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Test report: Uvex HLMT 300 ski helmet

Equipment and material of the Uvex HLMT 300 ski helmet

The HLMT 300 ski helmet from Uvex, thanks to its Hardshell technology, offers a high level of comfort and guarantees maximum safety. The closure of this ski helmet can easily be adjusted in several steps with just one hand and is thus optimally and individually adjustable. Thus, the helmet sits securely and accurately on each head and can also be opened and closed with gloves. In addition, the covers on the ears are quite easy to remove. A further advantage of this ski helmet is the adjustable air supply system so that the wearer can determine and set the temperature under the helmet itself. But not only the helmet itself, but also the protective visor, offers comfort, because the visibility is not restricted. The mirror reflector reflects the light and thus offers an ideal glare protection even in the case of a bright, winter sunlight reflected by the bright snow. In addition, the visor was held in the color gold lite, which provides a contrast enhancement, so that even in poor light or fog has unobstructed view. If this high visibility is too high in category S3, a visor with lower protection can also order itself and this easily change itself. The use of an external ski goggle is also possible.  

Size and weight of the Uvex HLMT 300 ski helmet

A size of approx. 25 x 40 x 25 cm and a weight of only 349 g make the Uvex HLMT 300 ski helmet the ideal companion for skiing or snowboarding, since it is in no way disruptive, but you can always drive with a sure feeling . Even after a long ski trip, this helmet still feels comfortable and light. The Uvex HLMT 300 ski helmet is also suitable for all who need to resort to children's helmets, since they have a rather small hat or helmet size, since they are available in sizes 53-56, 55-58, 57-59 and 60-61 Is available.  

Design of the Uvex HLMT 300 ski helmet

The design of the Uvex HLMT 300 ski helmet leaves nothing to be desired and combines safety with modern styling. The lacquer, which is extremely modern and young, will be an absolute eye-catcher on the slopes with its elaborate leather applications. The helmet is available in three different colors: black, white and red, which are available in both glossy and matte. Thus the right style is there for every taste and one can be sure that one always looks good in spite of high safety protection. In addition, this style did not include complicated decorations, which is why the HLMT 300 does not look playful or negative. This makes it ideal for both women and men.  

Price of the Uvex HLMT 300 ski helmet

The price of the Uvex HLMT 300 ski helmet is usually higher in the higher range with around 200 euros. However, one can buy it with different offerers also more easily. Of course you also have to make sure that different sizes or colors are more expensive or not available at a particular supplier. But if you are flexible in the color selection, there will be no problems getting this helmet model at a price of 120 or 130 euros, which is a helmet of this quality level but very cheap.


Conclusion guy

The Uvex HLMT 300 ski helmet in general test

The Uvex brand is one of the leading manufacturers of safety helmets and stands for good quality in safety, not only in skiing. This is also reflected in the HLMT 300 ski helmet model, which is why he was chosen as a test winner in the consumer test 12/2014. The customer opinions also show that this model invariably convinces and that its money is absolutely worth it. In safety, you should not be stingy in general, but this helmet is still in the absolutely affordable range. As you can close the air slots, you can decide how warm you would like to be under the helmet, which contributes to the comfort, which is already at a high level by the cut and the lightness of the helmet anyway. The combination of high wearing comfort, affordable price and easy handling make it recommendable for beginners of winter sports, as well as for professionals. At a fast pace, however, it is better to use an external ski goggle, as it can be very windy under the visor. However, given the possibility of this helmet, this does not pose a problem. However, spectacle wearers should be careful, because if you do not have a pair of sports design glasses, you may experience problems with closing your visor, as many models are simply too big for that and your visor will get caught. Fits the glasses under the visor, but wearing is much more comfortable than an over the glasses ski goggles. If you want to get a (new) ski helmet, try the Uvex HLMT 300 ski helmet, because the price / performance ratio is excellent and the helmet only recommendable.

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