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Review: Severin SM 9688 milk frother


General Product Information

- Power: 500 W - Color: black - stainless steel - Capacity: 700 ml - available in four temperature stages heating the milk - removable stainless steel milk container is dishwasher safe - induction method - two scrambled sentences with appropriate bracket on the household appliance - Hot and cold foaming possible - overheating protection - automatic shutdown  

Appearance and processing

The Induktionsaufschäumer is particularly robust and high quality finish. He has a slight retro design. This device looks kind of like a mix of stand mixer from the 50s and camping stoves. The stainless steel milk jug can be completely removed from the device and be placed again from all directions after the 360-degree system. The milk container lid is transparent and made of plastic. It is very convenient that you can keep the two scrambled sentences using a magnet on the back of Induktionsaufschäumers. So none of these small stirring applications is lost. The smooth stirring rate is used when only milk should be warmed. The corrugated insert is used when frothing milk. Even if he looks a bit retro, this milk frother is but because of its high-class processing very classy.  


Before using the scrambled sentences, the lid and the milk container should be short purified heated water.Thereafter, for example, the fluted scrambled sentence can be placed on a mandrel, so that you can then fill in the corresponding dairy milk container. This has three marks: a mark for minimal filling, one for maximum filling during Milchaufschäumens that is thanks to the checkered circle recognizable and for the highest possible filling the milk warm, which can be seen because of the simple circle. After filling, the milk, the milk container lid can be opened and placed on the motor base. Here it does not matter from which direction it is placed. Then you put the plug into the appropriate socket and presses once on the corresponding knob located on the front of this motor base. The dial is surrounded by blue LED that flashes after turning the unit on. On knob, it is only possible to set the desired temperature. This can be selected in four levels, either at 45, 55, 60 or 65 degrees Celcius. Thereafter, the knob is still pressed to the milk frother can start to heat the milk and froth.Meanwhile, the blue LED ring lights up continuously. If the milk foam to about 120 to 150 seconds is finished, a loud signal. Then the lid is removed, lifted the jug from the motor base and poured the milk froth into a cup orglass. It is here possible to heat more than 350 milliliters of milk and froth at the same time, so you can fill two glasses with no problems. Will you only warm milk to enjoy, for example, a heated milk with honey, then you use the smooth scrambled sentence. With the you can even heat up a maximum of 700 milliliters. Due to the induction technique, it is not possible for the milk from burning or over cooking. Here the milk is much faster warm in comparison to the pot, and it also will not cost skin. It is also possible to foam cold milk in this device. For this purpose, the knob includes an extra step Cold. Make up a milk, sets the stage Cold and starts. After the alarm sounds, and the removal of the milk container, the fan, which is located at the base engine running after a little. The milk frother turns off after a short timeautomatically.  


The cleaning of the cappuccino maker is very easy, because all the removable parts are dishwasher safe. After use, it is possible that you put the scrambled sentence, the stainless steel milk container and the lid according to the dishwasher and mitspült with the subsequent wash and the usual wash program. This is not only easy but also very hygienic. Thus, the device is completely clean before each use.


conclusion guyEven if the design is a matter of taste, thrilled the SEVERIN SM 9688 Induktionsmilchaufschäumer definitely. For the performance of this product is exemplary. When milk foam you get exactly the right consistency and strength of these reserves as particularly long. Even hot milk obtained here quickly, without scorching or boiling over done. Due to the different temperature levels, it is possible that the milk is heated, as they like to like. Is also very convenient that all removable parts of the cappuccino maker can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Due to the setting of different temperature levels, cleaning and volume capacity of this device is superior to its competitor in several respects. This milk frother can be highly recommended to anyone who likescoffee specialty or milk.

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