• Android 4.4.2 (Update to 5.0) with HTC Sense 6
  • 5.0 "Full HD display, 1920 × 1080 pixels
  • LTE (max. 150 Mbit / s), UMTS, WLAN
  • 2.3GHz quad-core processor
  • Buy online from € 0.00
In HTC One M8 Dual test we best take the currently equipped HTC smartphone for 2 SIM cards under the microscope. As reflected in comparison with the regular HTC flagship M8 and M9? And what are the differences between the models? Find out now in our detailed review.  

5.0 inch display with Full HD (1920 x 1080)

One M8 Dual: News Android: version 4.4

The latest Android 4.4 on the M8 Dual, with app folders, and adjustable optics menu - eg "Car" for a few, large tiles. Top right of the status bar display for SIM1 and SIM2.

Impeccable in terms of image sharpness, brightness and color intensity. The One M8 Dual makes the display everything right. By the 1920 × 1080 Full HD resolution, individual pixels in the test have been unrecognizable.Very precise reactions without noticeable reaction time come on top. If one could criticize something: when viewed from the side of a very acute angle reflects the display clearly.However, this use in everyday life is likely to be rare. The brightness can be very good regulation and sufficient even in sunlight.

Latest Android with HTC Sense 6

Highend is next to the hardware and the software. With Android 4.4.2 a relatively new version The Operating System is preinstalled - thus standing among other folder on the home screen are available, where you can collect multiple apps. In addition, an upgrade to Android 4.4.4 is available via online update, which could be installed without problem. The upgrade comes OTA - wirelessly "over the air" - and only takes about fifteen minutes, including reboot to complete.
HTC One M8 dual

Visually indistinguishable: The HTC One M8 Dual looks just like his previously available sister model with only one SIM slot. Also Technology and functions are almost identical.

As is common for brand manufacturers, HTC does not provide its smartphones with plain Android, but rather uses its own user interface. HTC Sense in the new version 6 is also on board. However, the changes fall out discreetly, so that one is quickly grow accustomed from other phones. Special features are mainly the HTC Blink Feed and some apps. In Blink Feed (by scrolling the homescreen to the left reached) are posts from the social networks collected, where it has registered with the HTC. This works in the test M8 Dual as well as in the version with only one SIM. Exactly the same applies to the special HTC applications such as Zoe (created videos from mobile photos) here and Dot View. This enables operation by a semitransparent cover - and even expanded functions to dual SIM.

announced update to Android Lollipop (Android 5.0)

HTC One M8 Android 5.0

First preliminary impression of Android 5.0 and HTC Sense 6 on the One M8 (Source: @LlabTooFeR)

The launch of Android 5.0, called Lollipop, short is imminent. Good to know that HTC has already announced an update for the HTC One - for both the M8 and the previous model M7. Just be patient, one must indeed have, but everything so far manageable: Once the manufacturer has received the final software from Google that are scheduled up to 3 months until the HTC One M8 Android gets 5.0. Update 20/01/2015: After HTC at 13:01. via Twitter the release of Android 5.0 for the M7 and M8 announced, the exact rollout in Germany is not yet certain. After all, there are some movies with first insights. Update 1/28/2015: Today HTC starts rolling out the Android Lollipop version in England.For Germany, it should be applicable soon, after all, had the company on 03/11. announced plans to make it available within 90 days of the new operation systems version. Once it is available, we will update our review.
See Videos: HTC One M8 with Android 5.0 Lollipop

HTC One comparison

HTC One M8 HTC One M8 Dual SIM HTC One M9
display 5.0 inch Full-HD (1920 x 1080)
OS Android 4.4 KitKat, upgrade to 5.0 Lollipop Android 4.4.2 KitKat, upgrading to 4.4.4 Android 5.0 Lollipop
Camera resolution forward 5 megapixel Ultra pixel
Camera resolution back Ultra pixel 20 megapixel
random access memory 2 GB RAM 3 GB RAM
Internal memory 16 GB 32 GB
External memory (microSD) Max. 128 GB Max. 2 TB (2048 GB)
Graphics chip (GPU) Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad Core (2.3GHz) Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, Octacore (4x 2.0 GHz + 4x 1.5 GHz)
SIM cards Adreno 330 GPU 1x Nano SIM Adreno 430 GPU
LTE / UMTS / GPRS / EDGE 1x Nano SIM 2x Nano SIM 1x Nano SIM
LTE speed, frequencies Max. 150 Mbit / s, 800/1800/2600 MHz Max. 150 Mbit / s, 1800/2600 MHz Max. 300 Mbit / s, 800/1800/2600 MHz
Other compounds HSPA +, UMTS, GPRS, GSM, WLAN, Micro USB, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC
Price 32 GB (United Arab Emirates) 2600 mAH 3099 AED 2840 mAH
Online from (in Germany) € 272.56 € 0.00 € 370.00
Check rates for: One M8 without contract One M8 Dual Contract One M9 without contract
Price with Contract eg monthly. - monthly.
Check rates for: One M8 with Contract Not available One M9 with Contract

Mobile Internet: last dual SIM with LTE!

