Toshiba 47M7463DG

Toshiba 47M7463DG Test
  • Toshiba 47M7463DG Test
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Type 3D , 47-inch , HD TV , Smart TV
brand Toshiba
EAN (s) 5900496530621
resolution 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
size 140 cm (47)
connections 4 x HDMI, LAN, Component Video, WiFi, 1 x Scart, 2 x USB, 1 x PC-VGA, headphone output
Energy efficiency class A +

product Description

The Toshiba 47M7463DG part of the M7 series, it combines high-quality materials with elegant design, these devices from Toshiba are not only a TV, but also a real eye-catcher. The Toshiba M7 series is equipped me three different sizes, the largest model is the 55M7463DG (140 cm diagonal screen size), followed by the 47M7463DG (119 cm screen diagonal) and the 42M7463DG (106 cm diagonal screen size). All units of the M7 series are equipped with the latest technology such as high-dislplay "Pro LED 700", the new image technology "CEVO Picture" from Toshiba or the new "Smart TV Cloud" with Media Guide Replay analyzes your viewing habits and similar TV -Inhalte records and makes available. Not only to the image technology has been further developed, but also the hitherto relatively poor sound of flat panel TVs. Toshiba participates in the M7 series with the new "CEVO Audio Technology" hand and promises rich sound and pure sounds.

The Toshiba 47M7463DG

is a direct-backlight LED televisions with a screen size of 47 inches, which corresponds to about 119 cm. The Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), in combination with a frame rate of fabled 1,500 Hz AMR + a sharp and clear image, even if the baby is full of action and rassant. With the Toshiba 47M7463DG you can easily 3D content to enjoy (3D glasses are to included), even if you do not have a 3D capable BluRay player, Toshiba offers 2D to 3D conversion, a solution to the television or other content experience in 3D. the easy to install metal base provides extremely safe Stop. Thanks to the rubber pads on the bottom of furniture are protected and ugly scratches avoided. The flat design of the Toshiba 47M7463DG and of standards met VESA standards of this device can be mounted on the wall without any problems.


As eigangs describes features of Toshiba 47M7463DG a high-performance display "Pro LED 700" and the "CEVO Picture technology that should provide the best picture quality in its class. Starting from normal cable TV was a detailed and clear picture is received. Unlike other devices, the direct backlight system (Pro LED 700) actually provides a better image quality even in direct sunlight and bright environments. The display reflects only minimal and dark image sequences remain clearly visible. The Bildqulität for content in Full HD is to observe the fascinating viewing experience. We tested different BlueRay movies and football games in Full HD. Action movies and fast game sequences were shown crystal clear and movements ran fluently from without the hassle of bucking. 3D content is, unless they are already available in 3D projected with a stunning depth of the screen, leaving nothing to be desired. The "normal" television program is unfortunately mostly broadcast in SD quality, which is reflected also in the Bildqulität. The upscaling of SD to HD content manages the Toshiba 47M7463DG indeed quite good, but compromises must be accepted with respect to image quality. It is different again when the starting material is ausgetrahlt in HD, such. As movies in the public service broadcasters or private channels in HD. The conversion from 2D to 3D, unfortunately, has not exhilarating viewing experience as already delivered 3D content. Basically, the conversion is successful, but it was worth only conditionally in our test. This is due to the fact that 2D contents are not designed for 3D and thus virtually every TV has problems with that.


The sound of the Toshiba 47M7463DG is much better compared to other flat panel TVs and earlier devices from Toshiba. The sound is less blechend and the basses are somewhat full. Using the "CEVO Audio Technology", the DTS Premium Sound and Sound Effect Separation can be the sound setting adjust well and you kan tease some of the small bottom of the TV built in speakers. Of course, a full cinema sound can thus not be achieved, but for everyday use, the sound is acceptable. The sound separation effect we find is a very gelunges sound feature with which one gets the opportunity background effects and dialogs to another vote. You can determine, for example, whether the comments are attenuated as sports, or directed the emphasis in television and feature films on dialogues and Hintergrundakustitk be dampened.

Smart TV & Features

  • USB Video Recording and Timeshift
  • Wi-Fi® (installed)
  • Wireless display
  • Wi-Fi® Protected Setup (WPS)
  • Media Guide
  • Media Guide Replay
  • Smart TV Cloud
  • Toshiba Apps Connect
  • Open Browser (Internet browser)
  • 2D to 3D Kovertierung
  • AppsConnect
  • Wireless display
  • Intel® WiDi


The devices of the M7 series from Toshiba offer not only pure viewing experience, but also serve as wonderful "piece of furniture". The picture quality leaves little to be desired, even the 3D function in already delivered content in 3D are stunning. The only thing in the test failed to convince was the conversion from 2D to 3D, what the Toshiba 47M7463DG in its quality but does not diminish. For Filmfans- and sports enthusiasts on a visual basis of Toshiba 47M7463DG is highly recommended. Consoles and games fans, this machine is not 100% on their money, we do not advise buying from, but there are certainly other devices can offer the better gaming performance. As everyday TV and home theater devices to the M7 series from Toshiba are a must and should be in every living room. We would like to thank Toshiba for providing the Toshiba 47M7463DG as tester and for uncomplicated cooperation.

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