• Android 2.3
  • 4.0 "(11.4 cm) touchscreen, 320 x 480 pixels
  • 0.8 GHz single-core processor
  The dual-SIM smartphone Alcatel One Touch 991d with Android 2.3 makes it very easy to use two SIM cards in parallel - because you are the same on both SIM cards reachable. If you want to use self functions such as phone calls, SMS, mobile Internet, contacts or data roaming, you can switch back and forth, because both are booked in parallel in their respective network directly via tip between the two SIM card.

Dual SIM card management

Thus you can easily keep track of which of the 2 SIM cards one uses just makes the Alcatel 991d various settings available to distinguish between the two SIM cards. So you can select a specific background color for SIM1 and SIM2 example respectively. In the corresponding color will appear in the status bar, the one at the top of the screen provides at Android, the symbols of the respective SIM card.

Calling and texting: quick selection of the desired SIM card

If you want to call yourself, or send messages, you can simply select that right SIM card that you want to use for each call or SMS / MMS. In addition to the keypad to dial the phone number is for an extra button available that lets you quickly find the SIM card, tap to call or to send the short message. Of course, but you do not need before each call etc. First select the SIM card , In the "Settings" Android menu and you can set "SIM Management" and then "standard SIM" simply that SIM card with which you want to send SMS phone or preferred. This SIM will default as soon as you want then call or texting. One practical feature: you can specify each of the phone calls, video calls and SMS different standard cards, including SIM1 for phone calls and SMS for SIM2. The example then makes sense if an SMS Flat is posted to SIM1 a telephone Flat and SIM2.

distinguish calls, contacts and messages SIM1 and SIM2

Dual SIM mobile alcatel-one touch 991d-whiteWhen a call comes in, the SIM card on which you are just called, above the number of the caller is displayed. If you have the number already stored as a contact, the respective SIM card is of course displayed on the associated image or name of the caller. This similarly applies when you receive an SMS or otherwise any status message appears: The color of the displayed Symbols we could in the dual SIM detect mobile test well for which the 2 SIM cards which jweilige info just arrives. Even otherwise, the administration of SIM1 and SIM2 quite clever: already made calls, SMS and existing contacts, you can for example by SIM1 sort and SIM2. And if you create a new contact, you can directly select whether you want to save it in the phone, to SIM1 or SIM2.

Surfing & Co.

For mobile Internet, the dual SIM mobile phone 991d offers fast connections via UMTS and HSPA. Both are, however, solely for SIM1 available, so you should insert it into the SIM1 slot that card that you want to surf more often. The second SIM slot also allows mobile Internet, but only with the slower standard GPRS - and this difference is not only in the targeted dual-SIM to Handset Test. For each SIM card separately or for both together, you can also enable data connections or disable. So if you can surf as low only SIM1, to SIM2 but not, you can simply lock SIM2 thus for data connections. In addition, each SIM card can also individually enable or disable data roaming. Dual-SIM smartphone, when the suffix "D" is only available Important for all who wish to obtain this dual SIM smartphone: The name is Alcatel One Touch 991d. The "D" (as " D ual-SIM") at the end of the name of his sister model Alcatel One Touch it distinguishes 991 (without "D"), which has only a single SIM slot. Our link leads naturally to the dual-SIM model.

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