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Review: IceFox Hero Outdoor Handy

With the IceFox Hero the battery is changeable and this means that the battery can be replaced. With the aid of the proximity sensor, the smartphone can be simply connected to the ear during a telephone call, and the touch activation from the touch screen is then deactivated. With the Hero, the camera can then automatically focus on any subject through the autofocus function. When using the camera, object illumination is improved by the built-in flash.If there is an Internet connection, then the digital compass can be used for orientation assistance.The volume transfer in the GSM-based is increased by the EDGE technology with the IceFox Hero. With Face Unlock the smartphone can be deciphered by the owner with the facial features. In addition, the smartphone provides the option that the hands-free feature is used. In addition, there is a webcam as a front camera for the videotelefonie and for the self-promotion. The IceFox Hero is equipped with snesors, map tracking and with GPS. The sensors are e-compass sensor, G-sensor, light sensor and proxy sensor. It is not a traditional smartphone, because it keeps water, dust, shocks and high temperatures. It is just the right phone for outdoor types and for the harsh environment. The battery can hold the device for three days even with moderate to heavy use.  

Important features of the smartphone

The IceFox Hero offers the built-in GPS module, which allows you to determine the exact position on the planet. In the case of the smartphone, the camera offers the function of the face detection during the shooting. The smartphone recognizes the current position with the gyrosensor and, for example, the display can switch between transverse and portrait format. The smartphone is HSDPA capable and with HSDPA mobile download rates of up to 84 Mbit / s are enabled. The battery capacity is 4050 mAh high. The gesture control and multi-touch are supported by the capacitive touch-screen. The Hero offers a headphone output and it is capable of LTE. Currently, LTE is the fastest standard of mobile data transfer and up to 300 Mbit / s is available as download rates. With the Hero, small micro SD memory cards are used for external memory expansion. By means of multitouch, the display of the smartphone can recognize several touches at the same time. With the Hero, the housing protects the smartphone from splashing water and the smartphone also offers the option that FM radio is received. The device is UMTS capable and up to 42 Mbit / s are supported as mobile data transmission. With the aid of the ambient light sensor, the display brightness of the smartphone can always be adapted to the current conditions. On the back, the mobile phone provides the main camera and it is suitable for videos and photos. The smartphone is equipped with the preinstalled navigation software. Waterproof is the smartphone according to the IP58 and IP55 certification.  

The most important information about the IceFox Hero

Many users are initially cautious about whom they are more unknown manufacturers. If the customer reviews are examined more closely by the outdoor mobile phone, the device also seems to fulfill the purpose as an outdoor device. The device is completely sealed against water and dust and it can drop without damage to the floor. It must, however, be mentioned that this calls for the usual sacrifices. The mobile phone is a bit heavy and bulky and the medium-sized display with 5 inch diagonally hardly suitable for the pocket. With a 4050 mAh rated charge, the battery is as big as a tablet and therefore the stamina is enormous. Due to the unchanged version of Android, no annoying bloatware needs to be feared. Unfortunately there is the device still the outdated Android 4.4 and there will be hardly an update. The display has a decent resolution with 1280 by 720 pixels and it is ensured for sufficient sharpness on the 5 inch diagonal. Something has gotten into the years is the quad-core processor, which offers only a lean Gigabyte memory and only 1.2 GHz clock rate. With the surface is enough for the liquid everyday operation, but it is felt with graphically more elaborate apps and surfing. With 8 gigabytes also the internal memory is very small and the 8-megapixel main camera is often only criticized as moderately. Although this is partially a bit disadvantageous, but still tolerable for the price of the smartphone.


Conclusion guyThe IceFox Hero is less a classic smartphone, but more of a device for outdoor use. The model can convince at this point by the very long running time of the battery and especially however with the robust construction. The solid performance can also be rated as positive. A camera is also on board, but this does not take convincing pictures. In addition, the manufacturer is still set to the outdated Android 4.4 version.Due to its robustness, however, it is a suitable choice for outdoor fans.However, if the buyers do not constantly climb mountains, then there are probably more powerful smartphones for the price.

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