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Review: Gastroback 42360 milk frother

For our coffee we were looking for a good and powerful milk frother. Our choice has fallen on the basis of a comparison, on the Gastroback 42360 milk frother. Subsequently to a review.  

Reasons for buying the Gastroback 42360 milk frother

Looking for a good cappuccino maker we have resorted to a comparison from the Internet. Relatively quickly, our choice here fell on the Gastroback 42360 milk frother. In this model, we have several points like, such as the processing. We also saw an advantage to large tank with one liter, the measurement scale, and the setting. Another point in which the milk frother convinced, was at its height. He has very compact dimensions and thus does not take up much space.  

Specifications for Gastroback 42360 milk frother

Made of stainless steel and held in a stainless steel finish of Gastroback 42360 milk frother is. The milk frother is operated at 230 volts and can be adjusted in several steps. The highest level is in this case the milk frother at 75 degrees. Although one can also produce cold milk froth with the cappuccino maker. Because of its interior and the processing, you can use the milk frother for all types of milk. Whether long-life milk, soy milk or goat and sheep milk, ask for the milk foamer is not a problem. The Gastroback 42360 milk frother can this record with its capacity container around a quart of milk, a measurement scale is integrated. The container can also be found in this and is also dishwasher safe. He comes to a capacity of up to 500 watts. The voltage from Gastroback 42360 milk frother is 230 volts. At the bottom of the cappuccino maker still has a Integrated accessory tray and a cable winder. The dimensions from the milk foamer are 15.4 x 14 x 26.5 cm, with a weight of 1.6 kg.  

Operation from the milk foamer

The operation of Gastroback 42360 milk frother falls very easily. The large and clear dial, you can perform all the settings without effort. The result, of Gastroback is achieved 42360 milk frother very good. So the milk is after using the milk frother nice and creamy, but also fine-pored and has a good taste. Where there is also in this context, a drawback to that later. Through the processing of stainless steel tank, the milk can not easily burn and what is advantageous. In addition, the milk frother is the good possibility withdrawal from container beneficial. Just by equipping with a handle. Be emphasized in conclusion nor the cleaning, which is veryimportant, especially after use. Here makes the milk frother processing stainless paid. Thus the containers for milk, for example, is dishwasher safe. Moreover, you can get very good by the removal from the container to the device.  

Small lack the milk frother by Gastroback

When using the Gastroback 42360 milk frother, we can make a defect, in the preparation too much residual milk left. This is a shame, because it lets an excessive consumption of milk has, especially when you do not need a lot of milk foam.


conclusion guyMade of stainless steel of Gastroback 42360 milk frother is made. It is powered by 230 volts and comes to a power of 500 watts and a voltage of 230 volts. Where a cable winder is for the connecting cable. It is equipped with a removable container which comes on a capacity of approximately one liter. The container is in this case also equipped with a measurement scale. With the milk frother can use all common types of milk. When milk frother, you can set different power levels ranging up to 75 degrees. Although one can also produce cold milk froth with the cappuccino maker. By processing can clean the milk frother very good. The result at the milk foam is very good, although there is also a small disadvantage here. So too much milk remains in the preparation of milk froth, left. With its dimensions of 15.4 x 14 x 26.5 cm frother is very compact. He does not take away so much space on the kitchenette. He is with his weight of only 1.6 kg quite easily. The cappuccino maker is kept in a stainless steel finish. Our personal conclusion for Gastroback 42360 milk frother is very positive.

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