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Review: Onkyo SKW 208 Subwoofer

The currently active subwoofers are almost exclusively active devices. The output stage is already integrated in these special devices. Thus, a better bass tone can be generated. In principle, a distinction is made between a downfire subwoofer and a direct beam subwoofer. So that the sound can be optimally designed, it is the prerequisite that the subwoofer is well adjusted. The Onkyo -208 / B Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer (120 Watt) is available at a price of 125 Euro and is, for example, the 4th placed product in the test of the website Expertentesten.de. The device can be ordered at various online retailers in the color black.  

Design and texture

The design of the Onkyo SKW-208 / B Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer is immediately apparent. After opening the first and then unpacking it from the original carton, hold the Onkyo SKW-208 / B Active Bass Reflex (120 Watt) subwoofer in your hands. The design scores at the first sight. A highly glossy front side of a rectangular device which is distinguished by a stable case and a noble overall design is presented to one of Onkyo here. Particularly highlighted by the design are the feet, as they are attached in a special shape. Onkyo is also known as a manufacturer that designs and processes its devices in a very detailed way. Thanks to the innovative design, the sound can spread well over the entire floor and spread in all directions. If the ground does not take up too much energy. If an old building in the flooring is the floor, the subwoofer should be placed on a stable plate. A material to be blended would be granite. With the help of a compensating opening on the front, Onkyo wants to amplify the bass. The texture can therefore be described with a particularly intoxicating quality. The weight is just once 14 kg. The Onkyo -208 / B active bass reflex subwoofer is therefore also an enormous lightweight.  

Comfort & handling

After reviewing the unit, you will be able to use the Onkyo SKW-208 / B Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer. This connect with the included cable is unbelievable as conceivably easy. However, during the next preparatory step, the setting options are limited. Nevertheless, the Onkyo SKW-208 / B Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer can be positioned in a variety of areas of home ownership.  

Sound quality

The sound quality both in movies and music listeners convinces, but the focus is first on a good and a bad feature. The integrated function Auto-Stand by is an extra with the Onkyo PlusPoints. This technique, however, is apparently not yet very mature as the device turns off automatically when not in use, which would mean that if a movie is viewed by a quiet scene, the device switches off at this point. Otherwise, there is only to complain about that a dull noise when switching on the device, this should still be reworked by the manufacturer. Otherwise no negative properties can be found here.  

Service of the manufacturer

The company Onkyo gives the consumer a 24-month warranty on the Subwoofer Onkyo SKW-208 / B Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer. A service hotline for questions about the device is available to customers who prefer a telephone contact as help with emerging questions around and the clock available. After asking the question, it takes a maximum of 48 hours for the professionally trained staff to respond. If the problem until then still is not clarified, the customer service does everything in its power to solve this as quickly as possible.  


Conclusion guy The result for the Onkyo SKW-208 / B active bass reflex subwoofer is surprisingly good, an overwhelming satisfaction could be found in the areas of sound and operation. Only the function of the AutoStand By developed a disturbing noise. This function should still be reworked by the manufacturer. When listening to music, this detail is completely unnoticed in the background. When watching movies, however, the sound can be perceived as disturbing.For films, therefore, other devices can be recommended. With a more than good value for money the device is also something for the small money bag. Particularly the high-quality design and the good as well as stable building method are special highlights of the Onkyo SKW-208 / B active bass reflex subwoofer (120 watt).