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Review: Panasonic TY-EP3D20E 3D Glasses

What you should know about the Panasonic TY-EP3D20E 3D Glasses

More and more TV manufacturers use for the 3D display, the passive technology with Polarisations¬brillen, including Panasonic. These spectacles of the new generation, the Panasonic TY-EP3D20E that is compatible with the 2012er Panasonic TV models belongs. Of course, these 3D glasses combines all the advantages that Polarisations¬brillen have the models of Panasonic generally and specifically. This includes that they have no Flimmer¬effekt and therefore sensitive to the eyes of this user 3D glasses can enjoy a good view thanks to the Polarisations¬technik without them ever stop taking the glasses. That is the image of the 3D TV is much more pleasant than with the active technique of other 3D glasses.

Good By views no matter where and how to sit

The Panasonic TY-EP3D20E also has also a good fit. This is especially important if the user a bit restless on the couch back and forth shaking his head. In other 3D glasses, the head posture is something crucial, how good the image impression. It says most: keep your head straight and always look already straight. When unfavorable sitting on one side of the bed, because the other fellow Auer have already occupied the parallel, it is still possible to get with this 3D glasses from Panasonic an uninterrupted view. watch football live or TV Romance is also during hours bearable thanks to the pleasant portability of these 3D glasses, without having to lean on it like the spectacle settle in between times. For then the whole effect would be gone and most need then again quite a long time to get used to the view through the 3D glasses. Also in lying position this Polarisations¬brille can be worn as the image impression also does not suffer when the user is in a lying position and it does not matter how the head is held. The visual impression of the 3D glasses is but of course depends on how high the resolution of the TV set.

peaceful image

Too far one must of course not be removed from the device, because then despite excellent engineering structures fray. Since the polarization technology horizontal and vertical fiber types are distinguished which produce the 3D effect, these 3D glasses have the advantage that they are much less vulnerable ghosting and interference. That is, the user can look forward to a total of more peaceful image, as in other 3D glasses. Even the 3D movies today are not trouble-free, because the technology just is still in its infancy and is not always used. And this of course has a positive effect on the overall behavior of Polarisations¬brille Panasonic. This model comes while the 3D glasses else for some time used in the 3D theaters very close.


The mere 16.6 x 16.6 x 3.8 cm wide model has an unbeatable price. Therefore, it is worth buying just for 3D TV at home such a spectacle. Thanks to the high fracture resistance of this model, it is worth buying the Panasonic TY-EP3D20E 3D glasses. Although these 3D glasses having a high fracture resistance, it is lightweight (18 grams) and has a high degree of ergonomics.


Exciting beautiful and unique is the design of these 3D glasses from Panasonic. The straps are curved and where the 3D glasses strikes the ears, it runs previously thin. This little you realize that you are wearing. This is especially important for users who really do not wear glasses to watch television. On top of the nose, the glasses are however reinforced, thus ensuring that their wearing comfort zone. That is the Panasonic TY-EP3D20E front is correspondingly amplified and sitting on the nostrils on lightweight, yet has a very firm grip. On the sides of these 3D glasses has a certain shielding, so that during the rolling of the eyes or the look to the side, the eye will not be confronted with the normal light. This could then lead the new view into the 3D TV to an irritation. In terms of design you have you can still rely on Panasonic curved shapes. That is the design of these 3D glasses are quite sporty and classy. At first glance, one thinks not that it is a 3D glasses. It could rather be a sports spectacle.

Also suitable for eyeglass wearers

Many 3D glasses, which are intended for home use, was not paid attention to a very specific detail in the production, namely that they should be suitable for eyeglass wearers. Panasonic has thought at the TY-EP3D20E.That is, these glasses are not too tight cut, so that a wearer can not wear his own visual aid below. What could possibly interfere is that even with this 3D glasses of optical goods-carrier two brackets has behind the ear.


conclusion guyThe Panasonic TY-EP3D20E 3D glasses look very sporty and elegant model for 3D TV. Because these 3D glasses are very light, it has a high wearing comfort. But this is also ensured by the beautiful design. These 3D glasses from Panasonic includes two units in a package. After all, making 3D television just having fun together.

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