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Test report: Brilliant Jaap desk lamp

The Brilliant Jaap desk lamp - for those who like it a bit more demanding

The "Jaap" desk lamp from the company Brilliant is something for all those who have a high standard and do not want to be satisfied with any light at their desk. Poor light when working, especially when reading, is demonstrably not good for the visual apparatus or the brain, which must process the impressions obtained. If you work for a long time in poor light, this can be caused by headaches, for example, and the concentration drops considerably faster. It is therefore all the more important to have a reasonable desk lamp available. But not only good light draws a good lamp. The Brilliant Jaap desk lamp has many other advantages. The main point, the "good" light, is provided by the Jaap desk lamp by 6 LED lamps, each delivering a power of 1 Watt, which not only facilitates reading, but also energy-saving. But good light alone is not enough to spare your eyes.  

Thanks to dimmer always the right light

Recommended is always a desk lamp with dimmer, so that the light conditions can be adapted to the needs of the eyes. The Brilliant Jaap desk lamp has such a dimmer, which can be adjusted in three steps without problems the light intensity. Thus you can always adjust the required light to your own wishes and needs and do not have to torment sensitive eyes with too bright light.  

Space-saving and yet wherever you need it

Another advantage of the Brilliant Jaap desk lamp is its two-armed, height-adjustable and swiveling arm. Thanks to this one can direct the light wherever it is needed. But in order not to have to use the whole desk, this lamp is extremely slim. Thus it takes hardly space away, which is with many anyway lackware, is however everywhere immediately and without large expenditure usable.  

Innovative design

For many people, especially in modern times, design is particularly important. A desk lamp can still be so good, if it does not fit the rest of the inventory, this is for many a reason to decide against this lamp. With its innovative and modern design, the Brilliant Jaap desk lamp, however, meets the nerve of the times and thus fits all modern furnishing styles. Their design is very linear, which is supported by an optimal ratio of metal and black, high-quality plastic.  

Affordable for everyone

Another criterion which is of course decisive is the price. If it is a high-quality product with many functions, the price is, of course, also higher than with a product that is not really good and gives up the mind in a short time. However, you always find bargains, which are both to be had at a good price, as well as good performance. Such a case is the Brilliant Jaap desk lamp. Sure you can find them at many dealers at a much higher price, but at Amazon it is already for only 49.93 EUR to get.


Conclusion guy

The Brilliant Jaap Desk Lamp - good performance for a good price

The Brilliant Jaap Desk Lamp is definitely a real bargain. Rarely you get such a high quality and also nice desk lamp at such a price. Usually the "cheap" models cost almost as much, but have neither a dimmer, nor are they adjustable. Thus the Brilliant desk lamp offers everything you need for efficient work at the desk with regard to the light quality, and is also affordable for students and students, who spend a lot of time at the desk. But, of course, even more earners should not necessarily buy a more expensive model, if it meets all the requirements for a really good desk lamp.

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