Dual SIM Slider HTC One M8

HTC One M8 Dual SIM tray with space for 2 Nano-SIM cards. Where SIM1 and SIM2 goes, is marked legibly. The HTC also works if only one SIM is inserted - no matter what slot.

Clearly whoever great importance to fast mobile Internet sets in its dual-SIM smartphone, has the M8 Dual Speed the winner of our entire test at hand. For a maximum of 150 Mbit / s download speed , the M8 almost 4x as fast as the next best models that offer more than 42 Mbit / s - for example, the Wiko Must Full, Alcatel Idol X or Huawei Ascend G700. The speed advantage is not surprising, because the One M8 Dual offers as 1. officially offered in Germany dual SIM mobile LTE . The 4G standard in premium smartphones with only one SIM card already longer common, and it's fun how quickly websites build on the M8 and how quickly videos, streams or app downloaded. A small drawback is there yet: from the usual in Germany three LTE frequencies unfortunately the M8 Dual covers only two from, namely the frequency bands 1800 and 2600 This 4G bands are common, especially in metropolitan areas.. In more rural areas is - if there ever LTE is available - also spread a 800 MHz band right. Why HTC is not taken into account? Probably because HTC have dual SIM flagship produced in much smaller quantities than the "normal" single-SIM sister model - and this at present 26 LTE frequency ranges for cost reasons probably not wanted to adjust for any market worldwide.Honestly: with us outweighs the joy that finally an LTE dual SIM model is even available in local online stores.
HTC One M8 Dual SIM Slot

Apart from the somewhat broad SIM slot, the M8 Dual does not differ from the "normal" model. In the tray you just place two nano-SIMs instead of one. Good to see: the high-quality aluminum body

When surfing speed winning the M8 is also so in our test that: Because where a supported 4G network is available, it can also in all four available 3G networks go online (850/900/1900/2100 MHz) - and with up to 42 Mbit / s as fast as the fastest tested other smartphones for 2 SIM cards. Incidentally, many smartphones that dominate no LTE support not once every four 3G frequencies, but often only two or three of them. Conclusion to the mobile Internet: Although the M8 does not do everything perfect, it is as good as the best in other 4G Internet clearly better and 3G connections audited by us dual SIM models.

Housing and frame

The frame around the display fails slim, but it is below the Android sensor buttons (Back, Home, Running Apps) quite wide. There, however, is also the second front speakers housed. Visually, the frame looks even narrower because it is partially in black and housed under the same glass cover as the actual display panel.
HTC One M8 and P7 thickness comparison

Compared to the Ascend P7 One M8 is thinner at the edges, in the center but somewhat thicker.Subjectively, it is characterized better in the hand.

The housing is legendary since launch of the first HTC One (now called M7). And as dual SIM, the One M8 comes in aluminum body. Feels very high quality and is due to the curvature on the back comfortably in the hand. The thickest point is 9.35 mm while - but the edges are significantly flatter, so felt like slim as it Huawei Ascend P7 (Test) acts, which have been the most far thinnest smartphone in our tests with its uniform 6.5 mm thickness is.

Cameras: Ultra Pixel rear megapixel front

The main camera will start a whole new category of mobile phone cameras: First, it consists of two lenses, and secondly, it does not measure in Mega, but in Ultra pixels.
  • First, the dual lens: Here photographed (put simply) having a lens, the environment, while the other measures the depth values. This way you can still sharp also in retrospect to a desired segment - the focus is namely not fixed when shooting. An impressive function per se, but can rarely play to their advantages, because this feature is ultimately not often needed in everyday life. Small caveat: with other photo effects such as zooming can this mode while recording combine. Image processing afterwards is possible.
  • Topic Ultra Pixel: Pixel amount reads thus low, but provides a much better picture quality than other cams with the same MP value. For beautiful holiday pictures and photographs, the quality is in all very good, but a certain softness can be seen - we did not really bother us, but in one or the other review it was also noted. A real advantage over the classic pixel art can not be recognized in any case.
With the front camera, the superphone uses 5 megapixels and a slight wide angle, which is intended especially for the ever more relevant Selfie experience. Very good image quality and ease of use with many recording functions such as white balance, etc. ensure a high score in our review, but of course no surprise in this category.

