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Test report: Makita JV0600J Jigsaw

I bought a powerful jigsaw. This jigsaw is the Makita JV0600J jigsaw. The jigsaw I have now for several months in the use, which experiences I have made with the Makita JV0600J jigsaw, can be seen from this experience report.  

Reasons for purchasing the Makita JV0600J Jigsaw

At first sight, the Makita JV0600J Jigsaw has deterred me from the purchase price. But of course quality has its price. The Makita JV0600J Jigsaw convinced me above all the engine power, the high cutting performance, the low weight and the accessories. Overall, I have the Makita JV0600J jigsaw saw the price and performance ratio very balanced and therefore I finally decided for this jigsaw.  

Information about the Makita JV0600J Jigsaw

The Makita JV0600J Jigsaw is a reciprocating saw. The jigsaw is made of the materials plastic, rubber and die-cast aluminum. The housing and the foot of the jigsaw are made of solid die-cast aluminum. The Makita JV0600J jigsaw is equipped with a power of 650 watts. The idle stroke number of the jigsaw is between 500 and 3,100 per minute. The lifting height of the Makita jigsaw is a maximum of 23 mm. The pendulum stroke of the Makita JV0600J jigsaw is adjustable in four stages. With the Makita JV0600J jigsaw you can not only sawn wood but also steel. Depending on the material you want to saw with the Makita JV0600J jigsaw, there are different cutting depths. For example, the cutting capacity of the wood is up to 90 mm, while for steel the cutting performance is significantly lower. This is only 10 mm for steel. The Makita Jigsaw comes with a weight of 2.4 kg. The design of the jigsaw is completely green. The Makita jigsaw is supplied with a variety of accessories, including a saw blade and a transport case.  

Operation of the jigsaw from Makita

The operation of the Makita JV0600J Jigsaw is simple. Because of the accessories at the jigsaw, you just need to unpack them, insert the saw blade and you can start with the jigsaw. In operation, the jigsaw is therefore simple to operate. Makita's jigsaw is also simple to make when changing saw blades. There is no need for a tool for changing the saw blade, but a few hand movements suffice for a change. Mention is also made of the blower and dust extraction at Makita's jigsaw. In dust extraction, a great advantage is the arrangement, namely below the housing of the Makita JV0600J jigsaw. A connection is possible via the connection piece. With the blowing device with the Makita JV0600J jigsaw you always have a clear view of the cutting field. To ensure that the Makita JV0600J jigsaw is not jammed, it is equipped with a four-point lifting bar.  

Quiet operation

I was positively surprised by the Makita JV0600J jigsaw in terms of volume. Especially at the first use I was amazed how quiet the jigsaw is in operation. The volume is however only one aspect where I was positively surprised at the Makita jigsaw, the second aspect concerns the vibrations. Here the Makita JV0600J jigsaw is very low vibration.  

Handling the Makita JV0600J Jigsaw

As already mentioned, the Makita jigsaw is only weighing 2.4 kg. However, the low weight of the Makita JV0600J jigsaw is just one aspect for easy handling. Although this is not insignificant, because of the weight, longer working with the jigsaw is no problem. The Makita JV0600J jigsaw is held in a classic shape, here the rubberized handle is highlighted. The Makita jigsaw can also be held very well with the handle.


Conclusion guy The Makita JV0600J jigsaw features a high motor power of 650 watts. The Makita JV0600J jigsaw is very well processed and above all, also robust. The cutting depth of the Makita JV0600J jigsaw can be adjusted in the same way as the pendulum stroke. Thus the pendulum stroke can be adjusted in four stages. In operation, Makita's jigsaw is very quiet and low-vibration. The jigsaw of Makita is very well in the hand, this is thanks to the handle, but also to the weight. Disadvantages of using the Makita JV0600J Jigsaw I have not been able to establish. Overall the Makita JV0600J jigsaw has convinced me completely in the use, I can recommend it therefore.

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