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Test report: Stark Montreal Klapphelm

A helmet requirement exists for the driving of motorcycles of all kinds. The Stark Montreal folding helmet comes of course exactly at the right time, because it is visually a special feature. Meanwhile, it is clear that the motorcycle helmet "Montreal" by Stark with a possible price-performance ratio of only a little over 100, - Euro can convince clearly price. These are, in any case, the first impressions, which are immediately visible, but also on closer inspection, it should be mentioned that quality is also guaranteed with the stylish motorcycle helmet. 

High safety standards - a motorcycle helmet for more safety

Anyone who likes the popular two-wheeler knows that quality in the protective equipment must be omnipresent. The Stark Montreal folding helmet proves, however, that it has been manufactured and approved according to ECE 2205 standards. It complies with the latest safety standards and is equipped with a double visor so that the eyes are protected from strong winds and animals as well as dirt, which could otherwise hinder the journey further. The robust appearance of the motorcycle helmet is due to the Aerodynamic Thermoplast Thermoschale, which is designed to attenuate a crash to the best of knowledge, and the inexpensive motorcycle helmet does this without question! The safety of one's own head in the event of an impact can not be doubted here and if the folding helmet also looks smart, then interested parties have done everything right.  

Comfortable folding helmet Montreal by Stark - Comfort was not left out

It is also important, of course, that the chic Montreal folding helmet from the company Stark is very comfortable.This has to be mentioned at this point, because comfort should not be neglected. It is striking that a good ventilation system is safe here, in order not to perspire under the motorbike helmet and to get enough air in winter as well as summer. The comfortable ratchet closure proves easy handling, which is just as important to be able to touch with the chic folding helmet. The inner lining is also washable, which is of course an important indication for the cleanliness and again for the fact that the motorcycle helmet should not be missing when it comes to safety and comfort, which should be important when riding a motorcycle.  

Simple operation of the rattle helmet

Another advantage is the fact that the Montreal folding helmet from Stark is very easy to operate. This is especially the case for those who are not sure how to handle their motorcycle helmets. A single-handed operation is seamlessly possible here, which makes the operation very simple and still provides security and comfort. The visor is also easy to open during the journey, so that two hands can be quickly found on the handlebars. A great idea to make a motorbike helmet so that it can be easily operated with one hand.  

Special features of the Montreal folding arm

It is striking that the Montreal Klapphelm Stark has a scratch-resistant visor, which of course guarantees a longer service life. However, it is worth mentioning that the Stark Montreal folding helmet for the motorcycle is very light in weight and does not have an effect on the head with 1800 grams. The inner visor is also scratch-resistant as well as interchangeable. It's worth it for the occasion, precisely to consider all the advantages at once: - inner visor scratch resistant, replaceable - quick - ratchet closure - Light weightiness - Aerodynamic thermoplastic outer shell - four-point ventilation - Wide field of view - Double Visor - ECE 2205 standard approval - Washable lining These advantages included The favorable purchase price round off the high-quality impression that this folding helmet the specifics hardly any more can be taken. It is worth the exact view and the safety while driving is safe!  

The design completes the Montreal folding helmet from Stark

The design in a matte black look perfectly completes the Montreal folding helmet. Because the optics should not be too short, because the chic touch ensures that the modernity as well as the security was granted. Here, interested parties seem to make everything right, to be visually successful.


Conclusion guy As a conclusion it is clear that the Stark Montreal Klapphelm has no disadvantages. It is in a favorable price relationship and offers, in the meantime, optical highlights. The importance is, however, that the motorcycle helmet radiates more safety and nevertheless also the simple handling granted. On top of that, the modern "Montereal" folding helmet from Stark is easy to use and robust in appearance. A hard outer shell ensures that the head is protected during the crash, but also the comfort is not low, as the soft inner lining proves. All together, the motorcycle helmet is very comfortable and equipped with high safety standards which are responsible for the fact that the Montreal folding helmet from Stark is not missing!

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