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Review: Bosch ALS 25 Laubsauger


Product Overview for Bosch ALS 25 Laubsauger

Powerful engine performance with 2,500 watts, the fan flow rate is 800 m³ per hour. The machine is equipped with a mere 3.2 kg in the leaf blower function relatively easy, in leaf vacuum function weighs the Laubsauger 4.4 kg. The leaf vacuum is easy but also in this feature compared to other devices. The low weight allows a safe handling. The their ergonomically designed handles for more comfort and a good weight distribution. The collection bag has a volume of 45 liters. The attachment and emptying the collection bag is easily and quickly by an incorporated zipper. The material of the collection bag is made of moisture-wicking fabric. The shredder of leaf blowers allows a longer working because the catcher is not as fast full by the chopped leaves, also the collection bag is very large. For a comfortable fit of the Bosch AS owns 25 Laubsauger a padded shoulder strap.  

The Bosch ALS 25 Laubsauger a powerful all-rounder

The leaf vacuum ALS Bosch is a very powerful leaf vacuum and at the same time also a reliable leaf blowers. The powerful all-rounder is often bought because of its very strong performance of customer. The leaf blower function is very powerful already on the lowest setting level and the foliage swirls around orderly. Who would not have spread all over his piles of leaves, should be careful when blowing leaves. However, very positive is that the device easily with wet leaves and small branches can handle. At the highest level of Bosch ALS reached 25 Laubsauger fabled were 300 kilometers per hour.  

A refined combination

The combination of leaf blower and leaf vacuum is refined and virtually the same, the advantage is obvious. Two devices in one, which saves not only money in the purchase and the place in the garden shed or garage is saved.Another advantage of this two in one device, which is a change of the device is not necessary at work, thus saving valuable time. Quick collected the leaves in a pile together and then absorb directly with the Bosch ALS 25 blower vac and discard. With just a few clicks of the grass-catcher is assembled and folded the function lever. Quick precise and without great effort the job is done quickly.  

The shredder at Bosch ALS 25 Laubsauger

The picked leaves are chopped into small pieces immediately, it offers several advantages. Firstly, the volume in the collection bag is exhausted not so fast and the other can be crocheted leaves better compost. The foliage is geschrädert immediately after sucking in Bosch Laubsauger.  

The Bosch ALS 25 Laubsauger calls tact

The leaf vacuum is very powerful and has a powerful motor, this results in a minimum disadvantage in the leaf blower function. The high performance, this machine ensures a strong air flow, this strong air flow can complicate the blowing leaves on a pile of leaves and piles of leaves already formed apart bubbles. The user of this device should have something fingertips feeling, so that the piles of leaves will not spread apart again. Nevertheless, the strong performance of the engine has a greater benefit than he is disadvantageous. Stones and small branches are no problem for this Laubsauger effortlessly he blows this also with the leaves on a pile together. The integrated shredder is also very powerful and chaffed effortlessly even smaller branches. The Bosch ALS 25 blower vac is robust and reliable, he is easily prolonged strain.  

With little effort to use

The Bosch weighs just 3.2 kg in the blowing function and only 4.4 kg for the suction, but the user should have a little strength. It is also highly recommended, which should not be completely soaked the pot with 45 liters. The device is heavy and the handling of the Bosch becomes more difficult. The Bosch ALS 25 Laubsauger requires doing a low insertion force leaves eyes. The Bosch also can not customize on the support, this allows a good comfort. The padded straps also allow you to work comfortably, even over a longer period of time.  

Quality at acceptable prices

The Bosch brand stands for a high level of quality and so it is not surprising that the Bosch ALS 25 blower vac is convincing. The workmanship is high quality and robust performance of the Bosch really excellent. The switching from leaf blower to leaf vacuum is slightly out of the hand of a simple function switch. The performance of the integrated shredder is also very good. Around the Bosch ALS is recommended 25 Laubsauger very and the price is more than acceptable for what the Bosch ALS provides 25 Laubsauger.


conclusion guyThe Bosch ALS 25 blower vac is a reliable and powerful leaf vacuum and a leaf blower in one. The engine has an extremely powerful performance.The switch from suction wind instruments is easy and the recorded sheets are shredded by the powerful integrated shredder. The collector has a lot of volume, thus emptying some of the collecting basket can be saved. The processing of the Bosch Laubsauger is quite high and robust. For a comfortable fit not only ergonomic handles ensure the dishes can be adjusted individually. The leaf vacuum is to operate with a minimum of effort. On the whole, 25 Laubsauger agrees with the Bosch ALS everything. Top and an extra class performance.  

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