the current cost status of the current month.

Allnet Flat Deals compared

Where is more to it? In Allnet Flat comparison is not always easy to recognize.It says to look closely! (C) fotolia # 67997410 | Nick Freund

A Allnet Flat comparison is with the best of what you should do that before the conclusion of a new mobile phone contract. Who in Germany flat calls , relaxed surf and quasi endless SMS will send, can per month depending on the offer several euro save. Especially with two phones. These questions and advice you should take before buying:
  • What is a Allnet Flat?
  • What is a Phone Flat?
  • What is an Internet Flat?
  • What is SMS Flat?
  • Tricks in pricing
  • SIM only tariff or by phone?

Cheapest Allnet Flats: Your own comparison is the most important


What is a Allnet Flat actually?

A Allnet Flat is on most deals of the following elements:
  • A telephone flat rate, with which one can intra-German laid-calls to all mobile networks and landlines
  • An Internet Flat, with which you can transfer a certain monthly amount of data with a stipulated maximum speed within Germany. Even beyond you then can further transmit data usually at no extra charge, but at a slower rate
  • Partial is a SMS flat included, with which you can inner German laid-ship to all mobile networks SMS

It is therefore important in Allnet Flat Rates:

  • Is a Telefonflat to all German networks included?
  • Is an Internet flat included - and how much is the monthly amount of data?
  • If an SMS Flat to all German mobile networks Included?
  • Are the flats to other countries? What about abroad?

Allnet Flat components in detail


What is a Phone Flat?

A telephone flat rate means that you do not have to pay on the number of call minutes talking, but at a fixed price as much as you want to call. However, this applies to any supplier and depending Flat for certain networks.

For mobile numbers and landline

It is typical of a Allnet Flat that you can from Germany with your phone as often and as long as you want to make calls to German landlines and to all German mobile networks. So Good Allnet Flat applies for calls towards:
  • German landline
  • Telekom mobile
  • Vodafone Germany
  • o2 Germany
  • E-Plus network

call abroad or from abroad from Germany?

Excluded were of this flat rate until recently always calls to foreign networks and calls from abroad (eg while on holiday) - which has been but partially changed lately. So far there are only a few deals, where calls from Germany to other countries and vice versa in the price are included - these are then usually for EU internal calls. but almost always except for calls to special numbers, service numbers and much more, which is not the traditional phone call to a UK landline or mobile phone number is: The exact conditions can be found at every provider listed.  

What is an Internet Flat?

With a Internetflat you no longer pay data transmitted by actually spent amount, but "secure" with a monthly price directly a certain volume of data (which is usually expressed in MB or GB).

What I have from the included data volume?

  • As long as you no longer use as this volume per month, which is accumulating data domestic consumption included - if you are staying here in the German mobile network of your provider.
  • In the details of the respective Internet option is also indicated that available speed maximum is offered.
  • Important: If you in the holiday abroad make, can there arise very high costs, since the Internetflat not applicable in many cases abroad. If this should be the case, but that providers advertise mostly very striking with this fact.

What happens if the data volume of the Internet is achieved Flat?

Even if it "Flat" means surfing with maximum available speed is often only available for a certain amount of data transferred. (C) fotolia # 51738947 | WoGi

There are currently two typical cases: Either you can then just surf relatively slow for the rest of the calendar month, or it will "aufgebucht" surcharge additional free data.
  • Most of the time after reaching the inclusive data volume transfer speed reduced artificially . If we overlook the deals so that the maximum speed of 384 kbit / s is limited: thus neither LTE (4G) nor UMTS (3G) are available, but only 2G (GPRS / EDGE). For small data transfers that is often acceptable - but remarkably slow for multimedia streams and fast browsing. All the same, with the reduced bandwidth requirements further transmitting data is also possible and is not charged separately, as a rule.
  • For an extra charge you can to achieve the inclusive usually again for unlock higher surfing speeds can (or must wait until a new month starts). But be careful: there are contracts that automatically perform this subsequent posting, so you when exceeding the included tariff MB-amount kostenpfichtig additional "high-volume" obtained.

