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Test report: IceFox Storm Outdoor mobile phone

First of all: the IceFox Storm Outdoor Mobile Phone is an outdoor handy of the latest generation and very safe and perfect to handle. This can already be mentioned here. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at this device in order to gain a better understanding of the functions and to become safer in the handling of the device.The mobile phone comes from the outside quite close to a smartphone. The phone is great and has a very large memory that is adequate for taking pictures and videos. The phone is a great tool in different areas of life. So it can also be very helpful when working on construction or in agriculture. 

What the phone can do

With the IceFox Storm outdoor mobile phone it is not only possible to make calls. Android 4.4 is the operating system. This is great and also quite stable. Then the device also has a strong processor. This includes 1.3 GigaHertz. The memory is very good 2 gigabytes. This has the effect that the device can work very quickly. Then the user also has an immense memory. This includes 16GB. The memory can also be extended with a memory card. Then the phone can be upgraded to a total of 32 gigabytes. The phone is great and will also bring joy into everyday life. The phone is safe and easy to use. It is fast to learn and it is also possible to use the telephone in the outdoor area. With this device the work runs much faster and this makes even more joy. Because with this phone everything is easier from the hand and that is also much faster possible.  

Perfect for outdoors

There are smart phones that can not leave anything off. This means that even a small rain shower can be sufficient to influence and damage the telephone in use. But with the IceFox Storm Outdoor mobile phone is not the case.This device will withstand all environmental conditions and also with bravura. Even dropping or even water can not affect the IceFox Storm Outdoor mobile phone. The device is equipped with protection class IP68 and this is already very good quality. The phone is also waterproof and dustproof. A shock resistance is also given here. The phone is also equipped with sensors. These have an effect in an approximation sensor, an orientation sensor, a magnetic field sensor and a gravity sensor. But the acceleration sensor can also be installed here and will then perform faithful services. The phone itself is easy to get to know. In the scope of delivery is a great instruction, which is held in German language. The phone is great and nothing will change. This will not allow you to walk around the area. Because the phone is also equipped with a GPS support. This is handy when it goes out into the open nature. The user will also benefit from a good LTE connection. This makes the Internet possible and conceivable. This can easily be set up and will then be indispensable when it goes out into the open nature.  

The net cover

Different networks are supported by the device. The user can use 3G or 2G to be even faster on the road. Then there is also a Bluetooth connection, which is often used today to be able to use different devices. The smartphone is popular with all age classes and is also often used. This can begin now with the telephone, but before also still should be clarified, which is all thereby, because the telephone does not exist alone, even if that is already sufficient.  

Before first use

The user has a very long standby time. This is up to 330 hours and that is very long. Then the user can also benefit from the simple functions. These are usually quite easy to find and it will be worthwhile to try everything. The user here has a talk time of up to 15 hours and also this is perfectly appropriate for such a phone  

What is included?

The phone is not just the phone itself. There is also the suitable battery. This has already been installed and secured at the factory. This means that he can not solve himself in case of a possible fall and the user will find that well. Then there is also a user manual and a suitable charger. But also a USB cable must not be missing, with this device.


Conclusion guyHere, the manufacturer is not promised too much. The cell phone will keep what is promised and that is also good. It can also happen that the device simply turns off, but this is rather an exception. Otherwise, this phone is really satisfactory and it also makes a lot of pleasure. With the phone, everything will be easier and the user will only have a good time.He can take it everywhere and will love it. This phone is perfect.

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