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Test report: IceFox Bingo Outdoor mobile phone

The Bingo Outdoor mobile phone by the manufacturer IceFox proved in a practical test that not only is its appearance robust and almost indestructible, but this outdoor mobile phone is really a smartphone that can withstand a lot. Especially for users who appreciate a lot of sporting activities, such a smartphone belongs to equipment, because in environments where it is very rough you need a smartphone you can rely on. Here at the IceFox Bingo outdoor mobile the user gets the advantage that you have two SIM cards in the device and so you can set up a private area and a business area on this robust smartphone. In the test was checked whether the announcements of the manufacturer really apply and show that this smartphone is also waterproof. 

At first glance, it is visually interesting

The manufacturer IceFox has chosen an extravagant shape when designing this very robust mobile phone or, more precisely, a smartphone. In the test, the octagonal shape and the robust plastic cover already showed that this smartphone is predestined for outdoor use. With its dimensions of 15.4 x 1.7 x 8.4 cm and a weight of 422 grams, this smartphone appears relatively good and for better gripping and holding, the manufacturer has created a waist that provides for safe access on the move. The display is unfortunately not specially protected and here the user should use an additional protection foil, which avoids scratches.  

A balanced price with convincing performance

The IceFox Smartphone Bingo is called X9 and is operated with the operating system Android 4.2.2. This is a relatively good standard as the test shows and the manufacturer also points once again to an absolutely slim design that should also give the indication of current technology. Our test evaluates this very positively, as other comparable smartphone of this category rather a bit clumsy. This smartphone fits practically into every pocket and this outer cover also provides enough protection. The X9 is offered as a contract-free and SIM-Lock free smartphone at a good price-performance ratio. The technical features like camera and good-resolution display are obligatory and here the user gets a really inexpensive product, that as a faithful companion on the road reliably performs his service, so this could be determined in the test.  

A Chinese manufacturer who wants to conquer the market

The manufacturer IceFox is one of the largest producers of Android-DUAL-SIM smartphones and especially of outdoor smartphones. Our test also highlighted the fact that this producer has only been operating on the German market since 2014, and so the brand will say little to many. IceFox also produces smartphones for other well-known brands and so there are really good components in the technical interior that are sure to do their job. In the test this quality is very positive, because this smartphone has good processors, sufficient storage capacities and is offered in total with an excellent low price offered.  

Technical values of the IceFox Bingo X9 outdoor mobile phone

Our test has also referred to the technology and shows here compared to other manufacturers of this genre a 5 inch display, which appears sufficient. This 720 p display is not top high tech, but provides brilliantly defined colors and a truly first class display. Built in this outdoor smartphone is a quad core processor with 1.3 Ghz power and this is really good at this price. The 4.2.2 Android operating system works stable and meanwhile the manufacturer offers in the current version the operating system Android 4.4. With this technology in the practical test showed that this smartphone is super-fast, there was no jerking or waiting when switching from app to app or during the page setup.Also the built-in battery, that is not fixed installed and thus can be changed proved with a lasting standby time of 2 days as really powerful in the test. The memory with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of ROM is currently in the test in the average value of comparable products offered. Technically, this smartphone is up to date and you get as a user a well-tuned, contract-free smartphone that is really sturdy. Also the cameras with 2 MP in front and 8 MP in back produced good pictures. With the cameras, the indication of the manufacturer caused for some confusion, because according to the display in the mobile phone provides the Forntkamera 5 MP and the rear 8 MP. Here, the manufacturer has probably installed various types of power in its smartphones or a mistake in the factory data. Currently, this model is now offered with 2 cameras with 13 MP each.  

The practical use Outdoor

We were interested in the test which provides protection against water, cold and a fall. In the test, this smartphone was exposed to high temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius and tested even in cold to minus 10 degrees. At the warm temperatures there was no change in the performance, but in the cold the housing reacts and the operation becomes somewhat more difficult. On the other hand, the battery was tested neutrally in the test and in the cold only a small loss of the power provided. In the test a case situation was also tested, the downfall of 1 meter height and here there was also convincing performance, the mobile phone holds this easily. The X9 proved its strengths when it was sealed against dust, dirt and water, because even a meter of depth of water kept this smartphone safe.


Conclusion guyThe conclusion for this Smartphone in the outdoor look is the good performance of the product in the test. Here you get solid and reliable technology that you can always use in any terrain and any harsh environment. The result of our test results in a recommendation to buy, because the price / performance ratio compared to other suppliers was convincing. This DUAL-SIM Smartphone can also be used everywhere and here the prospective buyer is really much offered for his money.

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