What is SMS Flat?

Depending on the provider is, indefinitely to send SMS to all German mobile networks to stay connected with your friends and acquaintances in connection in a Allnet Flat has the chance. However, the sending of SMS to German landline numbers or landlines in other countries is usually not included in the price, but it is calculated depending on the tariff per SMS.  

Inspection: the "small" tricks while monthly price

Again and again one or the other Allnet Flat, makes a very low monthly price of a stir. This can mean two things: either the tariff is simply extremely low, or the complete price will be fixed in the small print.

Typical examples:

  • a low monthly price , but only temporarily for several months applies, after the price of the additional term increases. Often the limelight reported prices apply in such cases, eg for 6 months or for 12 months. This can still be very low - but you have to look, what then will arise on costs. In serious offers these higher prices are not so prominent, but nonetheless indicated visible near the "Price Pops".
  • in addition to the monthly costs are one-time payments - for example, a "connection fee" - due. This fee must be named in the legal notice or, for example during the order before the paid purchase.
  • in mobile Internet is surfing speed low or the maximum surfing speed comparatively starkt limited by available only for relatively little MB. Example: The same provider offers an expensive plan with 1 GB Surf volume and 50 Mbit / s, but also a cheap Allnet Flat - which then, however, only 250 MB Surf volume and 7.2 Mbit / s speed on. This is in comparison much less, and one has to wonder whether it is not rather spends a little more, but can use a lot more surfing convenience. Tip: definitely check before purchasing and compare how wiele MB depending on your plan are included and how quickly it turns out the maximum connection speed.

Varying fixed costs in the minimum contract period

Fixed costs is called the monthly recurring costs of a tariff, which you have to pay at least. For other mobile tariffs set the example, from the basic fee and possibly a minimum sales together. But because in a real Allnet Flat surfing and telephoning (and depending on the offer and the SMS-sending) should already be included in Germany, corresponding to the fixed costs of such a contract is actually 1: 1 of the basic fee. However, these monthly costs may vary if a particularly favorable monthly price will be offered as an incentive for the start of the minimum contract term. In this case, the minimum spending per month are just not quite "fix" - which complicates especially comparing different flats. Useful, but unfortunately also a bit unusual, it is, therefore, proceed as follows: Add all applicable over the period of the minimum contract term fixed costs and then divide the sum by the number of months during the term.

An example: So expensive overall rates may seem cheaper

Schedule A provides the same benefits as tariff B, both run at least 24 months.
  • Tariff A costs six months each 10 euros and thereafter for the remaining 18 months per 20 Euro per month. This gives 6 x 10 = 60 Euro and 18 x 20 = 360 euros, together 420 Euro . The package costs so 420: 24 = 17, 50 euros on average
  • Tariff B costs 24 months each 15 euros - thus naturally also the average price 15 Euro . Overall, the 24 x 15 = gives 360 euros .
In this example, the range A with the low entry cost over the entire term would be ultimately more expensive than the less attractive sounding offer B. But that of course does not have to be so - sometimes Allnet Flats with a beginning very low monthly cost or total the cheaper option , therefore an optimal comparison chart also provides the average monthly price next to each other.

Monthly rates with or without maturity

Not every mobile phone contract has a 24-month minimum term, although this is most frequently the case. Some vendors have eg tariffs with 12 months in the range - and there are also models, which is entirely dispensed with a long duration: monthly termination are now a number of contract deals. Sometimes you can choose with one click if you want to finish for only one or equal to 24 months during the tariff book. Has a disadvantage that short contract obligations but that you have to weigh up the advantage that not long embarking on fixed monthly payments. This disadvantage is that for an otherwise identical Allnet tariff usually in short term, a higher monthly payment is required, often. By several Euro This price increase is understandable from the perspective of mobile operators: they're interested in as long as possible to retain customers. And by the increased prices for tariffs without Runtime (if you have a one-month minimum term for simplicity times so called) make the long-term contracts, of course, interesting.

