Avantek DL Q7 desk lamp

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Test report: Avantek DL Q7 desk lamp


Avantek DL Q7 Desk Lamp

One day comes the time when the beloved desk lamp breaks and a new hermuss. So found the Avantek DL Q7 to me or to my desk. Since I always store a lot on it, it should be as compact as possible, which also made one of the main criteria when buying. That this is an LED lamp is more or less coincidence, but gladly taken, because the lamps not only last very long, which consume also very little electricity. Environmentally friendly, practical and durable - all arguments for this desk lamp. Quickly it was clear: it will. When she arrived with me and I took her from the shipping box I was directly positively surprised, because the carton is equipped with a holding loop. This makes plastic bags superfluous, which makes it easy to carry them home. I find well thought out by the manufacturer. You can also pin it under the arm or carry it in the hand, but with the carrying handle it is much more comfortable.  

Easy to set up

The Avantek DL Q7 is delivered folded. It is packaged in a plastic foil bag and is resting in a cardboard box while the plug is packed in its own cardboard box and folio bag. It also has a USB port, a cable not included. That I have but from my mobile phone. So I could find that I can charge it over the lamp. Just because the data cables are always very short, which is why I have already fallen down one or other time. Otherwise there is not much to report, because the lamp has no special functions, is easy to set up and connected and can be used immediately at will. If you no longer need them, move or give them away, you can simply fold them together again and store them in a space-saving way on the attic or somewhere else.  

What the lamp can do

After I plugged it in, I tried the light. On the foot lights a colorful lamp, which I touched intuitively immediately, since I had not found a button. This allows the lamp to be switched on and off and the brightness can be adjusted in three steps. When I had the right attitude, I started adjusting the lamp. You can adjust the head as well as the stand as desired (90 ° or 120 °), so you can find the best light for yourself.This is great, because my desk is at the window and therefore I need the light times here and times.  


Conclusion guyThe light of the lamp is very bright and will provide best visibility even in the darkest nights. However, if you do not like lime-white lighting, you will not be happy with this model. Personally it does not matter, I wanted to mention it nevertheless. I especially like the design, because I like this elegant and straightforward look very much. For me, a lamp must be functional in the workplace, so this is the ideal choice for me. The price is also perfectly okay, especially when you get them like me in the special offer. The only thing I did not like so much is the foot. It is equipped with a rubber coating on the floor, which makes the stand quite unsafe. Larger thrusters forgive the lamp rather, even if they once tried to balance. Therefore, I recommend everyone to choose a location where they are not easily attacked. Sure is safe, as I think, because to fall down and break it is then too expensive. By the way, not every adapter can be used, as the instructions tell you, because a special one of the manufacturer is included.

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