Panasonic SC-BTT465 home theater system

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Test report: Panasonic SC-BTT465 home cinema system

Well, it is there, the Panasonic SC-BTT465 home theater system. But still it could be very bulky for some users.This facility is perfect for a lot to experience, but it is also a bit habituation. Particularly in smaller living rooms this plant could rather be regarded as a problem. This facility is also perhaps a bit bulky for some buyers. It is then not at all exciting to use the facility. Nevertheless, a closer look at the functions is always a good one. Because the facility can be a lot and has also some adjustment possibilities to make the pleasure even better. Now more! 

To build

The construction succeeds quite easily. But here, of course, it must be screwed. Above all, space must be available. Unfortunately this is no longer available in every living room. Because there are different speakers and, of course, the control unit, which is also a player. With this small box, the system is controlled and quite reliable. The area is quite good and will also be a pleasure. Nevertheless, it may also be that one or the other user is too much.Here, of course, everything must be connected to the player. However, thanks to the markings on the cable and also on the device, this is very easy. Thus the plant is in a very short time and can be tried immediately.  

The first sound from the speaker

At first, the speakers of the Panasonic SC-BTT465 home cinema system have to be set up. This should be done as well as possible, in order not to influence the later listening experience and also to have really pleasure in the plant.This facility is perfect and the setting of each speaker works well. She will also tolerate everything and so it can start soon with the first movie. The system can, of course, also be converted when it is already in operation. For this, simply go into the appropriate menu. If you have not already familiarized yourself with Panasonic devices, you should also take the instructions for the setup. Because only the guidance can also be revealing and helpful.Through a good setup, the music experience or the filming experience is even better.  

The functions

The system can be connected to other devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, by Bluetooth. To be able to use this, any device that can connect to a Bluetooth device can be used. An MP3 playback can then be started directly from the device. Of course, the system also has an Ethernet connection. Such a system also supports 3D. For this, however, it is essential that the terminal, so the TV can do this. Otherwise, unfortunately, nothing good is displayed and the picture is not visible. The facility comes completely to the user. Should something be missing, then the support must be contacted immediately. Because only there, the help can be given and a missing part can also be delivered quickly. The manufacturer is always the right contact for problems. Therefore, it is also essential to find the contact here. This can always be done by e-mail.  

The look

After the construction, it will show whether the plant is really good. The appearance is however very noble and will also keep what the pictures promise. This makes it possible for everyone to miss their home and particularly the living room a noble touch, which is certainly also wanted. This facility is everything the user can wish for.


Conclusion guy For a good system, it is important not to pay attention to the price. For those who want to have a good sound quality, have to invest a little more money. This Panasonic SC-BTT465 home theater system is great and looks great. But it can also be viewed as a bit bulky. Nevertheless, the purchase is worthwhile. The area is great and should find a good place in every living room. It just makes a lot of fun and is easy to build. There are numerous plants, which are considerably heavier in construction.Therefore, there is always some sensitivity. The area is very good overall and will also play good music. Even 3D suitable is the facility. But the TV has to do with it.

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