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Review: Samsung KE55S9C OLED TV


What you should know about the Samsung OLED TV KE55S9C

A respectable sight that this television is provided directly at first glance. In a test to show its strengths, because the Samsung OLED TV KE55S9C deserve this designation not only flourish, but the customer gets a really compelling product. 55 inches invite you to enjoy and thus has a wingspan of 139 cm. In a semi-circle, the image is delivered to the user and this curvature shows and displays its effect especially in 3D do. Movies are for content, in which one is formally drawn. It is plastic and is attractive if you look at his movies in this format and this TV provides the technical basis for these domestic box impression. In the test showed that you look at these positive and compelling vision but first has to get used and this is familiar and accustomed to good.

OLED technology brings a projection

It is what the user expects here to watch TV no classic panel, but a particularly conceptioned Blacklight screen with very inspiring characteristics. This technique simply provides a brilliant image and a sense of be in the middle. For resolution of the image, one can quote the manufacturer's values, which provide a very good and best picture in HD and even in full HD in its entirety. The second and the third dimension is captured and projected and that one experiences when looking at this masterpiece. All colors are saturated and clear, there is no blurring and blurred edges. Taking only the representation of the black image sequences, then comes really black to light. All contours of people and objects are the ready just sharp. All details are shown and move captures the eye clear and certain, there is simply no blurs and this screen with its qualities convinced the customer and the professional world. Better way television does not get any and every little detail is brilliant and recognizable. One simply goes into raptures when you consider how ten years ago moving pictures were shown.

The Samsung OLED TV with 3D and multiview

The Rekationszeiten this screen are just as compelling as the rest of the technical structure. The OLED display is the technology that the company delivers value and here you get with the active shutter glasses, the possibility still round out this first impression and improve. TV of the future, or rather, there is almost nothing better on the market that the customer touches and confident. The shutter glasses which an option opened simultaneously to see two programs simultaneously, which sees a program A on the screen and the other program B on the glasses is revolutionary. Nobody needs to leave the room more. Register here shows sophisticated technology that really convinced consistent in all respects, and also tested in practice this feature their service has really done. All functions also correspond to the specified values and the measured parameters, so you can rely on reliable announcements of the manufacturer. Here you can get sophisticated technology which is really convincing and high quality. The contrasts indicating the screen as a measure to fulfill really exist, because boundaries are strictly adhered to. If you use the shutter glasses go these advantages are not lost, but are just as good as the views of the OLED screen. It allows the impression that the screen within the device simply floats. Weightless sees the image and gives a very positive effect.

A high level and also the scope of the technology meets expectations

This Samsung TV also has all the features of the technology-projection of the display also needs seven TV tuners, such as twice DVB-T, S (2) and C, to Samsung generates an analog cable and interfaces in abundance. In an external Conector the user finds these interfaces like HDMI four times and three times USB and WLAN and LAN interfaces. This technique does exactly this place, which is then connected to the actual TV.

The design is really futuristic

The design is a known pattern from the S9 Series and continues with this TV. The small speakers located in the front part of the frame and the display appears as described almost levitating. It was also contemplated to keep this display movable and there is a way to turn on the rack, but this feature seems very sober limited, because it remains with the move. The sounds, as bass and treble are given acceptable again, at such a television but it should be allowed to use an external audio system.

Multimedia and Online which is part of this unit

The Smart Hub is part of this device allows the use as a multimedia display. Smart TV is the magic word and this generation of devices is one of the devices that allow free access to the Internet. This allows more and better to see and to hear, because the Internet radio belongs to the same technology. About the built-in Media Player everything is just possible and that's to be expected at this price.

Samsung delivers a truly compelling TV

This TV has an almost endless acting menu. Here you can control and turn the remote control provides the extended hand and a simple menu navigation allows anyone to find your way from the start. In fact, he makes much alone and as a user you simply right only from. There are even two remote controls and also a built-in camera allows even more, because TV conferencing via screen and internet with this device no utopia but a real element of the new technology. The connection to other devices such as smartphone and tablet are not a barrier to these standards. For power consumption is specified as particularly low, it can be said that the lowest values are not always respected consistently. The result is a very satisfying average value of about 177 watts, and at that size.However, this is different from when you turn on the light and wants a really brighter image. Then, the Watt display rockets up quickly. For these reasons, this OLED TV reaches only the hallmark of class B in energy efficiency.


conclusion guyThe conclusion convinced because the customer gets mature technology that works reliably and barely conceals weaknesses in himself. The Samsung KE55S9C showed in his test as a TV which is in its quality of the image hardly be beat for candidate since and appears acceptable at a price. It is supplied comfort and ease of use, which offers a lot of possibilities of use. The TV shows with its curved display even as a very outstanding-looking design and stands out from the mass of TV offered just apparent. This is convincing technology and performance in a really interesting device.

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