In the long term, or "term free" - so you should consider:

  • If you probably use managed only very briefly, then saves unnecessary time cost by a bay Allnet Flat (quasi) without runtime.
  • Should surmise that a new tariff change is unlikely within a few months (for example because the new offer search, a change in the number or a number portability appear too impractical), pays off with some probability of an extended contract with lower fixed costs ultimately better.

What should you look for when mobile network?

The mobile phone network is with the monthly fixed costs for many the most important thing at a Allnet flatrate. And for a good reason: For what use is the best flat rate and the cheapest monthly fee when the mobile network is not available where you need it - or if the compounds are indeed possible, but the mobile Internet allows only a low speed?

So you should know a few basics about mobile network:

  • There are three network provider in Germany: Telefonica (O2, E-Plus), Telekom and Vodafone. Until the beginning of 2014 there were four, but the E-Plus Group was acquired by Telefonica. At present, therefore, there are also four mobile networks : telecom, Vodafone, O2 and E-Plus. Whether or from when the two networks of Telefonica subsidiaries will be merged, but is probably still open.
  • Each power has strengths and weaknesses. Frequently, network tests conducted. Determine depending on the orientation which mobile network the largest area coverage has, can reach most customers, the (average) Fastest Internet allows and more. Depending on the test report is sometimes this, sometimes that power forward.
  • There are countless tariff brands - eg Vodafone, BASE, Simfinity, Freenet Mobile or DeutschlandSIM - but all have one of the four mobile networks nutzen.Welches is that you can often find out not so simple. Often it is not stressed by the party, and if so, it is usually " D network ", which is either the telecommunications or Vodafone network, or " E-Power ", which the other two networks are meant.

How do I find a suitable mobile network?

Our tip : reviews are indeed quite interesting to be average to inform - you use but little, if they do not go exactly to the places where you personally use your mobile phone. An example : it may be that all around your street X a very excellent coverage provides the power, in your apartment is not available, however, because, for example, a reinforced concrete wall prevented reception. For this to be received well at your network Y, which also offers a good connection in the whole street. The solution : Before signing up for a Allnet flatrate decide contractual term in a specific cellular network, you prefer to buy a prepaid card in the same network, and test the reception and high-speed surfing speed - and wherever your cell phone, especially want to use. If you are unhappy, simply try one by one all four mobile networks and find your personal winner.

Tariff pur ( "SIM only") or in combination with a mobile phone

Depending on the provider, you usually have the choice between a Allnet Flat contract with mobile phone or a Flat Allnet contract without a mobile phone.Mobile phones are often offered at a comparatively low price, other than that acquired in the package with a new mobile contract. This principle also applies to Allnet flat rates very often. These are often combined with matching smartphones offer because because a "real" Allnet Flat includes a Internetflat, the associated phone will of course can also use the advantages of the mobile Internet. The large mobile operators and providers offer usually models from all major manufacturers of mobile phones and smartphones. It therefore makes sense to compare the different offers accurate before you opt for a particular calling plan.
  • It is important in such a package from Allnet Flat contract with cell phone and smartphone UMTS provides at least, much better but still HSPA or LTE. With such a phone you can use the advantages of mobile Internet for Flat fare better. There are UMTS, HSPA and LTE mobile phones from all major manufacturers. But not all networks offer the same speeds. For example, Vodafone has early August 2013 LTE with up to 150 Mbit / s announced while at the same time still no tariff with LTE speed offered in the network of E-Plus.
  • Modern dual-SIM smartphones enable mostly no LTE, but are limited to HSPA + or UMTS. However, both are far faster standards of data transfer than the older technology GPRS or EDGE mobile internet. If you like and often enjoys the benefits of the Internet, video streaming, e-books downloads, much surfing with his friends or stands on social networks like Facebook in contact, can transmit many MB of data thus already in a short time relatively quickly.Who then has to pay per MB his data consumption, can frighten quickly when he sees on his monthly statement.
  • An Internet Flat and a cell phone that enables high data transfer rates, are a good therefore complementarity. Those looking interested for Allnet Flat and enjoy the benefits of the mobile Internet more relaxed with a mobile phone, should resort to a Allnet Flat agreement with IFI and a current smartphone.
to anytime, anywhere access to fast mobile Internet is comfortable and an added value for everyday life. With UMTS, HSPA or LTE smartphone your mobility is raised to a new level, if you have been using a mobile phone with GPRS or EDGE technology. Short messages on Twitter, Myspace or Facebook are having a current smartphone on the go just as possible as the writing of SMS. A web-enabled cell phone makes access to friends, acquaintances and business contacts not only easier, but a special experience. Who has come once in possession of a corresponding current smartphones, knows the benefits of these devices. Numerous innovations make the mobile internet more accessible and convenient. So smartphones offer as convenient text input via the touch screen and are therefore also attractive if you want to use it for professional purposes. A Internetflat should therefore be included in a Allnet Flat agreement to turn your phone into a powerful and mobile Internet access, which allows you to surf relaxed, download and much more can do.

