• Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • 4.7 "(11.9 cm) HD display
  • Image resolution 1280 x 720 px
  • WLAN, UMTS, HSDPA (up to 42 Mbit / s)
  • 1.2 GHz quad-core processor
  • Buy online from

4.7 "HD display

The most striking feature to its predecessor Acer Liquid E2 (test) is the E3 Plus now significantly more angular instead of the previously yet very rounded look. The screen size increase, however, is spectacular, which is more compact smartphones friends like certain: just 0.2 "more screen size, the new model. And that's not even wrong, because then the model is pleasantly handy. Not measurable, but often important to the purchase decision: The choice of material and the surface feel are very good. The E3 Plus can also be quite convenient to hold in hand. Outwardly, it clearly belongs to the upper middle class.
Acer Liquid E3 Plus from the side

Acer Liquid E3 Plus from the side: the camera pops out, which is a matter of taste. directly accessible on the side: The two SIM card slots.

While first dual SIM top models like the Wiko Highway (test) however on its 5 "accommodate displays Full HD, sets the E3 Plus on" normal "HD.That is also fair for this price. Moreover, these are computational differences that can not really be held apart with the naked eye. The E3 predecessor had incidentally only qHD. a total of one in terms of resolution, a slight improvement. The image quality of the IPS displays also scores in luminance, color rendering, visibility in sunlight and wide viewing angle.

Android 4.2.2 OS

Slightly disappointing that Acer has not been filled with the version 4.4 here. Because even the precursor had the Jelly Bean version of Android 4.2 on board. Since the development is unfortunately almost stopped. However, it means in daily life actually no relevant difference, whether 4.2 or 4.4 installed - all important apps and especially the Google Play Store without problems. In addition, Acer has announced an update to 4.4, but no specified date.
Liquid E3 Float

About the normal Android Acer puts the "Float UI". This allows individual programs - here the dialogue on incoming call - "float" on the screen. (Source: Acer)

Like all major manufacturers, there are also the Acer Liquid E3 Plus no pure Android - instead makes Acer's own user interface (using the user interface, abbreviated UI) even higher. Sure, on the one hand arty generic graphical modifications, but with every E3 Plus Test fall natürtlich quickly the two special features: The so-called "float Apps" and "Rapid" special button at the back.

Acer Float UI

Meanwhile, even in the one or other dual SIM phone available and Acer almost old hat: Several apps can not run windows as parallel and you can quickly jump back and forth between them. This is sometimes very useful. So opens during use an app in full-screen mode only a semi-transparent dialog box, if just then a call comes in. So the app remains on the screen and you can decide whether you want to take the call. If not, you need not to leave until the app. Overall, the system works much like some Android models the button "All running apps Show" - only that this happened just directly above the actually running application. For this "float" function apps like Camera, card, computer or browser available.

Dual-SIM functionality

Acer Liquid E3 insert plus SIM cards

The 2 SIM cards (both in format micro-SIM), you can easily insert directly on the housing side.SIM2 is optional as with all dual SIM phones. (Source: Acer)

The integration of the two SIM cards in Android 4.2 is similar in almost every provider and does not differ fundamentally. So you can assign phone numbers of contacts individual SIM cards and default or optionally each ad hoc decide which SIM card calling you, send SMS or want to use mobile Internet. Simultaneously accessing both cards for incoming calls and SMS, parallel can call on both phones is not - these are standards that the E3 Plus as I said with most models has largely together.
Liquid E3 plus dual SIM management

The preferred SIM for example, calls or SMS can be adjusted easily via the Android dual SIM menu. (Source: Acer)

However, distinguishing feature is the accessibility and format of SIM cards. Here Acer offers a similar solution, such as the Alcatel One Touch Idol X (test).Both SIM card slots are namely placed directly in the side frames, but in this case (unlike the Alcatel model) on the same side. It requires a micro SIM card. If one uses a different format, you need either a entsrpechenden adapter or a SIM change the mobile network operator.

Mobile Internet

The E3 Plus makes fast browsing with up to 42.2 Mbit / s, only the LTE standard is not supported - the time of testing offered not a single dual SIM model in the German market this high-speed data transmission, now this has changed: with the Wiko Wax (test) . Still no real drawback, because with UMTS and HSDPA are very well equipped in everyday life, and if the network allows the corresponding surfing speed.

2 cameras, 2 flashlights

Selfies have become so popular that now the original really only for video calling envisaged and therefore lean resolution front camera now is at a premium. According to Acer has decided to spendieren both the main camera on the back and the chat camera above the display a flashing light. The course has enormous benefits appropriate - because if one wants to use in accordance with the front camera. The resolution of this second camera is however still small 2 megapixel what the advantages of the flash thwarted something. The main lens on the phone back on the other hand with 13 megapixels at the start and convinces with good colors and precise contours. The promised "great photos" in the dark are sure to interpretation, the quality of a right Digikamera is already even higher for difficult shots.


Even more double: The sound output is equal to twice donated Acer. The Speaker even offer DTS sound. The sound quality and the maximum volume was very convincing, but a true stereo experience one should not expect more. But the speakers are then probably too close to each other.

Power: computing power and battery

Speed, the Acer Liquid E3 Plus without difficulty: they are not noticed any lag or the change between gängiben Apps or the float overlay have worked quickly. With its quad-core processor and 1.2 GHz that's no surprise. but is not enough power available for high-end values. Overall, Geschindigkeit is good middle class. Important is the possible purchase, especially that one pays attention to the exact model: The Acer Liquid E3 Plus is namely equipped specifically for the German market with 2 GB instead of 1 GB of memory, correspondingly slower likely an import model Acer Liquid E3 without the "Plus be "that we have not tested. To store photos, apps and other data by the way are very good 16 GB of internal memory and a microSD slot available. As for the battery life, we have so far on every model in dual SIM mobile test with intensive use even visit the outlet on the day, who can consciously sparingly on his smartphone accesses the Acer but sometimes survive a few days without charging. It will be interesting how the update to Android 4.4 (KitKat) will affect that has a reputation as a "to conserve battery charge."


The new dual SIM flagship of Acer surpasses the previous top model for 2 SIM cards from the same manufacturer in all major points, without advance into "new dimensions". For the price you get a solid mid-range phone that can score thanks to transparent Apps especially with its float-UI and easy multitasking. Not rated, the elegant appearance, which in our view significantly affects quality than the previous model.Overall, it creates the Acer Liquid E3 Plus with his performance in the midst of our current Top 10th

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