BlackView Ultra: iPhone 6 dual SIM clone
  • Android 4.4 + iOS Simulation
  • 4.7 "display, 1280 × 720 pixels
  • 1.3GHz quad-core processor
  • The price comparison from € 125.84
The BlackView Ultra remembers not too close to the current Apple Phone and has much in common with him, not only in appearance but also in size. As a dual-SIM iPhone 6 is not available, the BlackView Ultra could so far be an interesting choice. Beyond the outer values, the differences are even greater, but that China Mobile is reflected really well: Android and iOS are available, one-handed control thanks gesture recognition on the back, a very low price - the BlackView Ultra is not only a bargain to do, but can also be good use in everyday life. [SSba]

4.7-inch display

BlackView Ultra Test Unboxing

The packaging mimics the design of BlackView Ultra "Vorbilde" after.

4.7 inches - hence, the screen size of BlackView dual SIM and iPhone 6 "coincidentally" identical. However, the clone is a slightly lower resolution than the retina display. Instead 1334 × 750 are 1280 × 720 pixels and thus normal HD available. The capacitive screen incidentally offers 5-point detection. The image quality (brightness, color intensity) is our first impression good, the viewing angles could be more stable in spite IPS display. Furthermore BlackView Ultra test we will clarify in more detail.

Gesture control on the back

The upper central portion of the back cover - the housing is actually available in gold / champagne, silver and black / anthracite - is berührungsemfindlich. Using simple gestures (strokes in the form of character widening) can wake up the China mobile phone from standby and call certain apps, also by wiping with the index finger (up / down and left / right) switch between content and hernavigieren. This works very intuitive, and above all without having to touch it with his thumb the display. Especially if you have free even one hand or if the display for the "thumb reach" something is too great, a nice relief.
Looks almost like a iPhone Dual-SIM from: The Ultra Black View

The BlackView Ultra can also gestures on the back of control (in lined here field). As a typical China Mobile 100- € -Phone is only available via import.

Android? iOS? Both.Virtually.

That runs on the iPhone Dual-SIM Android clone. is of course no surprise. BlackView relies on further sufficiently current Android 4.4. For this price range that's okay. But is really interesting the possibility to switch when the smartphone within half a minute in a way iOS. And on a iOS, which is not so easy to distinguish deep into menus inside of the on an iPhone. 6 are Sometime pushes this "iOS Android-based" true to its limits and links to Apple services like iTunes not possible. But in the normal everyday use, you can almost forget that you are holding here a clone of 100 Euro category and no original Apple phone in his hand. Who can look at the screen in iOS fashion friends, so, in view of housing, size and display contents quite time to give the impression of having a dual SIM iPhone. Since it is quickly becoming the topic of conversation.

Mobile Internet: Here the BlackView Ultra shows weaknesses

That such a low-priced model dual SIM LTE would offer, certainly none expected. But at least a complete UMTS use of all four German mobile networks would be quite nice. Because the networks of O2, Vodafone, Telecom and E-Plus spark four UMTS frequencies (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz). The Ultra but supports only two of 850 and 2,100 MHz. Who in Germany wants coverage with 3G or lives in an area where the 900 and 1900 MHz are available, so it can go mobile Internet only via 2G into (slow then). On WLAN (802.11 b / g / n) to fall back but also the fast new ac standard is like most non-high end phones will also be unavailable at Ultra.

Insert SIM card

As SIM cards can insert 1x Micro SIM and 1x standard SIM. Unlike the "original" no SIM tray is necessary for it. Rather, the back cover as other Android phones can accustomed abklipsen.Vorteil way: The battery is characterized also available and can be change. SIM1 and SIM2 have their slots side by side and are characterized by stamped-font. SIM1 is the large-format standard, SIM2, the smaller micro-SIM. Something beside the slot for micro-SD card. Parallel to calls on both SIM cards (as with all current models in the mobile test ) is not possible, dual mobile Internet as far we could see, however, already.

Dimensions: fits the iPhone accessories?

OK, if you already use an iPhone-inspired dual SIM phone, it would be particularly useful to use the iPhone accessories like covers and hand cases. So what about from having the dimensions? The BlackView Ultra comes here at 140 x 67.8 x 8.2 mm. The iPhone 6 has 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm. The width is thus almost identical, but the clone is 2 millimeters longer and thicker. So best try briefly commercially if the desired phone cover the slight deviation still participates or it does not fit before you should buy it.

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