Samsung UE55HU7200: Curved UHD TV

Samsung UE55HU7200 Test
  • Samsung UE55HU7200 Test
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  • Samsung UE55HU7200 Test - inclined bottom right
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Type 55 inches , Smart TV , UHD
brand Samsung
EAN (s) 8806086343220
resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels (Ultra HD)
size 139 cm (55 inches)
connections 4x HDMI, 3x USB, digital audio output (optical), CI +slot, Scart, Ethernet, multiroom
Refresh Rate 800Hz CMR

product Description

The Samsung UE55HU7200%image_alt% has the "Samsung Curved Design" and is a gebogender televisions with a screen size of 139 cm (55Zoll). Through the "Samsung Curved Design" at the sight of the TV increased enormously. By gebogenden screen (the curvature of the television, is the curvature of the human eye modeled) and obtained a very natural looking visual experience. Moreover, the viewing distance to each pixel of the same, thereby allowing the visible image field to expand. They seem to see more than there is to see.  

With the Samsung UE55HU7200 in the UHD world

UHD so Ultra HD is the future, the Non Plus Ultra, in the truest sense of the word, on the market. UHD means that the TV set is a four times higher resolution than your previous Full HD TV has a pixel density of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Satte contrasts, more vivid colors and sharpness to the last detail ensure Thanks to UHD resolution for a never erlbeten viewing enjoyment.Whether the conventional television program, Blue Ray movies or games with a gaming console of the actual performance of Samsung Upscaler converts your content in Ultra HD.

Are there any content in UHD resolution

Current contents are still being broadcast in full HD resolution and produced. Netfix and Amazon repair video work with high pressure on the provision of UHD content in Germany. Partial contents are already streamed in Ultra HD. Unlike Netflix, to Amazon Prime customers can enjoy UHD content via free repair video. Receive your program but via Astra You can benefit from UHD content there. Astra emits a demo transmitter in UHD quality! All contents are not yet available in UHD resolution available, you have the leistungsstaken upscaler. The Your Full HD Inahlte converts on UHD.  

If nobody else will, talk to your TV

Your word is his command. Talk to your new Samsung UE55HU7200 and turn comfortably through the intuitive voice control, for example, the TV (Command: "Programme 7). You can also adjust the volume or screwing in in photos out zooming. You want to watch a movie, no problem. The command to do is "find" after the "title" and "movie". You want to see any movie, but in an intuitive way to surf the internet. To do this, just say the address and away you go.  

The environment to love

With your Samsung UE55H7200 You can also contribute a bit to protect the environment. Television with Energieffiziensklass A belong to the low-power devices. This not only protects the environment but also your wallet! The energy consumption in on-mode is 102 watts. With daily use of four hours per day, 365 days fall to only 141 kWh per year. The actual energy consumption will depend on your viewing habits and can deviate from the benchmark.  
With the Samsung UE55HU7200 They are ideal for zunkunftsorientierten UHD material market prepared. 2015 will be the year of UHD TV devices and UHD content. Samsung Curved Design - buy not only a TV, but also an entire design line from the home Samsung. With the Curved devices the visible image is expanded apparently. The picture is in this case greater than it actually is. Powerful upscaler - Are not content in UHD quality delivered, assumes the powerful upscaling of Samsung, the director and converts conventional content in Full HD and SD on the new UHD standard.
Update 04 May 2015

Optimal adjustment of the Samsung 55HU7200

Picture Mode: Standard (or film *) Backlight: 16 Contrast: 80 Brightness: 45 Sharpness: 33 Colour: 50 Tint: G50 / R50 Picture Size Picture Size: Screen Fit Advanced Settings Dynamic Contrast: Off Black Tone: Off Flesh Tone: 0 RGB Only Mode: Off Colour Space: Custom (Red - R45, G0, B4; Green - R10, G50, B7; Blue - R4, G4, B49; Yellow - R48, G 49, B8; Cyan - R8, G52, B50; Magenta - R46, G0, B49) Picture Mode (Standard) White Balance 2-Point: Red offset 7, Green offset 0, Blue Offset -3, Red Gain +9, GreenGain 1, Blue Gain 0 Screen mode (movie *) White Balance 10-Point: 10% - R8 / G0 / B-8, 20% - R6 / G2 / B-3, 30% - R0 / G0 / B0, 40% - R-2 / G0 / B2, 50% - R0 / G0 / B3, 60% - R0 / G0 / B0, 70% - R0 / G0 / B0, 80% - R0 / G0 / B0, 90% - R2 / G3 / B0, 10 - R0 / G0 / B-4 Gamma: -1 Expert Pattern: Off Motion Lighting: Off Picture Options Colour Tone: Warm2 Digital Clean View: Off MPEG Noise Filter: Off HDMI Black Level: Low (If applicable) Movie Mode: Auto2 (If applicable) Motion Plus: one (clear) Eco Sensor "A" (mine least) 3


The Samsung UE55HU7200 impresses with its clear UHD resolution to 3840 x 2160 pixels provides and thus four times the resolution compared to a conventional Full HD (1920 x 1080) has TV. The Samsung Curved Design make your new Samsung UE55HU7200 standing in arched shape for even more viewing experience. The Smart TV function completes the package and ensures multimedia entertainment. If you first set the correct picture settings, you too will be convinced of the fazinierenden picture quality! If you can now dispense with the 3D function, nothing stands in the way More. Enjoy your new TV experience in a never turned pungency, with razor sheep contrasts and even more vivid colors. Start in the future!

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