Samsung SSG-5100GB / XC 3D Active Shutter Glasses

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Review: Samsung SSG-5100GB / XC 3D Active Shutter Glasses

What you should know about the Samsung SSG-5100GB / XC 3D Active Shutter Glasses

Samsung supplies with the 3 D active shutter glasses, the template and the technical equipment for impressive television. Even the normal range this Korean manufacturer is impressive and the Acticve shutter glasses enhances the emotions and the experience when see. These glasses enhances the character of the 3D animation of the perfectly designed screens of this product line are available in 3D and Full HD in the living rooms of customers.Thus you get impressive images supplied and with a low weight to 24 grams nobody feels annoying to have these glasses for hours with a movie on the nose. The energy comes from batteries that are already included in this total weight.

Realistic images as in real life

This shutter glasses supplements the action of, for example, high-resolution OLED screens and thus the customer gets the right accessories to perfect its home entertainment. In the glasses from Samsung, the images appear more vibrant and easy color more vivid. Even people who already carry a visual aid get gain, because these glasses suitable for eyeglass wearers. It is technically the appreciation of the experience of colors supplied and the real experience with 3 D. The batteries that are found here using appropriate that they provide these glasses around 150 hours of energy and this stock then also goes a long way. Many have begun at 3 D an effect before, which is then usually not optimally met with a simple 3 D glasses by the polarization of the colors. These glasses, however, focuses characters and takes their work seriously. The image is just brilliant and sharp, as if viewed in nature in the distance.

Improve performance with the active shutter glasses from Samsung

It is hard to believe, but special glasses for Full HD and 3D is a development that can be applied to many different vision from the customer. are as individual as the user itself, as different are the benefits of vision. The LCD shutter speed is technically shortened and that is the value that gives these glasses. The eye itself can hardly perceive this shutter speed and it is like a visual trick that using these glasses these amazing results can be achieved. The performance makes speechless when using these glasses had such an experience in television again. You do not want to miss easy. The electricity for the effect on an infrared connection and here it is naturally important that this connection is really secure. One can rely on the delivered technique because RF link works very reliable and durable. It is a sophisticated optical system that is offered at a very attractive price.

Glasses as a control system of intuitive emotions

The 3D effect is a visual representation of the form that has already performs a quantum leap in television. With the special glasses of active shutter glasses this effect is simply better. It is not just about the color, but also the brilliant contrast is optimized by this spectacle. To design this technical innovation, we can say nothing looks more improvised, but these glasses has an everyday design that distinguishes the wearer. one simply stands up and does not realize that you still have on the nose these glasses, it does not matter. She looks elegant skillfully and other observers think you have reading glasses on.

The Advanced 3D effect as standard

Background of this improvement are the optimized screens of the new series of TVs at Samsung. Here you have made in the development of improvements even further with accessories equip to pamper the customers and to allow seeing as in real life really. Both of these lenses glasses are harmonized and will also work with its Advanced 3D effect is very synchronized.

To summarize once; everything at a glance

What do you get when you opt for the spectacle; first you know that you really can rely as a technical innovation in the design and development. For Samsung, the products are mature.


  • 3D Active Shutter Glasses
  • Batteries as replacements and Standard
  • an operating time of approximately 150 hours
  • lightweight with 24 g
  • an instruction
  • and a good design

Samsung has succeeded with these glasses a good throw

The battery-powered active shutter glasses with the type designation SSG-5100GB is, light and elegant. They have been excellently designed to match the design of the new TV and provides added value and a certain superiority. A product to some other good products match and goes with it. These glasses are really only for adults, but can also be used by growing children. It is light and slightly more than 20 grams do not fall on your nose on while watching TV. It affects nothing disturbing and distressing, but you get the positive effect of better colors and provide better images. Pictures that really correspond to reality. The spectacle frame includes the on-off switch and infrared technology to be delivered in this case sufficient to achieve a lasting connection to the TV. Particularly striking and the wearer can put thanks to the size of these glasses on the own glasses and then just enjoy like everyone else these fantastic pictures in his chair.


conclusion guyIn Conclusion cuts this accessory on the issue of compatibility and performance for the price well off. The SSG 5100GB / XC glasses is a light and elegant to be regarded spectacle that is technically well equipped and optimally is one of the television this manufacturer. The effect is simply stunning when setting up these spectacles, whether you are wearing glasses or just better colors and a more brilliant image want these glasses this wish fulfilled. The secure connection to the TV is the key to success and Samsung has in these glasses enables two options, both of which are good and practical, these Active-Shutter Glasses provides exactly the images that are announced and thus meets all expectations. Pricewise convinced the product that can be bought in many variations as a bundle, the performance fits perfectly for the next price and the customer gets a really valuable accessory that all requirements comply with the technical and aesthetic requirements. A lightweight and not bulky glasses that looks elegant and technically satisfy.

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