• Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • 5.0 "touch screen, 480 x 854 pixels
  • 1.3GHz dual-core processor
  • Buy online from € 125.00
The Acer Liquid Z5 has introduced high-tech Taiwanese brand püntktlich to CES, 2014. With a 5-inch display and a fairly reasonable price (MSRP 169 €, which is also the current price at amazon.de) it will attract users from 2 SIM cards who want a great smartphone. The first models of the new model are the manufacturer Acer been delivered in January, 2014. The mobile phone is available in silver and white, the color is based only on the spinal cover and the outer frame, the front display is always surrounded by a black frame.

Sound top ...

The defining characteristic over similar mobile phone deals: Two speakers on the front should be primarily for sound fans an argument per Acer Liquid Z5. Both speakers are flat and very wide, thereby optically cleverly integrated into the Gehäusoberfläche. The in this respect also interesting Acer Liquid E2 (testing) has a 0.5 "smaller screen and the speaker on the back.When Z5 DTS sound is the way to support the sound. Both Speaker pick from the smartphone out a very rich sound, compared with normal middle class phones. Reason should be slightly apart angled speakers that a little bit better distribute the sound in the room as a normal mono speaker. Important for Cell Test is naturally less the technical reason, but rather the result for the user.

... Display flop?

Acer Liquid Z5Disappointment hand in the matter of screen: to put When but large 5.0 "category only 854 × 480 pixels, is already weak. By comparison, the 0.7 "larger display in dual-SIM phabletAcer Liquid S1 (test) provides 1280 x 720 pixels. After all, the display is nice and bright and has good contrast. A certain advantage of the low resolution, however, is that for so few pixels less pixels must be calculated accordingly. This relieves the processor principle.Nevertheless, it should not create ultra high demands on app and game-speed one. While everyday apps run smoothly, everything is rather sluggish towards 3D, the racing game on Ego Adventures & Co. This is hardly surprising, because of his readings ago is not the processor on the amount of time: A dual-core chip 1.3 GHz with 0.5 MB of memory would have been okay a year ago, but now offer many dual SIM models significantly better values: a quad core at the same frequency would have allowed to be already in our opinion. In this respect, the relatively cheap price into perspective again.

Android operating system

Far ahead - at least under the dual SIM smartphones - is the Acer Liquid Z5, however in terms of OS: While Sony and Yezz have the first 2-SIM models announced with Android version 4.3 for March 2014 but has with Android 4.2.2 the Z5 the latest officially available on the German market version of a dual-SIM phones. In addition to pure OS Acer has like other smartphones its brand partly filled with its own user interface with moderate changes here, which brings some useful functions with it, especially when it comes to multitasking and accept a call.

Mobile Internet: fast, but still without LTE

For mobile Internet is fortunately HSPA + available, LTE is in the field of dual-SIM phones not yet arrived in general. First  LTE dual SIM  mobile Although it was for March 2014 Yezz Andy A5VP announced, but after that it was quiet around the model. For home and at hotspots when Acer headunit is also Wi-Fi on board. Bluetooth and Micro USB as a classic for data exchange are also available.

The camera: OK, no more, no less

Acer Liquid Z5 colors

The back of the main camera is available from the Acer Liquid Z5 in different colors.

Even the technical values can lop: 5 megapixels are now beyond the lower end of what is currently offered to new smartphone models as camera resolution. Selbstvertändlich there are still some older devices that are still on the market, which offer even lower resolution.Nevertheless, one would have been here more 8 or more megapixel expected. But one thing is clear: Abstract numbers say nothing about the image quality, because the size of the chip and the individual pixels ultimately decide just like the lens on the actual image results. But these are the Z5 not surprisingly ingenious but ultimately middle class. in between but all suitable for photo fans not buying argument for snapshots, especially when you want to post socially compressed anyway.

On the fly: The Extra-button in the back cover

A highlight in the practical test: The Acer has on the back a so-called "Rapid" button, so a quick operation for individual functions. By pressing, it will assume for example that answers the phone. The button, however, is multi-functional: you can choose from a variety of apps and specify that a button-press accesses these apps. Advantage over the usual touch-sensitive Android buttons on the front side is that the Rapid button be felt and thus can also be operated blind. In one test, you have to get used to it, but in everyday life one uses his cell phone finally over several months, so that you get used to it quickly after a short transition. This is Acer a different path from LG, who even introduced an additional button, but only and specifically responsible for the change between SIM1 and SIM2. Read more in our LG G Pro Lite Test .

Dual SIM handling

Acer Liquid Z5 Dual SIM flapBoth SIM cards are integrated in the usual way into the Android operating system. That is, its own menu item "Settings" can be SIM1 and SIM2 selectively for specific functions (call, mobile Internet) as the default preset, except you can access via status bar directly to the desired SIM. An extra button for switching maps like the LG dual SIM smartphone is not incorporated here. For this is the physical handling of the two SIMs is very well solved: Both cards can namely be inserted or removed directly via a flap attached to the framework. Neither the battery So you have or anything else remove (which in this case but also with the fact that the battery is permanently installed). Nevertheless, exemplary, do so easily accessible to the SIM card. The labeling of the two slots is pleasant because it is already read on the cover and not only tone-on-tone is stamped into the plastic under the cover - in this rather enigmatic method solve the unfortunately still many other models.

Different SIM card formats

Important: The Acer Liquid Z5 takes a micro SIM and a mini-SIM on (mini-SIM is another word for the standard SIM card, dhdie classic card that is larger than the Micro-SIM). This mixture is in the dual SIM smartphone manufacturers become quite popular, apparently, it covers the general distribution of SIM cards sizes.

Acer Liquid Z5: More properties in detail

  • Cameras: 5 megapixels rear with LED flash, VGA front
  • For a 5-inch display, the device thickness falls with 8.8 mm good
  • Display: 5 inch (854 × 480 pixels)
  • Processor: 1.3 GHz dual-core processor
  • RAM / ROM: 512MB / 4GB + microSD Slot
  • Operating System: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • Battery: 2,000 mAh (not replaceable)
  • Connectivity: HSPA +, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Connectors: Micro USB 2.0

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