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Review: XpanD X103 3D glasses

What you should know about the XpanD X103 3D glasses

Shutter glasses as the XpanD X103 are all the rage. The improved feel even better to see the images on television in 3D and Full HD and to feel more brilliant colors and also real exercise are no longer just a wish. These shutter glasses also meets the requirements for successful design. The question is only how disturbing side lighting is emerging on the effect of these glasses and in some cases unfavorable angle this intensity light can impair the function. The XpanD X103 is not safe against this effect and creates no glasses this segment that showed the test.

The 3D Evening with better entertainment

The XpanD X 103 Shutter glasses are lightweight and impresses with its classic form. So who should invite friends to enough of these spectacles down when all sitting Television before expensive LED or Plasma want to see the same. How now reacts such a spectacle? Here the already strong effects of the brilliant image of the TV of the latest generation are simply strengthened and improved. A cozy and very pleasant experience before the own television, nothing stands in the way, when one has gained this spectacle. Some vendors even provide affordable bundle that is, there are several of these fascinating spectacles for a good bargain price.

How compatible is this spectacle of XpanD

This shutter glasses is suitable for very high performance and very high grade televisions and accordingly compatible. It is an accessory that fits many brands and in this particular case, the product could convince especially with the good OLED devices a Korean producer. Many other brand devices transmit accurately the signals that control these glasses. So it is not an issue, it is common in almost all devices, mitliefern 3D and Full HD and shows no weaknesses in the transmission of the signal via Bluetooth. This transmission technique is secure anyway as the also offered option of infrared transmission and it is reliable rather just to choose Bluetooth.

The synchronizing signals are important

This XpanD glasses reacts very quickly to the offered synchronizing signals of the major brands TV with 3D and Full HD. Here has been tested by the manufacturer and designed so that all common signals and pulses are snugly together on this spectacle. So you can certainly always reliable to receive his his good image on the 3D glasses.One was found in this case if all the people in the room want to enjoy the same quality of the image, then all should wear the same glasses of the same brand. Only this ensures that all feel these glasses as well and also see the image as well. This XpanD shutter glasses deliver bright, high contrast easy powerful images, everything is really sharp and defined here the image becomes an experience of reality.

Convincing arguments product these glasses apart:

  • it fits perfectly on the nose and has rubber strap
  • it is very light and makes it comfortable
  • disturbing reflections disappear almost entirely
  • it has a very attractive design
  • they can be tuned to the TV brand
  • they shut tert pictures perfect
  • she has a spare pack of batteries

Universal Glasses that convincing the XpanD is one of them

This shutter glasses has been touted as the world's first Universal Shutter 3D glasses and it was really. These services do not show many spectacles this category of accessories and in an absolutely advantageous price. The images generated by this spectacle same modeled on the screen in the cinema and so one can assume that every cent is well spent. Of course, you also need the right good TV to these advantages really exploit and capture the whole impression of the performance. It is very easy to use these glasses, setting them on the nose and turn them on. After the vote takes place on the device and the image is geshuttert.

Einleichter framework, provide an elegant way to see new pictures

The Active Shutter 3D technology from XpanD is groundbreaking and these universal glasses the maximum quality.It is the optimal tuning the performance of the technology, which produces these effects and expanded a new perspective of already have good images on an LCD TV. Movies, series, pictures or presentation to be with these glasses into a new experience. By almost perfectly matching values of circuits no headaches can occur and these glasses is a balanced product. It is the accessory with which you can improve 3D and Full HD easy and secure, you just think of the time the simple Glasses and their bad effect. This Universal glasses lobs easily disable these uncertainties and the developers have also made it possible that eyeglass wearers can wear these glasses also.

XpanD is characterized by the widest compatibility

In an XpanD shutter glasses like this Universal glasses have been specially developed 3D so that full compatibility is obtained. In anticipation of new generations of screens and their new technology, these glasses can also be used to then be used in the next generation of devices.

Plug & Play and the glasses can be used by XpanD

The customer does not need any additional equipment, no cables, no additional box or similar things, because these glasses just rely on and plug and play is one case. The better and more intensive view of things can begin on the TV and nothing more is required. The supplied batteries allow up to approximately 140 hours to watch the television and to experience this brilliant images.


conclusion guyThe bottom line for this universal glasses by the manufacturer XpanD precipitates well. Starting with the price of this well-functioning shutter glasses, then you already have to buy a compelling argument to this product. Aside from the good price but there are plenty of other arguments that characterize this Shutter glasses. The design is very well designed and neutral, these glasses fit each and also fulfilled their services reliably that the test showed. Important is the general form of the brackets, because here reflections already be darkened from the sides and mitigated. These reflections can interfere with the quality function of shutter glasses and the designers have turned already here.Whether one sees films or want to play games in 3D, this spectacle is universal and fits well with many renowned brands of televisions.

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