2 SIM cards use & manage

The 2 SIM cards in One M8 Dual can initially be as easy to manage as it is known from other dual SIM android. Say, in the "Settings" menu, there are additional menu items, where you can specify whether and if so, which SIM card you want to preset for outgoing calls, mobile Internet or SMS transmission.
HTC-One M8 dual SIM Screenshot SIM Management

Screenshot of SIM management One M8 Dual

Making calls by the way only one of the two cards at the same time. Parallel calls on both phones are not possible. If you just do not phone, but you can be reached on two phones. Once you lead a telephone call, the other card is then not registered in the network, so callers will receive a message like a mono-SIM phone that just has no power. For dual SIM fans of the brand HTC unfortunately this so-called standby dual SIM represents a small step backwards. The predecessor HTC One (M7) Dual offered namely two transmitter / receiver units, so concurrent calls to SIM1 and SIM2 were possible.
HTC One M8 Dual SIM Menu

The settings menu of the HTC One M8 is supplemented in the dual version of the item entitled "Dual Network Manager"

However, the M7 Dual differed visually some of its single-SIM brother - because of changing technology, it was minimal thicker. This fit certain accessories not optimal - this is, after all, resolved the M8 Dual by identical outer housing better.Phones with 2 T / R modules have also become increasingly rare, so the M8 technique over other top dual SIM models is not a disadvantage. To keep the two SIM cards apart, they can be the way either (preset) as "slot 1" or "2" with the phone numbers to display, or assign a name to them (see the screenshot of our test model above). In addition, you can adjust the ring tones for each SIM separately, so that is directly heard on which SIM you just called, etc.

One M8 Test results: top spots

With the HTC One M8 Dual manufacturers from Taiwan has brought the first true high-end dual SIM smartphone on the German market. The comparison with the flagship of Samsung (Galaxy S5), Apple (iPhone 5s), Sony (Xperia Z2) and Huawei (Ascend P7) it can take up to eye level. Already in some mobile testing has the One M8 as one of the best smartphones shown or even placed at the top of the Test rankings. A small selection (August 2014):
  • Place 1 in chip.de Cell Test - since April 2014
  • 3rd place in the computerbild.de smartphone Leaderboard
  • 8th place in connect.de smartphone Top 10
  • 9th place in focus.de phone comparison
The news that the M8 is also available in a version with 2 SIM cards, since July, is a real gain for the dual SIM Cell Phone Chooser. For other manufacturers offer dual-SIM versions of their top handsets not on the German market (eg Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos , Huawei Ascend P7 ).

1 SIM slot more, but otherwise give up anything?

In fact: except for the additional slot for the second SIM card, there are few changes from the "normal" M8, which is sold in Germany for several months. Therefore, you can place a special HTC One M8 Dual largely rely Test on the marks of the properties of the mono-SIM version - but not completely. Because there is then still a deviation between mono and dual SIM model: The M8 Dual does not cover all LTE frequencies from the German market. More details in the section "Finally dual SIM LTE".

Finally dual SIM with LTE - but somewhat limited

The One M8 Dual was (unlike its mono-SIM "sister model") for the German market, unfortunately, not completely adapted - and therefore does not control all German LTE frequencies. One can suspect that HTC probably just does not expect high sales figures in Germany, so that a technical adjustment of the transmitter / receiver unit may not seem worthwhile. Very aggressively marketed HTC's superphone in this country at least not (see also below). The lack of adjustment means a certain limitation: Although the usual in Germany LTE ( "4G") frequencies but not the 800 MHz band are supported by 1,800 and 2,600 MHz. In urban areas you hardly notice it, but in rural areas the coverage in the 4G network is done at a fairly large part of the 800 MHz frequency range. There, however, you can surf with 3G with the HTC One M8 Dual then after all. Another limitation: Unlike many other current dual-SIM phones, for example, the Wiko Highway, the M8 Dual can use only one of the two SIM slots for fast mobile Internet - on the second SIM is only GSM (2G) available. Across many dual models already available, cheaper which is a disadvantage if you want to surf the mobile with two SIM cards.
HTC One M8 Dual Packaging

On the detail is what counts: Quite small stands next to the product name nor the ultimate "dual sim". This is finally possible LTE in a 2-SIM Phone.Available currently only Saturn / Media Markt (see link to the offer).

Actually unnecessary and somewhat strange - - Looking at it positively, so the M8 Dual of these is restrictions apart after a long wait finally the first LTE dual SIM phone in the local market.

Flagships with 2 SIM slots - in Germany usually not available

Basically, it is not uncommon in the world's leading manufacturers that also a dual SIM version will appear. So something has to Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos, as already its predecessor. Even the top model Huawei Ascend P7 is available in a dual version. The big drawback: Both models and many other come in Germany and throughout Europe not only on the market. Without wanting to now speculate about the reasons that has: In South / East Asia high-end smartphones with 2 SIM cards very popular, but in this country you get it slightly with.

