Sony TDG-BR250B 3D Active Shutter glasses

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Review: Sony TDG-BR250B 3D Active Shutter glasses

What you should know about the Sony TDG-BR250B 3D Active Shutter glasses

The TDG-BR250 / B from Sony is an utterly modern 3D glasses. In further three-dimensional television is on the rise and there are hardly any films at the present time, it would not be worth that they are broadcast in 3D. Many people want to know exactly that special feeling not only outside the four walls, and thus one should deal with the necessary equipment and with 3D TV. Those who do this will also stumble on the glasses from Sony. The reason for this, the following report will describe in more detail. Of course, the buyer of a 3D glasses arise again and again the question of what they should be looking at buying. It is very important that the glasses are functional. Finally hardly It helps if glasses holds the promise not but look for great. The Sony TDG-BR250B 3D Active Shutter glasses can not only fulfill the function, but they convinced even with respect to the design across the board. The design of the spectacle is truly luxurious. The glasses come in black design, therefore, and on the entire line can convince the model 3D glasses. With eyeglasses the early days these glasses has no more in common, for they had finally given their own appearance a nice touch of humor and they were usually bulky. The 3D Glasses in Black has a small Sony signs on the sides of the ironing.

The comfort

The high wearing comfort in 3D Active Shutter glasses is a salient detail of the spectacle, which is absolutely convincing. No one is connected by a cable to an apparatus and so everyone can sit wonderfully with the glasses on your own sofa. The TDG-BR250B is a modern and particularly a rechargeable 3D Active Shutter glasses. With a lightweight design, the glasses sits easily and comfortably on the nose bridge. The spectacle is not noticed even after hours of pleasure. Finally Exactly that is what counts at the comfort.

Battery performance

The battery provides a great performance and keeps you away with it. As just described above, the comfort of the Sony glasses is absolutely high, but also the battery life should not be forgotten. The performance of the battery is very high and so the spectacle model from Sony for a long time can be used. These glasses will not soon fail and without a break, the glasses are also used in films with excessive length. Thanks to the presentation of the spectacles the ambient light is also blocked and everyone is so isolated from the ambient light. Anyone can order the whole time to concentrate on the 3D experience.

The pros and cons

  • A black, elegant design
  • A high wearing comfort
  • A persistent and long battery performance
  • A high wearing comfort
  • On the downside, the purchase price could be improved

Important information about the Sony glasses

The TDG-BR250B 3D Active Shutter glasses fall within the range TV accessories. For convenience, there is a featherlight and appealing design. For the long use of the glasses is rechargeable and stable. For the full 3D effect that ambient light is blocked and so an impressive 3D television is possible. The special Sony technology, which is called Active Shutter technology, the 3D glasses are compatible with BRAVIA 3D TVs. Bids thus is a very realistic 3D effect. Provision is made for clear 3D images with a wide viewing angle. The glasses work very precisely and an outstanding 3D experience is made possible thereby. there is this experience throughout the room and there is due to the ambient lighting conditions less flicker. The charging time is short, and so can be a simple and quick reloading for the long channels offer. Feasible charging is simple through a supplied USB cable, which is connected directly to the TV. The design of the glasses is to surround and response and thus no light is allowed in guarantees.For a better and brighter 3D image blocking glasses reflections and external room light. After the glasses are light weight, can spend hours to watch TV with it, and the spectacle is so robust that it can be reused again and again. A storage compartment is provided and in the glasses should be stored at best. If the glasses in this storage compartment, then the better protected when not in use.


conclusion guyThe Sony TDG-BR250 / B is a functional and compelling 3D glasses, which can also convince in terms of design. If the glasses once charged, then displays them over a longer period no weaknesses. Note, however, that for the modern and trendy glasses must be grasped in the pocket a little deeper and therefore more money to be invested. There are still some reserves in this area and also for improvement. Otherwise in 3D Active Shutter glasses few weaknesses are technically found. The glasses are comfortable to wear for Non-wearing glasses and even when wearing glasses. On delivery, the battery of the glasses is already fully charged and thus the glasses also immediately ready for use. The processing is usual very high quality as in Sony. Who wears the glasses for the first time, the should be said that such a spectacle has a short familiarization period. In the described storage compartment is I incidentally to a cloth bag.

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