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Review: Bodum 1446-01 frother

In a good latte macchiato includes a homemade milk foam. But this can only be prepared with a perfect cappuccino maker. But it is not so easy to get that milk froth. Because most devices are powered by batteries that conk out just in theimportant moment. Now there is the cappuccino maker by Bodum. Thus, a milk froth is generated which is perfect. Just so anybody can do also a great favor and will have much pleasure in the preparation. The milk foam can then be given to the cappuccino and then taste this drink of course much better.  


Those who opt for the cappuccino maker, should comply with the execution instructions of the manufacturer is always accurate. Only in this way can also be gone sure the milk foam is not only good, but perfect. The milk foam can always be perfect in this way and will be better for human consumption. Below can be found as the proper preparation should look like so that the drink also tastes really.  

The things that speak for the device

In a very short time it is possible to get a delicious and very fine froth. The user can look forward to a very good and long-lasting milk foam consistency here, too. The milk frother must be pumped and if you now fills the milk foamer, then you need to pump just a minute, until the perfect milk froth is created. This is precisely the reason why many buyers opt for the cappuccino maker. Another choice is in the heat of the milk that can happen directly in the vessel. The glass is absolutely heat resistant. Either the milk foam on the stove or in the microwave is now generated. A fitting cork coasters included.As a result, neither the worktop still a table happen. In addition, the coaster is perfect in its function of pumping.Simply including questions and off you go.  

What speaks against the cappuccino maker

When milk is foamed, then she squirts usually repeatedly. This is also the case here, and particularly when the lid is opened or closed. Furthermore, it is so that the pot has to be constantly flushed when it is in use. But this is also the case with most other household helpers.  

The preparation

In the apparatus there is a fairly simple preparation. This lies in the fact that the milk is filled exactly to the mark.Whereas it is necessary to put the milk in the jug on the hotplate or heat in a microwave for you. It is important that the milk does not boil. Then, the lid has to be put on the pot so that it can go wrong with the pump. The pouring hole has to be closed. If now is pumped, it is necessary to do the one minute. Now, the milk foam is perfect. It can now be added to any destination. The cappuccino or the latte macchiato taste to the milk foam much better than ever. Therefore, it is also recommended to pull the cappuccino maker into consideration.  

The delivery

Very quickly afterordering the cappuccino maker by Bodum is also supplied. The buyer can thus go always make sure he gets a perfect milk froth, he can enjoy to the fullest. The milk foam itself also still tastes really good. The container consists of Borosolilikatglas. Although this no fracture-resistant, but the container can even be placed on the hotplate and is heat resistant. In addition, the plastic lid and the plastic button is black. The deep edge which is located on the cover is also perfect and should not be despised. All in all this is a pot of genuine Made in Germany and that alone is a sign of quality.


conclusion guyA delicious milk foam is now possible and without batteries or electricity.Any buyer can now check to get a good and delicious milk foam, will hold all of its promises. It should just not be too much milk foam, otherwise it is also disadvantageous. Because if not everything is consumed, the user may have to start again from scratch and heat again milk. This, however, is a lot better and more delicious.  

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