Where to the One M8 buy dual?

The HTC One M8 dual is officially sold in Germany, but currently only about Saturn / Media Markt. This limitation is probably due to the fact that HTC emanated from low sales figures. But the demand was much greater: The sale started on 07.07.2014 and was initially stopped again quickly. Because the amount of available cell phones was so low calculates that the available merchandise was sold out. Who wanted a One M8 buy dual, was at the very beginning only the local trade will find them, until even the online sale started (see link above). Depending on the market fluctuated availability first in autumn 2014 is directly available and 3-5 days waiting period. In network availability was almost always given 1-2 business days. Special feature of the two Elektronikketen: Goods can be there not only "normal" order online, but also provide in a branch as desired. In the past only came only the color variant "gunmetal gray", ie the classic, gray outer shell. Since January 2015, the model in Saturn and Media Markt is sold. Whether there will be supply or whether the chains on the already anticipated March 2015 dual HTC One M9 will speculate and the previous flagship no longer sell long? There are currently not have information.

One M8 accessories also fit the dual SIM version

HTC Dot View for One M8 Dual

The transparent HTC Dot View Cover works with the M8 dual SIM

Because of the identical external dimensions and connections can use the HTC One M8 accessories for the dual SIM version. In the test we currently have for example the HTC Dot View, a case with foraminous screen cover that lets in a retro pixel style. This fits perfectly on the smartphone, and the M8 also supplies meaningful for covering the display pixel graphics (eg weather icons etc.). Update : Unfortunately, the build quality has not held our various operations in the test - after about 50 times will clipping on and removing (not consecutively, but spread out over weeks) is one of the four clips canceled, with which the back cover is fixed to the mobile edge. Thus, the "View" cover may look nice, but should probably rather rarely taken. In our view: stylish, but recommended only limited. In this original accessories you can also see that HTC has always dedicated with great attention to detail of the extension of the M8 to a Dual-Cell. Because especially for the 2-SIM version, the dot software has been adapted: So you can see not only the recent calls by the closed cover. But before the phone number or contact name of the number of the SIM card which ran the call appears. With so much detail is possible to assume that HTC has otherwise ensured that you can possible use any accessories with the 2-SIM variant. However, we can not, of course, that this or that accessory is not yet compatible. Basically, you can access the accessories of single-SIM version our check According however.If in doubt you should expensive accessories prefer to order online and get the 14-day right of return in case of problems (which, depending on the sender but may apply Rücksendekosten).

software updates

Whether updates for the HTC One are also suitable for the mobile version with 2 SIM cards, is interesting for all who want to keep their new phone as long as possible up to date. To date, there have been changes only on a smaller scale, such as an update of the manufacturer's own app "HTC Dot View". This worked well in the M8 dual SIM problems. Announced for the next few weeks is still a little bigger update that the software should expand photo features the "Eye Experience", keeping the first time in November in the "selfie phone" HTC Desire Eye collection. Once the software is rolled out, we test to see if it is complete and in M8 Dual.

Conclusion: tip HTC One M8 dual

Sales in homeopathic dose of merely 2 dealer (Saturn or MediaMarkt) is not really understand. The first impression that the HTC One M8 dual finally one of the current dual SIM comes flagships of the major manufacturers in Germany, has in fact after extensive use in everyday life more than request confirm. A "normal" official marketing but are different. Because even if the HTC is significantly more expensive than most current dual SIM smartphones in the test : With its excellent facilities, it is in our view very clearly the current best model and a real highlight. Speaking of price: The first announced price was 679 euros. At market launch, he was then "only" 599 € andnow at € 559 € 539last 499 € without contract, about twice as much as the release date in the second best test Wiko Highway . In view of the excellent choice of materials and high-end services - can be a lack of LTE frequency aside - is the price without contract thus justified. By comparison, for the former HTC flagship HTC One (M7) Dual SIM require free Importers eg Amazon currently still over 700 €. Then songs directly on the new flagship resort.

Update: Sold - Successor One M9 / Hima comes

Since early January, the One M8 via our knowledge single distribution channel in Germany, the Saturn / Media Markt (online) shops, no longer available. "Currently unavailable" can be found on the product pages. Whether still comes replenishment? After now about a month quite unlikely. And it added: The successor is waiting in the wings. For the March 1, 2015 HTC has invited in a big way to an event, without giving details or contents - as you would for a long time knows from Apple and more recently by Samsung. What behind the "Utopia in Progress" puts that date, but should be clear: The Unboxing of the new flagship HTC One M9 - the name, however, could also HTC Hima loud. Originally, both models were well developed in parallel, but HTC is said to have ultimately decided according to several rumors on the production of the Hima. The event takes place in the way Barcelona - where immediately also the MWC 2015 starts.

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