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Test report: Knorrtoys Voletto Happy Color Babyschale

For the offspring, a baby bowl was needed. After comparing several offers, we decided to buy the Baby Bowl from Knorrtoys. Why this baby bowl of Knorrtoys has now become and what experiences we have made with her, can be taken from this brief experience report.  

Buying from the Knorrtoys baby bowl

The purchase reasons that led to the purchase of Knorrtoys Babyschale were very diverse. Basically we had a solid processing with us at the purchase important, also the baby bowl should not weigh too much. However, these were only two factors, but other factors were also the care and the purchase price. As already mentioned, we have carried out a comparison. In this comparison, the Knorrtoys baby's cup is best cut off. The Knorrtoys Babyschale convinced us, but also the accessories.  

Details about the Knorrtoys baby bowl

Very well processed is the Knorrtoys baby bowl. The baby bowl is equipped with a 3-point harness and with a belt tensioner. The belt tensioner is integrated into the Knorrtoys baby shell. The upholstery as well as the seat cover in the Knorrtoys baby shell consists of 100 percent polyester. The baby shell is also equipped with a generous padding on the sides, which provides side impact protection. With the technical details, it should be pointed out that the Knorrtoys baby carrier is equipped with a foldable convertible top. The dimensions of the baby bowl are 23 cm in the seat width and 43 cm in the seat height. The baby bowl from Knorrtoys weighs only 3 kg. To the age group how to use the Knorrtoys Babyschale, you will find further information below. The baby bowl from Knorrtoys comes with accessories. This accessory includes a seat reducer which ensures a good child's seat, as well as a protective cover. Color is the baby bowl held in a gray / orange design.  

For this age group the baby bowl is suitable

Not to be neglected in the Knorrtoys Babyschale is also the age group in which one can use these. So this baby cup is already right from birth. According to the manufacturer, one can take the Knorrtoys baby cup up to a life age of 15 months. Whereby the weight is also important, here the baby's bow is limited to 13 kg and, of course, the body size.  

Handling the baby bowl

The handling of the Knorrtoys baby bowl is very simple. Here one can mainly call the assembly of the baby car seat in the car. This is very simple, because of this simplicity one can also remove the baby bowl without great effort.Here comes the Knorrtoys Babyschale also the weight to good. Because the baby bowl weighs only 3 kg. The low weight combined with the carrying handle, make the transport of the baby bowl very easy. The carrying handle can also be adjusted in several positions. This is also a big advantage for the Knorrtoys baby bowl, which is not negligible. Worth mentioning is the care of the Knorrtoys baby bowl. So you can remove the seat cover, but also the other covers with the baby bowl very easy and clean. Because the covers at the Knorrtoys Babyschale can be cleaned in the washing machine, at 30 degrees.  

Small deficiency in the belt

So far, our experience with the Knorrtoys baby bowl has turned out to be very good, although it is a small deficiency. This deficiency in the baby cup affects the belt system. Overall, the harness system makes a very good impression on the baby's shell, even though it may also be hacked during the adjustment. Here, a rework of the Knorrtoys baby bowl is necessary.


Conclusion guy Very solid among other things made from polyester is the Knorrtoys Babyschale. Due to the materials made of the baby shell, it comes only to a weight of 3 kg. The Knorrtoys baby hat is equipped with a 3-point harness. However, it is not the only aspect of the safety that the baby tray offers. Because the baby bowl is also equipped with very good upholstery, which also offers a side impact protection. The baby carrier is equipped with an adjustable top and an adjustable carrying handle. The Knorrtoys baby bowl is also convincing when it comes to handling. Here the weight is a big advantage. This also includes the care, so you can wash the covers with the baby bowl in the washing machine. Worth mentioning also the Knorrtoys Babyschale is also its accessories. Among other things, the accessories include a seat reducer and a protective cover. There is a small shortage in the belt system, here it hangs in the adjustment. Overall, we can recommend the Knorrtoys baby tray to everyone.

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