Allnet Flat with mobile internet

Mobile Internet makes flexible and independent. And a Allnet Flat makes mobile Internet at a flat, low price possible. We understand a Allnet Flat so that at least the phone calls to all German networks and mobile browsing in Germany must be contained therein - and depending on the offer the use of a certain amount may be reduced or may be chargeable. Also important: As a rule, only the mobile Internet within the German network of the respective provider is covered.Abroad can therefore play cost to you, if you surf the mobile in another country or email etc. Mobile Internet is really only relaxed possible, if you do not have to pay per consumed amount of data. Modern technology and tariffs allow today with most service providers is a very good (and often relatively similar) Value for mobile Internet. The different tariff providers offer on all networks (Telekom mobile, Vodafone, O2 and BASE) different data flat. to use Mobile Internet in everyday life, thanks to special Allnet flat rates that include mobile surfing, and more comfortable. And with the ability to enter text on a touchscreen, which is also very good conditions for mailing, chatting, posting on Facebook, Twitter offer many mobile phone models with Internet & Co. A special incentive to surf on the go, of course, is because the development of the speed of mobile internet. Depending on the provider and, depending on Allnet Flat possibility to use different maximum surfing speeds. For certain providers, the maximum speed for the Move Internet at a flat is only limited by the fact that transmission speed enables the network. With other providers Allnet Flats are however offered at different prices, for example where the high-speed in more expensive offerings is higher than the entry-level flats. Some flat-rate offers may also be subsequently expanded by the addition of Book of paid extras and options, so for example a faster browsing is possible.

Despite "Flat": The volume of data is almost always restricted

the surfing fun at a Allnet Flat in most cases is limited by the fact that each month may only be used a certain amount of data at the speed of a maximum available. Once this limit is reached, the surfing speed is artificially lowered. Then you can experience mobile Internet only "with the handbrake on". After all: Many flat rates to surf even after exceeding this data limits in Germany for free on, but just much slower. And of course, in almost all vendors provide for the possibility that you can go to the previous high-speed online for an additional payment even after the limit is reached again. Therefore, you should always pay at a Allnet Flat with Internet Flat on how much data volume is offered with maximum available speed. This data volume is partly also a little different, for example, included data or surf volume. Meanwhile offer with Telekom Mobile, Vodafone, E-Plus Group and o2 since 2014, all network providers in Germany LTE, at least at certain locations in Germany. Partial use of LTE costs however specially. Suitable smartphones and tablets with the operating systems Android, Windows Phone or iOS (iPhone / iPad) are therefore suitable thanks to ever increasing available network speeds more than ever for mobile browsing.

Possibilities with mobile internet

The mobile Internet offers numerous practical advantages that make access to the World Wide Web on the go, at home and in professional life more comfortable. The ability to surf anytime to retrieve your personal messages in social networks, read emails or relaxed, anywhere access to critical information, are important advantages of the mobile Internet. The attractive Allnet tariffs therefore offer in leisure and in your everyday business special advantages. And who wants to have friends on Facebook always there, which can with the matching Flat fare just as comfortable as he can get his business contacts and websites at any time.

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