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Review: Ozeri Deluxe frother

General Information

The Ozeri Deluxe frother is a device whose milk foam can be produced with the aid. The Ozeri Deluxe frother can be used for different beverages to froth milk. These include hot and cold drinks, such as, inter alia: - Cappuccino - Latte Macchiato - Shake - Frappe - Hot Chocolate In addition, all types of milk, such as soy milk, almond milk, whole milk, coconut milk, etc., which can be processed.The Ozeri Deluxe frother is therefore very versatile. It is equipped Ozeri Deluxe frother with a small but powerful motor which is powered by two AA batteries. The Ozeri Deluxe frother has a corresponding attachment to optimally and easily froth milk. Supplemented he can with two attachements. One essay is a whisk, which is highly suitable for food with liquid consistency, such as soups, eggs, sauces or dressings. The other tower is reminiscent of a propeller of a ship. This thick liquid food can be processed, such as cocktails.  


The engine of the Ozeri Deluxe frother has high quality and creates per minute so over 15,000 revolutions. Due to the high drive the milk is foamed within 10 seconds (maximum 20 seconds) when the engine is active and is used.Due to the performance and various essays drinks, drinks and other foods of different thickness of the liquid are quick and easy to edit. On top of that is claimed by the performance only a little time and therefore it can not lead to overheating of the device. At the same time the Ozeri Deluxe frother is easy to use.  


The design of the Ozeri Deluxe frother is held predominantly plain. It has a metal façade that has an ergonomic handle. This ensures a calm and relaxed grip, while the operation and cramps and pain being prevented in several preparations. A reasonable length have the papers, which are all kept equal. The whisk is built very narrow. Despite the simple and somewhat cold appearance by the metal, the Ozeri Deluxe frother still looks elegant and modern. considered Visually, the Ozeri Deluxe frother adapts to any kitchen.  

Technical specifications

The Ozeri Deluxe frother has the dimensions of 21 cm x 3.1 cm x 4.4 cm. Its weight is 222 grams. The revolutions reach a maximum number of 15,000.  

Quality / processing

At first glance, the processing by Ozeri Deluxe frother works quite well. As well as the quality. The use affects the performance and quality is not, unless the care is inferior as well as the exchange of articles, which can lead to a shaky inside. The batteries should last, depending on the duration of the operation and inserts. So may be from one week to three months the time. The speeds of the Ozeri Deluxe frother are adjustable, which are changed by a mounted pushbutton. The same button activates the motor and stops it again, the button does not have to be forcibly held in the processing of foods. This may be to feel for many a convenient or inconvenient, but this is a personal gripe. With a push of a button, the engine is the Ozeri Deluxe frother activated (Fastest level), a second slows down the speed and the third motor is switched off again. The compartment for the batteries located in the immediate vicinity of the push button.


conclusion guy Those who want to invest a little time to conjure or process cocktails and sauces a perfect milk foam, should set the Ozeri Deluxe frother. Versatile and experience in just seconds perfect results - makes the Ozeri Deluxe from milk frother.

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