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What you should know about the 3D glasses BLUE HEAVEN

For a unique experience The 3D glasses BLUE HEAVEN made by VIDIMENSIO convinced the 6th generation by a first-class processing of patented designs and a host of facilities. For those who own a 3D projector, these glasses are an affordable alternative to expensive designer glasses. It is compatible with all standard 3 DLP projectors, supports all types of flash and the advanced LCD shutter technology provides the brightest resolution on the market. The implemented anti-rainbow effect, in combination with the synchronization cover for clear undistorted images and carefree viewing pleasure. This outstanding high-tech product comes directly from the developer, so that the best possible production can be ensured. the glasses are suitable among others for the following projector:
  • Optoma HD131x
  • HD25
  • BENQ w1070
  • W 1080ST
  • W750
  • mw519
  • Acer H7532BD
  • H6510BD
  • H7531D
  • but also all HD Ready and Full HD projector

The functionality makes perfectly happy

Large LCD lenses providing a private peripheral vision - even when wearing glasses. The 178 degree signal receiver also allows ghostingfreies seeing from virtually any angle and represents a real plus. The connection between glasses and receiver is very fast and takes less than a second. Auto R / L adjustment in combination with the zero flicker technology allowing a great visual experience, which works without any synchronization losses or artifacts. High usability is ensured by automatic functions. With the Auto Standby, Auto Run and Auto Off functions, this ease of use is connected, remain so the user saves annoying initialization or off operations. The 3D glasses runs absolutely silent and therefore interfere in any way the audiovisual cinema experience at home. Inside the glasses a rechargeable high capacity battery ensures the power supply. This is to be charged via a USB port and has a quick charge function. So a possible battery change unnecessary.

Excellent workmanship for long durability

The 3D glasses BLUE HEAVEN by VIDIMENSIO offers a scratch-resistant coating, thus ensuring the longevity of the high-tech product. The straps are soft and flexible, the glasses have a sufficient size, which is why it is also ideally suited for eyeglass wearers. The glasses are extremely light, is comfortable to wear, allowing a carefree cinematic experience for young and old. However, it is strongly recommended that children used the progressive spectacle under supervision. Under 6 years it is generally not suitable. The light weight also prevents rapid eye fatigue. Its rubberized and detachable nose piece a pleasant seat is ensured on the nose. The nose piece can also be removed and cleaned. Not only in darkened rooms impressed the performance of the glasses with a good resolution and superb contrast. Through an insertable as needed UV filter an optimum viewing pleasure can be ensured even in daylight.

Technical specifications

Weighing only 32 grams compressed exclusive eyewear manufacturer VIDIMENSIO technical know-how in a confined space and thus makes for an excellent comfort for hours. The high-tech glasses provides a contrast of 1200: 1 and is to be used at a frequency of 96-144 hertz. Even at 200 Hertz Ready devices is convincing the high extraordinary visual aid. A 100-percent white and Rotblitzabdeckung always guaranteed a first class experience.The technology product is charged in just 2 hours and can then be operated up to 30 hours. Depending on usage, it can be used for weeks without being charged. During charging, a red LED light indicates by its extinction, when the 3D glasses are fully charged.

The delivery

In addition to the 3D glasses of delivery also includes a USB charging cable for charging. In a practical pocket for goggles or alternatively in a blue hard case, the 3D glasses BLUE HEAVEN safely stored and protected against bumps and scratches. The included microfiber cloth is a gentle cleaning of glasses and the housing and is contributing to the longevity of the art product. Moreover, this comes with a German manual where all the important information can be found. In case of problems, the technical support is unbureaucratic and fast to answer questions.


conclusion guyThe 3D Eyewear BLUE HEAVEN by VIDIMENSIO can score with a first-class workmanship and high usability. Compared to its competitors, it is inexpensive. At the same will be omitted compromising on technical features. The technique of the glasses is up to date and leaves no wish unfulfilled. Always adjusts to the Shutterfrequenz the projector and is simple to use and user-friendly. For private movie experience at home without flickering, it is ideally suited. 3D enthusiasts can safely access to VIDIMESIO-glasses and making a visit to the cinema any unnecessary.Whether Playstation 4, PC or 3D Blu-ray players - this visual aid guarantees an almost perfect experience. Before buying it should be ensured that it does not work in conjunction with LCD, LCOS or D-ILA projectors and 3D monitors. For BluRay players should also be paid to the compatibility of the projector. This means that the 3D frame packing format can be played. Beamer who master the Frame Sequential (HDMI 1.4a), can provide three-dimensional fun only in conjunction with a PC and the nVidia 3D Vision system.

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