Bosch PSB 750 RCE impact drill

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Test report: Bosch PSB 750 RCE impact drill

Drilling is a task that is often needed for relocations. When drilling, much can be done wrong and often it is inferior technology that fails when it comes to the main thing. With the drill from Bosch, a really good piece is bought, which can be seen. This drill is excellent and the buyers are satisfied with it. But what makes the drill so special, you can now read and explore what you can do with the drilling machine to bring your own household to Vordermann. This review is for you perhaps revealing and will help you to find the drill of Bosch really good and also to do your work perfectly.

The packaging of the Bosch PSB 750 RCE impact drill

With the Bosch PSB 750 RCE percussive drill you can now do everything. The drill comes in a carton to your home.It initially appears quite small but handy. However, at first sight, you can not see what is in the small power pack.This impact drill is not very big, but it still has a tremendous performance. The drilling machine has a quick-drill chuck and nothing else has to be done to drill the first hole. You can go straight after the delivery and drill the first holes. You can even do bigger drilling with the machine easily. You can also get these holes in the wall at any time with the drill. Maybe you need to drill in concrete? Then the Bosch PSB 750 RCE impact drill is exactly the right tool for you. Concrete is not a problem at all and the drilling machine will master it with ease.  

The engine and the drills

Now you may wonder if you need special drills for the Bosch PSB 750 RCE impact drill? This is not the case at all.The drills are needed, but it is sufficient to use simple drills. Even if the drill is slightly larger or longer, this will not be a problem for the machine at all. With a special bit attachment you can even screw in and do not need much power.The machine has a very powerful engine and it is always impressive. Each new hole is a challenge that this machine can afford. The drilling machine also has an extremely long lifetime. This is also an important fact for most buyers. The machine is a great decision, which is by no means regretted. The buyer will definitely be completely satisfied with the machine and that is the most important thing for him.  

Drill chuck and more

As a user of the drill, you now have the possibility to do everything you need. You can drill or even screw and even percussive boring. For this purpose, you have a simple change-over switch which allows you to determine the amount of force the drilling machine is required to perform. You can change to something else at any time. This allows you to quickly change the tool on the drill at the push of a button and can also continue to work as quickly as possible. In addition, you have the possibility to place the required gas. This is required in some cases when a bit wears too quickly.


Conclusion guy With such a drilling machine, the work will be easier to handle. The Bosch PSB 750 RCE impact drill is not only from a well-known manufacturer, it also keeps what it promises. The drill is great and looks very good. It is excellent in the hand and every craftsman can be glad to hold such a tool in his hands. This drilling machine will make things easier and easier to handle. The drilling machine is perfect and everyone can convince themselves personally. Because the drilling machine is easy to buy and should nevertheless be something with it, then the customer service is very culpable. The drill is great. There is unfortunately only one missing suitcase in which the machine can be stowed once it has earned a break. Such a drill is always great and will prove to be perfect in every household. It can be helpful and it will.

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