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Test report: Muse M 1350 BTC loudspeaker

In every modern apartment the standing loudspeakers are a real eye-catcher due to the appealing design. Semiprofessional sound engineers and music fans are enthusiastic about the sophisticated equipment. Externally, the speakers can be impressed by the careful, perfect processing. The speakers have a slim shape and the surface looks high-quality. With the Muse M 1350 BTC an advanced product is bought and the product is sold many times. The sound can be seen and the price-performance ratio is attractive.The loudspeakers are undoubtedly the king class among the loudspeakers. If the construction is clean as with Muse, then it is a guarantee for the complete sound experience. The stand-alone loudspeaker is more like just a compact loudspeaker that has been drawn lengthwise. Muse's high-quality stand-alone speaker can fill the room with the sound. Noises, voices and melodies penetrate the ear, leaving no one unaffected. For the sound is irrelevant where one is in the room. For the best result, Muse relies on different technical solutions. Apart from the great sound it is also an attractive furnishing item, which shows that the house is a good taste is represented.  

Why go to the stand loudspeaker?

The stand loudspeaker provides a correct view and strong basses are delivered. Of course, it is always important that a living room is large enough. In the case of wall-mounted installation and in small rooms, the stand-alone loudspeakers are less suitable. With the loudspeakers, particularly large listening rooms can be undisturbed and adequately sonicated. As a rule, the reproduction is more broadband, since the individual frequency ranges are generally distributed over several chassis. The boxes should not be too close to a wall, as the boxes otherwise boom and the basses add up. The Muse M 1350 BTC consist of wood and the height is 100 centimeters.  

The most important data of the Muse M 1350 BTC

This stand-alone loudspeaker offers an output power of 120 watts. Muse provides some very great features like the sleep function, the alarm and the clock. There is the FM Stereo PLL radio with thirty storage spaces. Muse offers a Bluetooth tower, which is MP3, CD-RW, CD-R and CD compatible. The tower has a display and it is an LCD with the white backlight. It is a 2.1 channel system with NFC: near field communication. With Bluetooth V 3.0, streaming music from Bluetooth compatible devices like smartphone, tablet or laptop works. The connections are NFC: auto pairing function, audio in, AUX-IN socket and USB flash drive. For the power supply, there are 50 Hz and 230 Volt. Included are the line-in cable and the remote control.  

The details of the stand loudspeaker

The Muse M 1350 BTC offers a width of 256 millimeters, a height of 1006 millimeters and a depth of 230 millimeters. As interfaces there is USB, the RCA input and the 3.5 millimeter jack. The standby speaker is Bluetooth-wired and as a power supply the device is network-operated. The color of the speaker is black, the weight is 8.2 kilograms and the output power is 120 watts. The loudspeaker belongs to the Bluetooth loudspeakers and there is the Bluetooth version 3.0. The special features are USB and NFC, the power supply runs via power supply and as interface there is the USB charging port.


Conclusion guy The stand-alone loudspeaker is a 2.1 loudspeaker system with the integrated subwoofer. There is the FM radio with the thirty memory slots and a USB charging port so that, for example, smartphones can be charged. In addition, there is the USB port for music playback and thanks to NFC a simple Bluetooth connection works. By Bluetooth, music streaming works and there is the CD player with the MP36 playback. The power supply, the Muse M 1350 BTC, the remote control and the audio cable are included in the package. Due to the weight of 8.2 kilograms and the compact dimensions, it is possible that the loudspeaker can be simply adjusted or taken with a move. The loudspeaker can be integrated very well in a modern living room.

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