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Type 3D , 55 inches , Smart TV , UHD
mark Sony
EAN (s) 4548736008069
resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels
size 138.8 cm (55 inches)
operating system Android OS
Refresh Rate 800Hz Motionflow XR

product Description

The Sony KD55S8005CBAEP is a 55 inch TV of the superclass. He has an Ultra HD resolution, a refresh rate of 800 Hertz, active 3D Funtionalitäten and on the still fairly new quantum dot technology. The latter ensures excellent image quality and more brilliant colors. This is possible to be represented by the use of nanocrystals, which allow more color gradations than conventional LED TVs. For this purpose is displayed on the Sony KD55S8005CBAEP a special film with nanocrystals used, which refract light and thus provide for the particular brilliance of the image. Sony offers the Sony KD55S8005CBAEP both in 55 and in 65 inches.

Sony KD55S8005CBAEP Test: The equipment leaves nothing to be desired

The Sony KD55S8005CBAEP is equipped with the latest version of Google's Android TV operating system, which is very intuitive to use, and very good with mobile devices, which also run with Android OS, harmonizes. Furthermore, the use of Android OS guarantees the availability of a very high number of different apps for Sony KD55S8005CBAEP . Fast movements such as in action films or sports broadcasts look thanks to the 800 Hertz of Sony KD55S8005CBAEP very fluid and natural. Theresolution is 3840 × 2160 pixels, equivalent to the Ultra HD standard. In related film material, the image quality is sensationally good. As already mentioned, the color brilliance is by Quantom Dot technology also outstanding: black is really black and red also looks really like red. Such a natural color rendering index is a pleasure, especially in combination with the Ultra HD resolution, resulting in a completely new viewing experience. The Sony KD55S8005CBAEP is equipped with active 3D and so puts the viewer in 3D mode quasi middle into the movie. Another special feature is that the display is slightly curved (curved), which means that the TV experience of spatial and plastic is.

User Impressions of Sony KD55S8005CBAEP Test

The most important feature of a superclass-TV is the picture quality: And precisely this is highly praised at Sony KD55S8005CBAEP of an absolute majority of votes. The brilliance is in practice as well as it has already promised the highly acclaimed Quantom Dot technology in theory. Especially with native Ultra HD content, most users fall in terms of the picture quality of Sony KD55S8005CBAEP formally into raptures: The black level is excellent, fast movements are enormous liquid and problems such as clouding or banding are largely unknown at this model . Solely with respect to the Android OS operating system can be heard from time to time complaints that the still very new software is not yet fully developed, and that some features are still too hard to use. However should be noted here that Google and Sony here with a good update policy shine, and such software problems can be solved usually very quickly here.

Sony KD55S8005CBAEP Test Conclusion

In summary it can be said that the Sony KD55S8005CBAEP stands with its superior image quality from the mass of television available on the market really stands out. The equipment is more than above average . The operating system Android OS may present some users still lead to certain problems, but one can assume that Google will do with its market power of this operating system in the next few years as the new standard. And just in relation to the available app diversity, it therefore makes sense here on Android OS set.
  • "Clouding or banding of this model are largely unknown"
  • "Coated with a special film with nanocrystals"
  • "Very high number of different apps"
  • "Is equipped with active 3D"
  • "Good update policy by Sony and Google"
  • "Equipment is more than above average"

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